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Nerve Structures of the Spine. Anatomical terms of motion. In general, motion is classified according to the anatomical plane it occurs in.

Anatomical terms of motion

Flexion and extension are examples of angular motions, in which two axes of a joint are brought closer together or moved further apart. Rotational motion may occur at other joints, for example the shoulder, and are described as internal or external. Other terms, such as elevation and depression, refer to movement above or below the horizontal plane. Many anatomical terms derive from Latin terms with the same meaning. Classification[edit] Anatomical terms of location. Standard anatomical terms of location deal unambiguously with the anatomy of animals, including humans.

Anatomical terms of location

Furthermore, the terms are not language-specific, so with little or no translation, they can be understood by all zoologists. While these terms are standardized within specific fields of biology, there are unavoidable, sometimes dramatic, differences between some disciplines. For example, differences in terminology remain a problem that, to some extent, still separates the terminology of human anatomy from that used in the study of various other zoological categories. Introduction[edit] Unique anatomical terminology is used to describe humans and other animals. New Body Health. 100 Very Cool Facts About The Human Body. The Brain The human brain is the most complex and least understood part of the human anatomy.

100 Very Cool Facts About The Human Body

There may be a lot we don’t know, but here are a few interesting facts that we’ve got covered. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. The Human Genome Is Far More Complex Than Scientists Thought. Extreme Regenerative Medicine. Tweet A recent infographic looking at radical life extension mentioned head/body transplants.

Extreme Regenerative Medicine

Complementary Medicine. Integrative Medicine. Psychosomatica. Attunement. Further Edu Resources. New Practicumulata. Body Werx. Body Worx. Well Health. Health References. Genomics. Biology. Human Body. The Virtual Body - MEDtropolis. BioDigital Human: Features for Education, Providers and Business. Bring to life your latest products by presenting pharma or med devices within the context of a virtual body.

BioDigital Human: Features for Education, Providers and Business

Engaging marketing materials: Equip your sales and marketing teams with stunning visuals to spread the word about your latest products. Portable and cost-effective visuals: Access information on-the-go through our Cloud-based platform, which enables you to pull up information through a browser or mobile device without traditional software development and maintenance headaches. Body Worlds: Pulse : Discovery Times Square. Muscle Premium for PC or Mac Download. What is it?

Muscle Premium for PC or Mac Download

Muscle Premium is a 3D interactive dive into the muscles of the human body. Explore the Body in 3D. Nomina Anatomica. Terminologia Anatomica. Terminologia Anatomica (TA) is the international standard on human anatomic terminology.

Terminologia Anatomica

It was developed by the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FCAT) and the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) and was released in 1998.[1] It supersedes the previous standard, Nomina Anatomica.[2] Terminologia Anatomica contains terminology for about 7500 human gross (macroscopic) anatomical structures.[3] In April 2011, Terminologia Anatomica was published online by the Federative International Programme on Anatomical Terminologies (FIPAT), the successor of FCAT. Categories of anatomical structures[edit] The TA divides anatomical structures into the following main categories (Latin standard in parentheses) : A01: General anatomy (anatomia generalis)[edit] General terms (anatomia generalissima) [1] A02: Bones (ossa)[edit] General terms [2]

Les réactions soulevées par les découvertes anatomiques de Léonard De Vinci » II.L’ANATOMIE ET LEONARD DE VINCI. Album : Les dessins anatomiques réalisées par De VinciLéonard de Vinci dissequa une trentaine de cadavres pour approfondir ces connaissances par rapport au corps humain.

Les réactions soulevées par les découvertes anatomiques de Léonard De Vinci » II.L’ANATOMIE ET LEONARD DE VINCI

Et voila quelques croquits...11 imagesVoir l'album 1.Dissection des corps humain et leur représentation par Léonard De Vinci « [...] Mais j’ai voulu aussi passionnément connaître et comprendre la nature humaine, savoir ce qu’il y avait à l’interieur de nos corps. How Face Transplants Work" It's the only part of your body that allows you to use all five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

How Face Transplants Work"

It's also the window that lets everyone around you know how you are feeling -- if you're contented, sad, angry or confused. Your face is the image you present to the world. What would happen if your face were no longer there? It seems impossible to contemplate how that could happen, but it does, in rare cases. Facial transplantation: Almost a decade out, surgeons prepare for burgeoning demand. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons leading the first retrospective study of all known facial transplants worldwide conclude that the procedure is relatively safe, increasingly feasible, and a clear life-changer that can and should be offered to far more carefully selected patients.

Facial transplantation: Almost a decade out, surgeons prepare for burgeoning demand

Reporting in The Lancet online April 27, NYU Langone plastic and reconstructive surgeon and senior author Eduardo Rodriguez, MD, DDS, says results after nearly a decade of experience with what he calls the "Mount Everest" of medical-surgical treatments are "highly encouraging. " The review team noted that the transplants still pose lifelong risks and complications from infection and sometimes toxic immunosuppressive drugs, but also are highly effective at restoring people to fully functioning lives after physically disfiguring and socially debilitating facial injuries. Dr. Rodriguez, the Helen L. In The Lancet article, Dr. Dr. Orthopedic Patient Education download software for Mac.

This award winning app is an animation based patient education app for healthcare professionals to effectively communicate anatomy, conditions and treatments to patients. The app covers a variety of conditions such as joint diseases and disorders, as well as joint physiology. To see a video of the app in action - please press the video on this page : or press the support link below. BROWSE: Included within the app are over 100 beautifully detailed animations that allow users to effortlessly search via category. Further description of each animation is also given in a quick and easy to use reference index. CONSULT: The app allows healthcare professionals to pause and then draw on any animation with the pen tool to highlight and annotate specific images. CONTENT: This app draws upon animations found in 3D4Medical’s Body Region Pro series apps as well as additional animations unavailable elsewhere. 117 animations included in the app:

MUSCLE download. Buy Muscle System Pro II (NOVA Series) - iPad edition Application. Software 3D Human Muscle Anatomy - See the muscular anatomy from all angles: the front, behind, below and above. Eye Evolution. Eye Evolution - Cumulative Evolution of Complex Structures - Science 8 - Childs. Directions: The diagram at right shows the evolution of the eye. Sonic hedgehog. Sonic hedgehog is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SHH ("sonic hedgehog") gene.[1] Both the gene and the protein may also be found notated alternatively as "Shh".

Discovery[edit] Function[edit] HAIR SHAPE. What does a sculptor do to create so many different shapes from the same material? Conducting System of the Heart. Travel Inside 3D Cells in Full Color on Your Laptop. Enteric Nervous System. KIN450-Neurophysiology - Enteric Nervous System. Enteric nervous system. Rejuvenating bodily organs: Engage reverse gear.

REGENERATIVE medicine—the idea that it is possible to revitalise old, dilapidated tissue and keep a body going when its organs start to fail—is attractive. Much effort has thus been put into creating and nurturing so-called pluripotent stem cells. How A Simple New Invention Seals A Gunshot Wound In 15 Seconds.