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Your Weekly Oil and Gas News Update: 25–29 Sept - Weekly Oil And Gas Industry News - Quora. Weekly Oil And Gas Industry News Your Weekly Oil and Gas News Update: 25–29 Sept Last week in World oil: Prices With OPEC production rising in September as supplies from Nigeria and Libya recover, and US drilling numbers also show improvement, crude oil prices fell slightly from their recent highs – with Brent trading at about US$56/b and WTI at US$50/b. Upstream Chevron is committing some US$4 billion to ramp up crude production in the Permian Basin, aiming to grow its production there from 90,000 b/d in 2016 to over 400,000 b/d over the next five years.

Downstream & Midstream Pemex’s largest Mexican refinery– the 330 kb/d Salina Cruz site – will remain offline until the third week of October, as a series of natural disasters including flooding, storms and two earthquakes devastated its refining production, causing product shortages across Mexico. Natural Gas and LNG Last week in Asian oil Natural Gas & LNG Source: Your Weekly Update: 25 - 29 Sep | NrgEdge.

Oil and Gas Training – How Important It Is To Kick Start a Career? – Touch Mobile. The oil and gas industry is amongst the most profitable sectors in the world. Due to the hefty returns that it generates, many people are looking forward to investing in it. No wonder that the industry provides you with ample profits, there are however certain risks as well which needs to be taken care of. Education and safety are the two key concerns that need to be addressed properly in order to find the success that you need. Take part in an oil and gas e-learning course in order to ensure everything goes well.

These programs are designed to guide you in the best way possible, thus helping you maximize your interest, and efficacy. There are numerous training and education courses which can help you build the foundation that you need, however, an organization having the right expertise can be your best bet to go with. Oil and gas training courses cover a range of topics. Joining an Energy Professionals Network Can Raise Your Chances of Getting Hired...Here's How! Where To Find News Relevant to Oil and Gas? For Getting placed in Abroad! Join the Oil and Companies In Asia - NrgEdge. A Few Tips to Kick-Start Your Career In Oil and Gas Industry.

It is no wonder that oil and gas sector is a highly competitive industry and remains one of the most profitable sectors in the world regardless of global oil price slump. If you want to crack an interview in this highly competitive industry, you have to earn enough industry knowledge. A $300 suit and a relieving letter from your former boss won't make any difference here. 1. Know about the problems that industry is facing Oil and gas industry is generally considered as one of the largest industries all over the world. Apart from written and oral round, companies would like to know about how would you handle problems at your job. They may create a situation and may want your answer in that regard as to how you would act if you were at a situation when something had happened. 2. Before applying for the job, you should gain enough knowledge about the company, their mission and vision, etc. 3. An error-free resume can enhance your chances of getting hired. Entry Level Oil and Gas Jobs for Freshers in Singapore, Asia.

Why Should You Subscribe to the Latest Oil and Gas Industry News? by Mohammad Khalid. By Mohammad Khalid Oil and Gas Training Are you looking for latest oil and gas industry news? Staying informed about the current happenings in oil and gas industry is extremely crucial for anyone looking to make a career in it no matter he is fresh or need a boost to his already fruitful career. The best way to do this is get a monthly magazine that has information regarding the oil and gas industry or subscribe to a channel on the Internet that can email you the weekly buzz about what's new in there. Here are a few reasons why you should subscribe to the industry news - 1.

This is a fact that without information, your oil and gas career would be more like a directionless venture that doesn't offer you a guarantee about your progress. 2. Staying updated with the latest happenings in oil and gas industry will make you the most knowledgeable person in your surroundings. 3. 4. The industry is booming with a lot of opportunities for aspirants looking to make a career in it. And that's it! Home. Helpful Information For Career Aspirants About the Oil and Gas Industry by Mohammad Khalid.

The oil & gas industry has changed dramatically over the past years. Increasing intake of oil and gas in countries such as Brazil, China and India are posing an ambiguity in future trends. Crude oil is typically gathered from under the sea from sea creatures that perished and got buried several centuries ago. The typical formation of crude oil consists of decomposed bodies of animals and plants under mud and silt deposits. Here is the step-by-step process involved in the oil and gas industry - Exploring > extracting > refining > transporting > marketing Exploration consists of finding the new locations for oil, which leads us to the next two steps – extraction and refining. Transporting introduces pipelines through which the oil is transfered to oil tankers that further take it to the several other places.

