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Bounty Main. Recycle Reuse. Water Solutions. Water Research. GEO - Group on Earth Observations. Global geospatial community to convene in Geneva on May 5-9 Geospatial Media and Communications, in partnership with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and SwissTopo, will host the Geospatial World Forum on 5-9 May 2014 in Geneva.

GEO - Group on Earth Observations

The conference will convene representatives of the geospatial commercial sector and government/policy end users. A program titled, "Geospatial Industry Forging Ties with GEOSS" will be held on Monday, 5 May, and the GEO Appathon 2014 will kick off on Wednesday, 7 May. Find more information here. First Copernicus satellite, Sentinel 1A was launched successfully! The ability of European citizens, policymakers and service providers to access key environmental data on a routine basis will take a major step forward following the launch of ESA's Sentinel-1A satellite. The launch can be viewed here 10th GEO IGWCO COP Meeting Global Agriculture Ministers Recognize Value of GEOGLAM GEO Issues GEOSS AIP Call for Participation.

Water in situ. SCIENCE. New Earth Space. Weather. Oceana Currents. Humane Ecology. New Ecology. Land Water BioMass.

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Science On a Sphere

/ftp_mirror/atmosphere/lightning/media/thumbnail_small.jpg Annual Lightning Flash Rate Map dataset.php? Id=6 Annual Lightning Flash Rate Map Description Before scientists had satellites to detect and measure lightning frequency, it was thought that there were globally 100 lightning flashes per second, an estimate that dates back to 1925. It is clear from this map that the distribution of lightning flashes around the world is uneven. Notable Features. Natural History. Emerging Trends. The International Association of Hydrogeologists - IAH / AIH. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Resource Collections - BioEd Online.

Air, Atmosphere and Living Systems Resources The Air unit lets students creatively explore air and the atmosphere, air quality and related issues such as allergens in the places we live, study and work. All About Food Resources The Food unit allows students to have fun learning about food sources, healthy eating, food safety, food groups and overall nutrition. Experiments in Space Resources Join in real space research conducted on the International Space Station with investigations that enable students to compare organisms (ants, butterflies, plants, spiders) in their classrooms to similar plants or animals grown in space. Earth Science Picture of the Day.

Photographer: Marco Zante; Marco's Web site Summary Author: Marco Zante Shown above is a panorama of the beautiful Italian Alps as viewed on February 15, 2013.

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Monte Viso is the highest summit here, reaching 12,609 ft (3,841 m). Microbial Life - Educational Resources. Teaching and learning about the diversity, ecology and evolution of the microbial world; discover the connections between microbial life, the history of the earth and our dependence on micro-organisms.

Microbial Life - Educational Resources

The expansive Sunset Lake of the Black Sand Basin is one of the largest thermal bodies of water in Yellowstone National Park. Details. Earth...Just A Click Away. The Leader In Online Imagery - Aerial Photos & Satellite Images. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet. Climate Change, Deforestation, Biomes and Ocean Currents, Plankton, Endangered Species - Earth Web Site. Click for more detail Thermohaline Change Evidence is growing that the thermohaline current may be slowed or stopped by cold fresh water inputs to the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans.

Climate Change, Deforestation, Biomes and Ocean Currents, Plankton, Endangered Species - Earth Web Site

This could occur if global warming is sufficient to cause large scale melting of arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice sheet. Such a change in the current may be gradual (over centuries) or very rapid (over a few years). Either would cause planet wide changes in climate. This effect may be part of what starts and stops the ice ages. "Diatoms (a kind of phytoplankton) are estimated to "scrub" roughly as much CO2 from the atmosphere each year as all the world's rainforests. "Net primary productivity is the mass of plant material produced each year on land and in the oceans by photosynthesis using energy from sunlight.

Biodiversity is the variety of life found at all levels of biological organization, ranging from individuals and populations to species, communities and ecosystems. Ecology and Society. DESERTEC Foundation: Start. AFE - Association for Fire Ecology. Marine Geophysical Research. Ocean Color Image Archive Page. NOTE: All SeaWiFS images presented here are for research and educational use only.

Ocean Color Image Archive Page

All commercial use of SeaWiFS data must be coordinated with GeoEye Category: All Gallery Images This SeaWiFs image provides a view of a Dust storm over the Red Sea. Northwest African Dust Storm. Views Our Perpetual Ocean. Ocean Color Image Gallery. Smithsonian Ocean Portal.

Earth and Space Research (ESR) HOME PAGE. Outreach and education at ESR. NASA Earth Observatory : Home. Video: Earth from Space. Eyes on the Earth. Earth. Earth Earth is a complex, dynamic system we do not yet fully understand.


The Earth system, like the human body, comprises diverse components that interact in complex ways. We need to understand the Earth's atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere as a single connected system. Earth's position on chosen date with respect to equinoxes, solstices and cross-quarters in chosen year, 2001-2020. European Geosciences Union. Welcome to the USGS - U.S. Geological Survey. Plate Tectonics The Tectonic Globe™ The Plate Tectonic Globe™ The Plate Tectonic Globe™ is a globe unlike any other currently on the market.

Plate Tectonics The Tectonic Globe™

Pangaea & Plate Tectonics. Mineralogy Database. Mineralogy Database - Mineral Collecting, Localities, Mineral Photos and Data. News and Information for Geology & Earth Science. UCAR Community Programs (UCP)

StatPlanet Map Maker ? Interactive Mapping & Visualization Software. Heat Maps. A heat map is any data visualization which uses color to represent data values in a two-dimensional image.

Heat Maps

There are many different types of heat maps used in different disciplines, each referred to by the term “heat map”, even though they use different visualization techniques. Learn more about heat maps: Heat Map Explorer supports tree maps, box maps, geographic maps, org charts and process flow diagrams as heat maps. An international partnership to understand precipitation and its impact on humankind. Extreme Ice Survey.