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SM1 UNIT 3 PET SHOW. MoJo English Monthly Pacing Guide. Flag Printables For Crafts, School and Holidays. BlueBonkers - Paper Doll Cut Outs home.


Children around the world - Theme and activities - Educatall. Turn circle time into a trip around the world.

Children around the world - Theme and activities - Educatall

Invite each child to sit in a cardboard box which will represent his airplane throughout the theme. Each morning, invite children to board their airplane and say, "Good morning, I will be your pilot today. We are going to discover... (example: Italy). Please fasten your seatbelts and have a good trip! " Postcard We have prepared a postcard model for you. (Open thematic poster - Children around the world) Print, laminate, and decorate the walls of your daycare with all kinds of posters. Passport(Open passport) Print for each child. Have fun with these wonderful workshop ideas provided by Caroline Allard. Construction/building blocks: Decorate the area with pictures of various buildings or structures from around the world (mosque, pyramid, tower, etc.)

Arts & crafts: Role play: Chinese kitchen: Chinese hats which can easily be made, chopsticks, small square boxes (available at Dollar stores and in supermarkets), etc. Peg dolls Winter Wonderland. We never get bored of playing with peg dolls and making cardboard toys.

Peg dolls Winter Wonderland

It’s icy cold outside so for more indoor fun to survive the winter without boredom, our DIY peg dolls and cardboard slotted animals are ready to take you on a winter adventure! We have a lovely deer and a big moose from a winter forest, plus a polar bear and huskies visiting from the arctic. Simply print and cut out the templates and trace them onto cardboard saved from brown boxes. We have many from Christmas deliveries. Cut with a craft knife and adjust the slot sizes depending upon your cardboard thickness. How about riding the polar bear like Lyra in His Dark Materials or enjoying a sled ride with the huskies.

We took out the peg dolls we made before, but they weren’t wearing enough clothes for this cold weather, so we gave them warm coats and scarves. Keep warm on your icy adventures and don’t forget to be back in time for a cup of tea!


Videos. Human Body Lesson for Kids. Games for Learning English, Vocabulary, Grammar Games, Activities, ESL. Tales of Magic - The Big Dipper - Cartoon Fable 1970 1980. The Universe: The Constellations. YOUniverse™ 005 - Constellations. Nat Geo Kids Uncover Life in Pompeii. Kids Earthquake Safety - Disaster Dodgers. Snow Dough Recipe for Winter Sensory Play! Make some gloriously glittery snow dough for some wondrous sensory play this winter!

Snow Dough Recipe for Winter Sensory Play!

Do you love cloud dough already? Me too! It’s so soft and silky and yet can be moulded loosely into shapes. Best of all, it can be made form just 2 ingredients! So now that it’s winter time I wanted to have a go at making some SNOW dough instead, based on the same simple recipe. 2 cups corn flour (corn starch in US)1/3 to 1/2 of a cup vegetable oil3-4 tablespoons silver glitter [You can also use baby oil, which makes it smell and feel even nicer, but do NOT use with under 3s or any child who may put it in their mouth as it is dangerous if ingested. This recipe does not create a huge amount of snow dough, just enough to cover the base of a washing up bowl by about 2 inches. The girls made this nearly independently as it is so easy to do. They added their toy polar bears and some large chalk rocks and used their imaginations to create a fantastic Arctic small world scene.

Freddie & Jimmy - The Snow Cat. Children's Story. Little Snowflake from Super Simple Songs. 10 Things That Are (Almost) Impossible To Do With Your Body. There are things that you think you should be able to do with your body.

10 Things That Are (Almost) Impossible To Do With Your Body

But if you're like 99.9999% of people in the world, no matter how hard you try, you just can't quite manage to do it. Here is a list of things that are impossible to do with your body, and the few mutants who can do 'em: 10. Raise One Eyebrow I can raise both of my eyebrows in bewilderment on how some people can raise just one. Some people call this the eyebrow cock, and it is known as the universal sign of O RLY ...

For all of you who want to do this (and yes, geeks who want to imitate Mr. 1. Didn't work for you? 9. Photo: Gussy (Luke) [Flickr] I once read a trivia that said it's impossible to lick your own elbow. Well! 8.