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New Artsy. ART. COOL STUFF. Explore Art. Gaudi. Art of the Ancient World. Universcale. The Cretan Paradox - November 12, 2014. The Cretan ParadoxIt's riveting and highly influential, but El Greco's work never quite fit.

The Cretan Paradox - November 12, 2014

Could the reason lie in his birthplace? El Greco is confusing. He is one of the few universally acknowledged great artists of history who does not fit into any of the established art movements or categories. Given his time period (late 16th – early 17th centuries), his art should fit into the early Baroque. Nothing is Hidden - September 24, 2014. Nothing is HiddenIn David Lynch's new exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the mundane and macabre come together.

Nothing is Hidden - September 24, 2014

All is not well. But we do not see that at first. The white house and the white picket fence are in perfect order. The sky is blue and bright. The flowers are red and yellow. Art Renewal Center - 20th Century Art Scam. OR OVER 90 YEARS, there has been a concerted and relentless effort to disparage, denigrate and obliterate the reputations, names, and brilliance of the academic artistic masters of the late 19th Century.

Art Renewal Center - 20th Century Art Scam

Art and anatomy. To be an artist during the Renaissance was, for many, to be an anatomist. As European artists turned towards more lifelike portrayals of the human body, they needed a deeper understanding of how the structures of the body worked together - and not only the surface of the body; the muscles and bones as seen through the skin were also of interest. Artists and anatomists worked together to investigate the body through dissection . They produced images of the body that combined medical knowledge and an artistic vision of humanity's place in the world.

10 Things We Can Learn From Street Artists. Art collaboratif. Art collaboratif.

art collaboratif

Dubai From Above. They are not as impressive as the London From Above image set, but Dubai is doing it’s best to build some amazing stuff.

Dubai From Above

Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook and Twitter or join our Flickr Group. Culture and Anticulture. This essay is at the limits of what words can say directly.

Culture and Anticulture


THE ALHAMBRA in Granad, Spain

Al-Andalus : the art of Islamic Spain / edited by Jerrilynn D. Dodds. 500px is Photography. What Is Art? Favorite Famous Definitions, from Antiquity to Today. Wabi Sabi - a Japanese Cultural Aesthetic. Mysterious paper sculptures « Central Station. Those of you who don’t keep up with Edinburgh’s literary world through Twitter may have missed the recent spate of mysterious paper sculptures appearing around the city.

Mysterious paper sculptures « Central Station

Guardian article, 3rd March 2011. One day in March, staff at the Scottish Poetry Library came across a wonderful creation, left anonymously on a table in the library. Un rêve allégorique. Ci-haut, cette peinture est une oeuvre de l’artiste québécoise, Ani Müller En psychologie, je suis surtout tenant de l’école cognitive, c’est-à-dire que je considère le cerveau comme un gros ordinateur biologique.

Un rêve allégorique

De la sorte, en me réveillant le matin, il m’apparait toujours opportun d’analyser mes rêves afin d’y comprendre quelques préoccupations de mon inconscient; cette information personnelle traitée par le cerveau au repos. Peu importe, durant ma première nuit dans le nouvel appartement d’Anne-Marie, j’ai fais un rêve que je qualifierai de symbolique, soit vraisemblablement un rêve illustrant ma révolte envers le néolibéralisme. Mon rêve commence donc ainsi : je suis dans la cour de la Coop La Loge, un endroit où j’ai habité dans mon enfance. Online Scholarly Catalogue (Getty Foundation) Publishing scholarly collection catalogues is a critical part of a museum's mission.

Online Scholarly Catalogue (Getty Foundation)

Based on meticulous research, these catalogues make available detailed information about the individual works in a museum's collection, ensuring the contents a place in art history. Yet printed volumes are costly to produce and difficult to update regularly; their potential content often exceeds allotted space. ME design magazine. Studio Meem Furniture line 2011 Studio Meem is a design studio which experiments with constructive systems that involve sustainable use of natural, social and economic resources.

Their work spans the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and art. Studio Meem was founded in 2011 by by Manar Moursi. { design is a verb } Studio meem manar moursi architecture art product design egypt. Home - Meem Gallery. SFMOMA PUBLISHES UNPARALLELED DIGITAL CATALOGUE ON COLLECTION OF WORKS BY ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG. Museum’s First Online Collection Catalogue Serves as Defining Resource on Rauschenberg’s Early Work, Providing Deep Insights into Artist’s Process Release date: July 9, 2013 Press images. Surrealist techniques. Surrealism in art, poetry, and literature uses numerous techniques and games to provide inspiration.

Many of these are said to free imagination by producing a creative process free of conscious control. The importance of the unconscious as a source of inspiration is central to the nature of surrealism. The Surrealist movement has been a fractious one since its inception. The value and role of the various techniques has been one of many subjects of disagreement. Some Surrealists consider automatism and games to be sources of inspiration only, while others consider them starting points for finished works. Aerography[edit] Surrealism, surrealists paintings, surrealism art, surrealist artists, surrealistic painters, magic realism, art fantasy. Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early-1920s, and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members. Hyperrealism, hyperrealism paintings, hyper realists art, realism, realism paintings, realist, surrealism, surrealits.

Readymades of Marcel Duchamp. The readymades of Marcel Duchamp are ordinary manufactured objects that the artist selected and modified, as an antidote to what he called "retinal art".[1] By simply choosing the object (or objects) and repositioning or joining, titling and signing it, the object became art.

As the process involved the least amount of interaction between artist and art, it represented the most extreme form of minimalism up to that time. [citation needed] Duchamp was not interested in what he called retinal art — art that was only visual — and sought other methods of expression. As an antidote to "retinal art" he began creating readymades at a time (1914) when the term was commonly used in the United States to describe manufactured items to distinguish them from handmade goods.

Julia Hayden : Co.Design: business + innovation + design. Live Design Magazine : Envision. Build. Tech. Go. Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine. ArtSlant - Contemporary Art Network. Les environnements spectaculaires en digital painting de Fan Ming. Aaahhh ils sont forts ces Chinois quand même ! Quand ils ne nous mettent pas une claque en rachetant nos villes ou en bâtissant des constructions pharaoniques, c’est en art digital qu’ils nous font mal.

Découvrez les digital paintings d’environnements de Fan Ming. Fan Ming est concept artist et illustrateur, basé à Shanghai en Chine. Fan se spécialise clairement dans la création d’environnements de fantasy et de science-fiction pour les industries du film et des jeux vidéos. « Épique » serait probablement l’adjectif le plus approprié pour décrire ses créations. Les échelles et la profondeur sont toujours énormes, spectaculaires ! Fan Ming sur CGHub Le blog du digital painter Fan Ming en chinois Comme toujours je vous conseille de cliquer sur les images pour les voir en grand. Plutôt épique, non ? Via Auteur: Gaétan Weltzer, comme toujours en fait. Partagez l'article et l'amour qui s'en dégage !

Graphicly. Contemporary Mythology by Caitlin Hackett. Art Gallery of Visionary Artist Francene Hart. Ani Müller.