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Patron au crochet

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CROCHET: how to crochet a coaster. Cocoa Baby Ankle Booties - Free Crochet Pattern. With the autumn months upon us, the weather has been so glorious this past week, that I’ve been leaving my desk at every available opportunity, making the most of these last few weeks of warmth before the cold sets in.

Cocoa Baby Ankle Booties - Free Crochet Pattern

Whenever I think of autumn, cosy nights by the fireplace instantly come to mind. There's nothing I love more than snuggling underneath a fluffy blanket, with a mug of hot cocoa keeping my icy fingers nice and toasty, and crochet project laying readily by my side. Is there anything quite as nostalgic as the smell of hot cocoa? The smell takes me back to when I was just a little girl and my mum would make my brother and myself each a warm mug, filled to the brim, as we enjoyed a snuggly evening in the fort we had just built from a mountain of blankets and pillows.

Hot cocoa is as much a part of every childhood is, as playing in a sandbox or flying a kite. Size: Pattern is made for 0 - 6 months old. Finished Measurements (Sole Length) Gauge 5 rows & 6 stitches in hdc = 1 inch. TUTORIELS - Petite Pieuvre Sensation Cocon. Modèles gratuits. Little Muggles. SAMMY the SEAL I created this baby seal back in late 2014 when I was trying to come up with something suitable for the upcoming winter months.

When I finished this little guy, I immediately jumped into other projects without writing its pattern up. Now that spring is almost here, I was thinking about hanging onto it until next winter but I’ve been surprised by the number of ongoing inquiries regarding Sammy so I decided I had to find some time to sit down and work on this pattern for you all! And to thank you for all of your patience and for your ongoing support of my work and designs, I would like to present this pattern to you for FREE!

I can’t wait to see all the baby seals that will be made! Happy crocheting, everyone!! XOXO, Amy Vanna’s Choice yarn in White, Linen (a soft gray), Silver Blue (a pale blue), and Charcoal Gray (dark gray for nose)12mm black safety eyesUSD3/3.25mm crochet hookyarn needlefiber fillblack embroidery thread for whiskers Head and Muzzle complete! Use white yarn. Châle ananas et sa grille gratuite , au crochet ! * Clique sur l'image *

Châle ananas et sa grille gratuite , au crochet !

34 Fabuleux Patrons de Chales au Crochet - Crochet et plus...Crochet et plus… Vous trouverez ici des fabuleux modèles de châles pour vous, ou pour offrir à quelqu’un.

34 Fabuleux Patrons de Chales au Crochet - Crochet et plus...Crochet et plus…

Ce sont tous des modèles gratuits. Quoi de mieux qu’un joli châle pour se couvrir les épaules ! Que ce soit un boléro, une étole, un poncho, un châle, vous trouverez ici très beaux modèles de chales. Kelley's Ponchito pattern by Julie Blagojevich. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download Kelley’s Ponchito is a light and lacy poncho crocheted from side to side as a single rectangle and then seamed to create the poncho shape.

Kelley's Ponchito pattern by Julie Blagojevich

The neck opening is crocheted last. Kelley’s Ponchito offers a change from the usual wrap and shawl shapes. However, the design can be crocheted and worn as a rectangular wrap, as well. Dimensions: The completed and blocked piece is 31 in. (78 cm) around the top of the neck and 25 in. (63 cm) from the top to the poncho point. The following stitches were used: chain; double crochet; extended single crochet; foundation single crochet; single crochet; slip stitch. The pattern pdf includes 6 photos and a schematic to aid you in creating the poncho shape. I am currently working on a large version of this design. I would like to thank my wonderful testers--alivaz, wedewschool, sunmoonstars75, and rejectranch.

February 9, 2015: The large version of Kelley’s Ponchito is now available. Bolero au crochet orné de perles. Boléro au crochet décoré de perles, pour une occasion spéciale.

Bolero au crochet orné de perles

Fait au point salomon, ce travail en crochet est belle et chic. Apprenez à faire le point de ce boléro à travers les images et le vidéo. Le vidéo: 10 Animaux au crochet - Cercle de Fermières de Montréal-Nord. 1001 grannies au crochet. Voici des liens vers des modèles de grannies que j’aime !

1001 grannies au crochet

La liste s’allonge de jour en jour, au fil de mes découvertes… :-) Merci à tous ceux qui partagent leurs modèles ! N’hésitez pas à m’écrire si vous avez des modèles, je les ajouterai avec plaisir ! Je vous invite aussi à jeter un petit coup d’oeil sur mes modèles. Dernière date de mise à jour : 8 avril 2016. De toutes les formes… Des plaids pour votre hiver, Crochet d’amour. Des carrés… African Flower Square Tutorial, Make in K-town.A squircle, Dly’s Hooks and Yarns.A squircle (again), Dly’s Hooks and Yarns.Big circle, Signed with an Owl.Carré au crochet, Plouf !

Free blue dress and grids! - Models for Baby Crochet. Publié par Modèles bébé - Magnifique robe bleue pour fillette , ornée d'un joli point fantaisie , trouvée sur le site de "

Free blue dress and grids! - Models for Baby Crochet

/users/crochet_helen " , avec ses grilles gratuites .