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Ethnobotany. Medica. Herbs. ART - Active Release Technique. Menopause, perimenopause, postmenopause and womens health at ProjectAWARE. Welcome! We hope these pages will help you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare choices during the transition known as "the change of life. " We invite you to delve into this site, return often to see what's new, or to find assistance and support. Like many women, you may be asking the following questions...

What is happening to me? You have trouble sleeping, you're miserable with hot flashes, your joints ache, or you have lost interest in sex. These are all normal symptoms of menopause. What can I do? Plenty! How do I stay healthy? As a woman, you have special health concerns. Where can I find more information? Right here!

What do doctors advise? We're happy to share ongoing articles by two of our favorite medical practitioners. Am I alone? Absolutely not! Of note: "KEEPS" study results on HRT in Menopausal women stress positives of beginning HRT for newly menopausal women (October 2012) NIH shuts down estrogen, progestin studies (March 2004) Questions or comments about this site? Connecting Rare Disease Patients Globally. On the Pharm. Somnulus. Integrative Medicine. HOMEOPATHY. Attunement. Anatomica. New Healthy Energy. Chakra Khan. Vibrant Healthy Energy.

Insufflation - definition of insufflation by Medical dictionary. Insufflation /in·suf·fla·tion/ (-sah-fla´shun) 1. the act of blowing a powder, vapor, or gas into a body cavity. 2. finely powdered or liquid drugs carried into the respiratory passages by such devices as aerosols. perirenal insufflation injection of air around the kidney for radiographic examination of the adrenal glands. Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved. in·suf·fla·tion (ĭn′sə-flā′shən) n. 1. 2. The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. [in″sŭ-fla´shun] 1. the blowing of a powder, vapor, or gas into a body cavity. 2. a drug administered by this method, especially a powder or aerosol carried into the respiratory passages. perirenal insufflation injection of air around the kidney for radiologic examination of the adrenal glands. insufflation (in´səflā´shən), n the act of blowing a powder, vapor, gas, or air into a cavity such as the lungs. tubal insufflation 1.

Testy. When_the_coach_performs_waving_Wirtschaftspsychologie_Aktuell_4_06.pdf. Reticuloendothelial system - definition of reticuloendothelial system by Medical dictionary. Reticuloendothelial [rĕ-tik″u-lo-en″do-the´le-al] pertaining to the reticuloendothelium or to the reticuloendothelial system. reticuloendothelial system a network of cellsandtissuesfoundthroughoutthebody,especially in theblood,generalconnectivetissue,spleen,liver,lungs,bonemarrow,andlymphnodes.Theyhavebothendothelialandreticularattributesandtheability to take up colloidaldyeparticles.Some of thereticuloendothelialcellsfound in thebloodand in thegeneralconnectivetissueareunusuallylarge in size.Thesecellsareconcernedwithbloodcellformationanddestruction,storage of fattymaterials,andmetabolism of ironandpigment,andtheyplay a role in inflammationandimmunity.Some of thecellsaremotile—thatis,capable of spontaneousmotion—andphagocytic—theycaningestanddestroyunwantedforeignmaterial.

The reticuloendothelial cells of the spleen possess the ability to dispose of disintegrated erythrocytes. They do not, however, destroy hemoglobin, which is liberated in the process. Reticuloendothelial system. System. PTSD Coach Online home. What is holistic health? Holistic treatments, natural home remedies. Red Aura. Orange Aura. Yellow Aura. Green Aura. Pink Aura. Sky Blue Aura. Indigo Aura. Violet Aura.

White Aura. Magenta Aura. Stop the Thyroid Madness™ - Hypothyroidism and thyroid mistreatment. The human microbiome: Me, myself, us. WHAT’S a man? Or, indeed, a woman? Biologically, the answer might seem obvious. A human being is an individual who has grown from a fertilised egg which contained genes from both father and mother. A growing band of biologists, however, think this definition incomplete. They see people not just as individuals, but also as ecosystems.

In their view, the descendant of the fertilised egg is merely one component of the system. The others are trillions of bacteria, each equally an individual, which are found in a person’s gut, his mouth, his scalp, his skin and all of the crevices and orifices that subtend from his body’s surface. A healthy adult human harbours some 100 trillion bacteria in his gut alone.

