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MODXPC Repairs is one of the superlative company which offer superb PC & Laptop Repair service in Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster and surrounding areas. Our expert team of person provide flexible on time with a personal approach to the repairing services.

Reasons Why Repairing Your Laptop Is Better Than Buying A New One - MODXPC Repairs. Just like every other machine, a laptop is bound to break down at some point, and when it does, the question a lot of people find themselves asking is, should I buy a new laptop or repair the faulty one?

Reasons Why Repairing Your Laptop Is Better Than Buying A New One - MODXPC Repairs

Getting a new laptop instead of repairing the old one might seem logical, but the thing is, there are some key factors you won’t be able to overrule. Listed below are some major reasons why repairing your laptop might be a better option to replacing it. Time: Imagine trying to transfer 4 years’ worth of data from your old laptop to the new one. I mean, projects, software and a whole lot of information you invested your money, time and Gigabytes into; now imagine the amount of time it would take for you to recover all of those data – including software, projects, media and a whole lot of other things- and start transferring and installing them into the new one, pretty stressful right? Starting Afresh: Compatibility: Choosing the Right PC: Nowadays, there are lots of laptops in the market. Computer Repair in Romford: Top 3 Reasons Why Repairing Your Laptop Is Better Than Replacing It. If you’ve got a laptop that looks like it may be on its last legs, all hope is not lost.

Computer Repair in Romford: Top 3 Reasons Why Repairing Your Laptop Is Better Than Replacing It

Unless you’ve got a laptop that running Windows 95 or Windows 8 (didn’t mean that), then you have strong chance of giving it a new lease of life, like Johnny 5 did in Short Circuit when he nearly died at the end! All you need is a little money and advice, which the latter we can help you with. Please take a look at the following reasons to help you make your mind up on whether you should buy new or repair. “Arrrgh! My laptop is so slow” / “Suffers from bad performance…” / “No more space”If you’ve found yourself saying one or more of those, breathe….there are options available. Depending on the age of your laptop, you can upgrade your hard drive, RAM or generally a clean-up of old software, temporary files etc. The battery is one of the easiest parts to change yourself, if you match up the exact model you may notice you’re able to get a new battery with a higher capacity!

Laptop Repair Essex - Local PC Repair Company. We are transparent with our prices.

Laptop Repair Essex - Local PC Repair Company

Each section is based on standard hourly rates. We are currently accepting payments via Paypal, Online & over the phone Laptop screen & chassis repair From "I've dropped my laptop" to "I've sat on my laptop", are the usual causes of a smashed laptop screen. We offer the following repairs solutions: - Cracked or Smashed screens - Blank or hard to see screen - Broken "plastics" such as lids, bezels incl broken hinges - Flickering or coloured lines across the screen No matter what the problem is, modxpc repairs can help. There is usually a 24 hour turnaround for this service and we offer a free collection in the local service areas. Laptop Power Sockets (dc jack) Computer Repair Essex - Fix your PC and Laptop at MODXPC. How To Resolve Computer Issues On Your Own? You do not have to be a computer whizz or have the need to always send your computer to us in Romford to be able to fix general and minor computer issues.

How To Resolve Computer Issues On Your Own?

You just have to be equipped with some basic knowledge on how to do the right job. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to resolve them: We would always recommend a preliminary backup of your data before you decide to carry out any fix on your own. There are usually a few common issues to why this happens, which either can be due to issues with your hardware or software. We’re going to outline reasons and briefly explain what can be done.

Software related / too many programs open Whether you have a new computer or one that you’ve had over time, an abundant of software can easily creep up and eat up your system resources, which commonly all happens in the background leaving you kept in the dark of what’s running. P.S. Drive related issues Your computer is full of drivers! Avoid using clothes that may produce a lot of static. Computer Repairs Romford Essex - MODXPC Repairs.