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#hindu #bhakt #HopeModiWillBeBestPMever #Atheist but Hindu kinda Atheist (ie. neither support nor reject 'Existence of God'... just questions it time to time)


एक झुण्ड ने थप्पड़ मार दिए तो हिन्दू आतंकवादी हैं, दुनिया भर में लोग मर रहे पर उस आतंक का कोई मज़हब नहीं है! शाबाश! Scene from a Mullah-run Islamic school in Communist-run Kerala state of India. The teacher is separated from Niqabi student… GERMANY: Angela Merkel says the world 'will not get anywhere' if it tries to solve problems with 'polarization and populism' Congress. Compromising national security and sovereignty since 1970. I dare main stream media to debate this. Indic Academy Chennai Event: Hindol Sengupta To Speak On His Latest Book ‘The Modern Monk’ @IndicAcademy. Scientists Grow Human Cells In A Pig For The First Time Ever. 32% of people in California support it withdrawing from the United States to form its own country. (Reuters/Ipsos, January 2017) JAPAN: Fighter jets were scrambled Tuesday to intercept Russian military aircraft that approached Japanese borders (Japan Defence Ministry)

B4 building govt infra, bhoomi poojan will happen B4 ISRO shoots next satellite, Tirupati darshan will happen. Libbie's can cry in a corner. Is forever: Women's March leader Linda Sarsour wants to grab Ayaan Hirsi Ali by the p*ssy. Not paying employees' dues (a fraction of total group assets) for over 4 years, when those assets weren't frozen, is es… RUSSIA: Former Soviet president Gorbachev says current global situation is 'too dangerous' and it looks as if 'world is preparing for war'

UNITED STATES: Theresa May says Trump should 'beware' Putin and that the West might be 'eclipsed' if Russia isn't dealt with firmly. Sanghis mock Kumar Vishwas, but this should now inspire him. EUROPEAN UNION: German economy minister says EU could collapse if the 'enemies of Europe' win elections in France and Netherlands this year. The Greatest Genocide In History: Muslims probably killed 400 million Hindus in India. BREAKING: Trump has proposed 20% tax on imports from Mexico. Blogger sentenced to death for apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. China will be salivating with US-Mexico relations heading south under Trump.

The surveys giving 360+ to NDA maybe intended to make BJP more complacent and force opposition to unite & form maha gathba… 13 lac strong Rail family,working hard,make ur travel safe, comfort,despite concerted attempts by anti social elements.Pls cooperate to foil. Uddhav Thackeray : I hate you. Narendra Modi : Aap kataar me hai.. token leke bhaith jaye. Thanks for all the brilliant suggestions. Have followed the ones I wasn't following earlier. Urge people to go through th…

Share of deaths caused by alcohol Russia: 30.5% Brazil: 6.4% China: 6.3% India: 5.4% France: 5.3% Germany: 4.4% UK: 3.4% US: 3.2% (Quartz) Trump to block visas to anyone from Iran Iraq Libya Somalia Sudan Syria Yemen No Trump business there. Unlike Egypt, Turke… My vote for the lesser known: @Rjrasva @TrueIndology @sammodacharya @by2kaafi @Bharathgyan—much to learn from them. @UnSubtleDesi. @UnSubtleDesi : @muglikar_ For Economics/Documents/Data @TrueIndology For History & Indology @by2kaafi For everything relate…

.@UnSubtleDesi lots covered in the responses. Some that were missed out: 1 @Dauhshanti 2 @NarenMenon1 3 @anshikashukla 4 @SirBullyMammoth. @UnSubtleDesi 1) @blog_supplement - our greatest current living scholar. 2) @Rjrasva - would put chanakya to shame. Non-Yadavs, including Muslims ko Akhilesh-raj main kya mila? From Cheese Making to Pottery: 10 Learning Holidays in India You Need to Try Now! Radio Promo's call it "Story of a benevolent man" - Story of Abdul Latif, on whose life SRK’s Raees is based - How HE ‘Lived’ the Indian Constitution for 5 Weeks and Came to Understand It Better! 10 Things All Indian Children Should Be Taught about Gender, for an Equitable Society.

इस्लामिक आतंकवाद को खतम करेंगे -ट्रम्प ये पहला गोरा आदमी है जिसने फ़तवा देने वालों पर ही फतवा निकाल दिया है □□ China selling US treasuries: $41B in October $66B in November Now $1.05T total, dropping to 2nd behind Japan. This Dutch video on Trump has gone viral because, well, just watch it. Awww. This guy is one of the main reasons why I continue to respect the name 'Rahul'. Rahul Dravid declined to accept an honorary doctorate degree conferred on him by the Bengaluru University. I pity the Hindu parents who send their kids to the conversion laboratory called Ryan International. Risks to US-China, the most important bilateral tie in the world, under Trump My talk w @ianbremmer - @EurasiaGroup.

PM Modi on #Raees aka Abdul Latif . Must Watch !!!! So sexist to say this. Exports ($ billion) 1995 US: 584 China: 148 2005 US: 901 China: 761 2015 US: 1,504 China: 2,274. PLEASE watch & RT to stop this massive breaking India TV serial about to come out on Star Plus. Watch. बांग्लादेश में हिंदुओं के संहार व धर्मान्तरन की मार्मिक कहानी⚡️@TrueIndology के द्वारा। Read & RT #Elections2017. #IMarchWithLinda a proven Anti-American, Jew Hating Palestinian Muslim who works with Hamas & Now OPENLY supports ISIS (Muslims… .@BernieSanders, the supposed "progressive", tweets to @lsarsour #IMarchwithLinda An apologist for Sharia & Saudi Arabia.… That moment when your wife catches you checking out the new first lady. ⚡ What happened to Hindus of Bangladesh Part1 by @TrueIndology.

Pathankot: Why blame Pakistan & not our intel? Uri: Why blame Pakistan & not our sleeping soldiers? Rail mishap: Why bl… I learnt IITs IIMs are paying the #BrtishCouncil large sums to propagate English. Not dissimilar to India funding Churches to convert us. Serving the agenda of Church. British must first dismantle their royalty system which is a 1,000 year old birth-based system of privilege. Only then di… PETA go ban bull riding rodeos in Mr.Trump's U.S. You're not qualified to tackle our bulls. Empires have been made to quit India. ⚡️ “Chach-The Brahmin who conquered Iran” ⚡️ “How the 10th Sikh Guru transformed sparrows into hawks” by @TrueIndology. English translation of the Tamil message. Of course, Tamil unity is beyond religion. I don't know whether to cry or laug… Sorry to interrupt you and break your tiny heart. Level of your hypocrisy can be seen here. @AamirLiaquat @TarekFatah.

Dattatreya & Vaidya say @ #JLF that RSS backs caste based reservation. Untouchability was a mistake of ancestors that need… The darling of Indian Mullahs & heartthrob of Pakistani madrassah teachers @AamirLiaquat caught with his pants down. Via @T… Best thing I've seen omg □ Got to give it to Tamil stars. Their dedication to culture, honesty, n national interest far superior than Bollywood coun…

Lol @khushsundar. not letting u get away with ad hominem. Here's my photo. Answr facts now, without rhetoric, if ur teeny… इनका परिचय यह है कि ये यूपी से कई बार सांसद रह चुके #sp नेता की बेटी हैं, यह खुलेआम इस तरह के ट्वीट करती हैं फिर भी भारत में #Foe नहीं2/2. What a foreign body like Peta, with help from Judiciary, has done is alarming. Issue is larger than #Jalikattu and should… Facts.

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