And it really is a system, for evolution has aligned the interests of host and bugs. That bacteria can cause disease is no revelation. A bug’s life One way to think of the microbiome is as an additional human organ, albeit a rather peculiar one. The microbiome, too, is organised. 4 Dangers Destroying Men. NASA Light Technology Successfully Reduces Cancer Patients Painful Side Effects from Radiation and Chemotherapy. The Ketogenic Resource. This Resource provides information on the ketogenic diet and related matters like epilepsy and cerebral palsy in young children. It is particularly intended for UK visitors, but most of the information is relevant to interested visitors, world-wide. Weasel words The Ketogenic Resource is not a source of medical advice; if you need professional advice you should consult your doctor or neurologist. It is, however, intended to provide useful information and access to other sources of information.

Some of the opinions expressed may be controversial; so far as possible these have been highlighted in red. A tour around the Ketogenic Resource This Resource is a result of our personal experience. This section explains the genesis of the Ketogenic Resource and gives a general introduction to the topics as well as information about the organisation of the Resource. The ketogenic diet Infantile spasms and other epilepsies Epilepsy is the physical manifestation of an underlying brain dysfunction. Coffee Enemas for Detoxification. © Copyright Bee Wilder Revised September 7, 2012 Revised March 22, 2012: 1) Dry skin brushing is done only once. 2) Inserting 2 cups of the coffee solution is one (1) enema.

Revised September 7, 2012 to add a description for fully caffeinated drip grind coffee. Note: Most people need to start with 1 tablespoon of coffee, and slowly increase it over the next few enemas, so their detoxifying reactions are more tolerable. Products Recommended The large colon is the last part of the intestines, before reaching the rectum. It is important not to do too many enemas since the large bowel needs to function and normalize in between enemas. The effects of a coffee enema are different than a saline (salt) enema. The effects of having a coffee enema are not the same as drinking coffee. Additionally, coffee has a chemical makeup that is stimulative. With the bile ducts dilate, bile carries toxins away to the gastro-intestinal tract.

Also do Dry Skin Brushing Enema Frequency Schedule. CGS : Center for Genetics and Society. Biofabrication. Autism Spectrum Directory. Female asperger syndrome traits. The National Institute of Medical Herbalists – NIMH | Welcome to the NIMH website. European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association. Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges - AANMC Home. Home Page | NCCAM. E A R T H . C L I N I C - Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine. Louis Kuhne. Louis Kuhne (1835–1901) was a German naturopath primarily known for his cold water hydrotherapy methods that were meant to improve detoxification functions of the body by stimulation of the lower abdomen.

Kuhne was a strict vegetarian and forbade his patients the use of salt and sugar in the diet. His conceptual view of the cause for disease was that the average human body was overburdened with toxins that eventually led to degenerations of the internal organs. He stressed the importance of proper digestion and of avoiding constipation. Kuhne's friction sitz bath and hip baths both involved the patient sitting in a tub filled with relatively cold water (about 10—14°C for the friction bath in the original instructions, although slightly higher temperatures are preferred today) and rubbing the lower abdomen, hips, or genitals with a rough linen cloth.

The resulting nerve stimulation by the cold water was supposed to help eliminate toxins. Books by Kuhne[edit] References[edit] Natural Remedies for Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings. Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings If a stinger is left embedded in the body, then remove it as soon as possible. This should be the first step. Use whatever tools are immediately available to dig it out. You could use a knife, credit card, pliers, tweezers, or a needle. Wasp and Hornet Stings Vinegar - Wasp and hornet venom are powerful alkalines. Bee and Yellow Jacket Stings Baking Soda - In the case of bee stings, baking soda will help to neutralize the acidic venom. Emergency Allergic Reactions If there is difficulty breathing, extreme dizziness, or nausea after a sting, then there is a high probability that it triggered a dangerous allergic reaction. Misinformation About Sting Remedies Treating most bee, wasp, and hornet stings is easy, but that may be difficult to believe if you have spent any time researching this topic on the Internet.

The Incredibly Stupid Sting "Treatments" That We Discourage Related Articles Naturally Treating Brown Recluse Spider Bites. List of essential oils. Davana Essential Oil. Organic Health | Learn to be Healthy and Eat Organic. Holistic Health Store and Natural Health Products | Heritage Store The Heritage Store. Ethnobotany. Health Reference AsSortEd. Health References. Well Health. Integrative Medicine.