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Mohammed Harris is a professional blogger and counsellor who loves to create content and interact with students and guiding them for a better future.

Top Reasons for Choosing an IGCSE School for Your Child. Opting for the right board of education for children has become one of the most important tasks for a parent.

Top Reasons for Choosing an IGCSE School for Your Child

Everyone wants to give what is only best for their child. Making the right decision is extremely crucial as it is no brainer that education and the board plays a very important role in the long run. One of the most sought after curriculum is IGCSE- International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Offered by the University of Cambridge, it has become very popular for students aspiring for an international level of education. It is flexible, challenging, and inspiring. IGCSE approach towards education is holistic which teaches students not only academic excellence but also, creative thinking, problem-solving ability, teamwork, investigative skills, analytical thinking and makes them all-rounders.

Some subjects offered by IGCSE are Alongside studies, the board also gives a strong focus on extracurricular activities and development. Global Perspective. Teachers are a Source of Inspiration! We all have that one teacher who has been our favourite in school.

Teachers are a Source of Inspiration!

We remember this teacher fondly, and recall how he/she impacted our lives. This is true for many young adults today, who look up to the school teachers who have contributed towards shaping them as much as their parents. Teachers are more than just guides, they are a source of inspiration too. Their job goes beyond just getting you sufficient knowledge to move from one grade to the next. A teacher inadvertently becomes a caretaker, a guardian, for every single student who studies tier subjects, and often even for some who don’t but have conversations with them. But the life of a teacher is not easy. So what is it that a teacher does beyond academics that impacts students? A teacher always has to remember the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student which will help them in nurturing his/her talent fully. A guide for Deciding Best International School in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, renowned as the Tiger Cub economy, for its rapidly developing status.

A guide for Deciding Best International School in Malaysia

This mineral-rich nation with its long coastlines and cultural diversity has been attracting a lot of investment from all over the world, due to its export-driven economic model and abundance of palm oil and natural resources. It's no wonder then many expatriates choose Malaysia as their country of domicile for work purposes and move here with their families. There are as many as 90,000 expats from many parts of the world who call Malaysia their home, according to the Department of Immigration.

This statistic covers only the professionals working in the country, and there are many others who are doing skills-based jobs. That makes Malaysia a melting pot of cultures and home to a diversity of races, traditions and heritage, and the 9th best destination for expatriates to live and work in among 64 nations, according to a study by InterNations in 2019. 1. Best International Preschool KL - GIIS Malaysia. International School Query Form - GIIS Malaysia. International School Query Form - GIIS Malaysia. Enroll Global Indian International School Admission Now. Our goal is to make the GIIS admission process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Enroll Global Indian International School Admission Now

As such, we have evolved one of the most accessible international school admission systems to facilitate effortless school enrollment. Taking the first steps toward learning more about GIIS will help you discover why we're a global leader in international, holistic education. Our personalised approach to holistic education prepares our students to be the critical thinkers and innovators of tomorrow. We understand how important it is to choose the right school for your family, and we appreciate the pivotal role you play in supporting your child’s education. We strive to provide the best learning experience possible for each child. Qualities you should check about an international school.

Parents aim to provide their children with the best education possible.

Qualities you should check about an international school

They always lean towards international schools which help in providing a complete sound education. It is understandable that choosing a school can be a daunting task. Provided that there are so many good schools to choose from. Boiling down and shortlisting schools can be a time-consuming job. There are multiple factors that one needs to consider before actually deciding which international school will be best for their child. Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme. Top International School Kuala Lumpur. International Secondary School Admission in KL. Private School Enrolment in KL. Global Indian International School. Global Indian International School.