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Milkwood - Permaculture Courses for real life. SS On the Farm. Ple. ALL Behaviours Begin at Home. CrowdFunDing. Gardening Dictionary. One of the most interesting sections of plants tha,t has come to us from America is the Ericaceous, and many of these are familiar objects to all who take an interest in gardening.

Gardening Dictionary

We are in debted to the infusion of the strain of American Rhododendrons for the bulk of the garden hybrids of this fine family of evergreen flowering shrubs ; and although in themselves the native forms of these plants are not very attractive, our garden would suffer materially were it not for the hardy strain that has been made available by the crossing of the American native species with the Himalayan and other species, which have produced the fine garden hybrids so well known all over this country. Seen in their native habitat the American Rhododendrons have a charm of their own, and through the Eastern States, and running south for a considerable way, they form one of the predominant undergrowths, and in Tennessee and the Carolinas when full blown are a fine sight.


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National Arboretum - USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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