There is a huge demand for oil in the market to perform industrial, commercial and domestic duties. Here is a list of major challenges faced by oil and gas companies: NrgEdge - The Professional Network for Energy Industry: Enroll in a Professional Network For the Energy Industry. With an ever increasing demand of deserving candidates in the energy industry, it is extremely essential for the industry professionals to stay connected in a network, where they can share their potential/past experiences for other people to see to explore career opportunities all over the globe or for younger talent to learn and enhance their skills.

In this post, I will provide you with a few reasons why it could be a great thought to enroll in a professional network particularly intended to help industry professionals. 1. Showcase Your Talent It is a great way to showcase your talent to other people that matter to you. Building a portfolio of your past achievements would surely help employers across the globe find you easily. Your profile will be highlighted to employers looking for the right talent to entertain across their organization. 2. 3. It’s obvious that you don’t want to stay behind in the competition by not doing something that others are doing and are pretty well at it. Nrgedge.kinja.

Staying updated with the industry trends and the latest happenings in the Oil & Gas industry can be a challenging task. While there are certain things that you can do to help yourself stay ahead of the curve. Check out the 5 ways below that we think could turn out to be useful for you. 1. Subscribe to trade journals Nothing could be better than subscribing to an Oil & Gas related journal to obtain the latest news about the industry. 2. To stay updated with the latest oil and gas news, you may even try reading magazines, that are especially relevant to the industry. 3.

Although, the forums might be difficult to find out, but, they are the most interesting way to nourish yourself with the current information about Oil & Gas industry. 4. It doesn’t really matter whether the video that you see is one hour long or only 20 mins. 5. Discussing about the industry updates with your colleagues will help you grasp the information easily. Have anything else to add up to this list? LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is another form of natural gas converted into a liquid through cooling it to -260° Fahrenheit. This process is specifically intended to decrease the volume of the natural gas by a factor of more than 600, to further make is easier to transport effectively through sea. Once it reaches its destination, LNG is unloaded from ships at various import LNG terminals in India (we will discuss them later in this post), where it is stored as a liquid. This liquefied natural gas is then warmed back to its natural gaseous state to pass it through pipelines in order to distribute it further to the businesses and homeowners.

When in its gaseous state, LNG is used across residential, commercial and industrial sectors for the purpose of heating, cooking and generating electricity and manufacturing other wide range of products. 1. 2. 3. Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals are specifically used to store natural gas in its liquefied form. The Many Advantages of NrgEdge, a Social Network For Oil and Gas Professionals – NrgEdge.

No matter if you’re a novice in oil and gas industry, a graduate with a little knowledge or an expert, a professionally written profile can assist you open up numerous doors to opportunities and professional networks. Before NrgEdge existed, it was nearly impossible to connect directly with hiring managers, bosses or even other individuals who share similar interests. However after the introduction of NrgEdge, you will be able to create your online marketing profile with a click of a button and can begin networking instantly.

This will help you in a number of ways. A Positive First Impression When a hiring manager or recruiter first finds your NrgEdge profile, they will be able to make their opinion about you in the first 20 seconds. A well written profile that includes up-to-date information about your past skills and experiences will certainly capture the reader’s attention. Be Found Easily The benefits of NrgEdge are numerous with almost no downside. Like this: Like Loading... Welcome | NrgEdge. Welcome | NrgEdge. How vs How much Over the past 15 years, a number of published field surveys of subsea pipelines have shown that the actual as-laid embedment drastically exceeds what was predicted based on the self-weight of the pipe; in some instances, by ten times. Clearly, this cannot simply be regarded as an “additional” embedment that needs to be calculated; but rather, the significant difference is shocking enough to change our conception of “how” the pipeline penetrates the soil in the first place.

In clear terms, these findings suggest that the laying process is the main player in the embedment mechanism, although it is commonly neglected on the practice level. This actually does not categorically negate the American Gas Association (AGA) model; yet it can be regarded as a technically sound model that predicts embedment “post-laying.” In today’s industry, embedment is commonly calculated based on the self-weight of the pipe, not the AGA model, which is becoming less frequently used. Back analysis. Welcome | NrgEdge. Welcome | NrgEdge. Welcome | NrgEdge. Welcome | NrgEdge.