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Hrheingold's attention Bookmarks on Delicious. Infotention 3: Building Information Dashboards, Radars, Filters. 5 minute example of online crap detection. Crap Detection 101. Critical-thinking - tools. Critical-thinking - home. Hrheingold's multitasking Bookmarks on Delicious. The DART-Europe E-theses Portal (DEEP) The 21st-century textbook. With new technologies constantly coming on-line, and with states like California, Texas, and Oregon allowing digital curriculum to replace printed curriculum, the question arises: what will textbooks look like in the coming years?

The 21st-century textbook

Dale’s post, “A hunger for good learning,” featured a fantastic video about teaching math. In a few brief minutes, Dan Meyer showed us a photo of a math problem involving filling a tank of water and calculating how long that would take, then showed us why traditional approaches to teaching this problem stifled student learning. The picture showed a traditional math problem with a line drawing of the tank, a problem set-up written in text (octagonal tank, straight sides, 27oz per second, etc.) followed by short sub-steps that are needed to solve the problem (calculate the surface area of the base, calculate the volume). Then, finally, it asks the question “how long will it take to fill the tank?”

It's an amazing time to be a learner - Will Richardson. Your personal learning network is not just a network of people you learn from.

It's an amazing time to be a learner - Will Richardson

A "pln," as enthusiasts call them, is a network of people who are learning together. I was given this essential lore - and truth be told, much of what I know about social media in education - by Will Richardson. The reciprocal nature of learning networks is only the latest useful insight Richardson has given me and the rest of his network. In part, this blog post and interview is a form of reciprocation: you know you have succeeded as an educator when your students start teaching to others what they learned from you.