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Mohamed Farook

Mohamed Farook managing the new age marketing portfolio to take Flytxt towards the helm of Big Data Analytics space. Creating a well-balanced marketing mix across tools like sales collateral management, events and conferences, digital marketing, social media marketing, brand management and thought leadership management is critical in establishing this objective.

Omni-Channel Customer Service. Omni-channel Customer Service By : Srinivasa Ravi Posted on : March 9, 2016 Posted in : Blog No Comments Mobile phones are now an integral part of consumer lives but loyalty to service providers is not an assured outcome of that fact anymore.

Omni-Channel Customer Service

Telcos are constantly challenged to ensure consistent customer experience through service innovation and customer service excellence. Customer touch-points are of strategic importance to telcos in maximising opportunities to engage and strengthen the relationship with customers. Legacy systems and traditional technologies are not equipped to handle such complexity. However, the complexity doesn’t end with the volume, variety and the ability to process real-time data. Similarly, context adds another level of personalisation. A leading Asian telco was able to reverse the heavy offer rejection rates it was experiencing by integrating our analytics solution with automated recommendation and offer prioritisation capabilities. Internal Monetization Services. 2016 Predictions for the Telecom World. 2016 Predictions for the Telecom World – Digital Transformation Leads the Way By : Abhay Doshi Senior VP- Product and Marketing Posted on : January 11, 2016 Posted in : Blog No Comments The telecom industry will continue to face some real challenges of eroding revenues, increasing traffic, and higher costs. 2016 promises to bring some new factors in the market dynamics to enable Telcos to deal with these challenges and equip them with advanced solutions, frameworks and methodologies to embrace new opportunities in the fast-emerging connected digital world.

2016 Predictions for the Telecom World

Regulatory pressure will continue and intensify even further – As regulatory bodies across the globe rethink their approaches to regulate telcos in the connected digital world they will continue to take precautionary and restrictive measures in the name of security, anti-monopoly and consumer privacy. Self-Service Analytics Platforms. Self-Service Analytics Platforms Simplify Storytelling By : Chitharanj Kachappilly Architect - R&D Posted on : December 7, 2015 Posted in : Blog No Comments The new generation Big Data Analytics solutions have come a long way in the last five years.

Self-Service Analytics Platforms

Advanced External Monetization Services. Home Health Care Software- The Alora Difference. Florida Home Health Agencies Speak About Alora Homecare Software. Big Data Analytics Companies in India. Big Data Analytics Platforms at Advanced Mobile Advertising Platforms. Best Customer Experience Management Platform - Flytxt. Advanced Mobile Data Monetization Platform -

3 Steps to Go Deeper in Touch Point Personalization for Telcos. 3 Steps to Go Deeper in Touch Point Personalization for Telcos By : Naveen Chandra AGM- Product Management Posted on : May 11, 2015 Posted in : Blog No Comments Customer touch points are arguably the most important interfaces to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) for subscriber engagement.

3 Steps to Go Deeper in Touch Point Personalization for Telcos

It is not just a platform to provide excellent service, but also an opportunity to enhance the relationship and increase the Customer Lifecycle Value. On the other hand, if the actions are personalized based on anticipated needs of the subscriber, they walk out with more value than they expected. Step 1: Offer basket recommendation based on historic persona With advanced packaged analytics it is now possible to discover hidden insights by analyzing a subscribers past behavior. This challenge is tackled by offer basket recommendation, which uses machine-learned algorithms to filter out only the best fit offers that have the highest likelihood of acceptance by a subscriber.

A Case Study. Big Data Analytics Platforms Solution - Flytxt.