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Group protests N.Y., Ferguson race cases. In a cold, steady rain, about 50 protesters turned out Thursday across from the federal courthouse in Louisville to denounce the failure to indict white police officers who killed black men in New York and Missouri.

Group protests N.Y., Ferguson race cases

"I taught school for 46 years and I have seen injustice and I have seen equality," said 69-year-old retiree Vicki Catlin, who is white and held up a sign that said, "Equal Lives Deserve Equal Justice. " "Everybody deserves a fair shake," Catlin said. The rally came the day after a grand jury in Staten Island, N.Y., declined to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo, whose chokehold on 43-year-old Eric Garner led to his death. He was confronted by police for selling loose cigarettes. On Nov. 24, a grand jury in Ferguson, Mo., declined to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, which triggered violence in the St. RELATED STORY | Louisville Ferguson protest draws hundreds. WHAS Breaking News. Ferguson Organizer: ‘Police Are Preparing for War’ Law enforcement officers hold up their weapons during a protest on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri on August 18, 2014Photo Credit: AFP November 17, 2014 | Like this article?

Ferguson Organizer: ‘Police Are Preparing for War’

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Missouri governor declares state of emergency as national guard called in to Ferguson. The governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency on Monday, authorising the national guard to assist the policing of protests expected in Ferguson after it is announced whether a white police officer who shot dead an unarmed black 18-year-old will face charges.

Missouri governor declares state of emergency as national guard called in to Ferguson

Jay Nixon signed an executive order on Monday activating the national guard to support police “during any period of unrest that might occur following the grand jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of Michael Brown”. Nixon had previously said he was ready to order national guard troops back into the St Louis suburb whenever necessary. In August, the national guard protected a makeshift police base at a shopping mall during nights of clashes between officers and protesters following Brown’s death in a residential side-street. The grand jury has been meeting for about three months to consider evidence on the shooting of Brown by officer Darren Wilson on 9 August.

From Chicago to Geneva, a Call for Police Accountability for Violence and Torture. Activists including members of We Charge Genocide at Chicago's National Moment of Silence event honoring victims of police brutality.

From Chicago to Geneva, a Call for Police Accountability for Violence and Torture

(Photo: Kelly Hayes) We Charge Genocide, a coalition of Chicago activists, is turning outside the US criminal justice system to force accountability for police misconduct by taking their complaints to the United Nations. It's been more than 55 days since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot dead in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, and the police officer accused of killing him has yet to be arrested. Hong Kong: violence flares again as protesters reoccupy streets. Riot police clashed violently with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday as demonstrators reoccupied a camp mostly cleared the previous day, leading to multiple arrests and jeopardising talks aimed at ending a political stalemate.

Hong Kong: violence flares again as protesters reoccupy streets

Police used batons and pepper spray against protesters shielding themselves with umbrellas on a normally busy main road in the bustling Mongkok district, but were forced into a partial retreat as the sun began to rise, to cheers from the crowd. Activists rushed to rebuild makeshift barricades in an area police had opened to traffic 24 hours earlier, while thousands of others staged a sit-in at the protest camp that has existed for nearly three weeks, according to an AFP reporter at the scene.

Hong Kong police said in a statement they had made 26 arrests in scuffles with a crowd that had swelled to 9,000 people in the early hours, with 15 officers sustaining injuries in the ruckus. “The police have lost control of the situation. Plans For Martial Law in Missouri, Journalists & Activists Being Targeted Ahead of Unrest. Ferguson, Mo. – Plans are underway for martial law type scenarios as Missouri law enforcement has been holding meetings 2-3 times per week that include the military and FBI, according to people who have attended them.

Plans For Martial Law in Missouri, Journalists & Activists Being Targeted Ahead of Unrest

Missouri law enforcement has been seeking intelligence from police departments across the U.S. on what they call out-of-state agitators. In reality, they are attempting to squeeze the independent media in hopes of using a main stream media filter to keep Americans in the dark about what is truly transpiring on the ground as this manifest injustice occurs. Homoerotic nightmares // socialjusticekoolaid: Today In Solidarity... Demonstrators interrupt STL symphony singing a 'Requiem for Mike Brown' Michael Brown protesters interrupt St. Louis Symphony Orchestra concert : News. Hong Kong Government Accused of Using Triads to Attack Student Protesters. .facebook 1412341202114. .facebook 1412341161107. Hong Kong Police Pepper-Spray Elderly Protester In The Eyes In Disturbing Video. A shocking video has emerged of police violently handling the protests in Hong Kong at the weekend.

Hong Kong Police Pepper-Spray Elderly Protester In The Eyes In Disturbing Video

Disturbing footage, taken on Sunday by South China Morning Post reporter James Griffiths, shows an elderly man standing in front of a barricade. 50,000 students march against new rules and changes to curricula. Disclaimer Please note: the text contained in "50,000 students march against new rules and changes to curricula" has not been corrected, edited or verified by Demotix and is the raw text submitted by the photojournalist.

50,000 students march against new rules and changes to curricula

All views and opinions expressed are that of the independent photojournalist and do not represent the views of Demotix Ltd. Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Hong Kong's Central District. Since the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China, the semi-autonomous city has operated under a "one country, two systems" formula, allowing a limited democracy.

Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Hong Kong's Central District

In August, the Chinese government announced plans to vet candidates in Hong Kong's 2017 elections, virtually assuring only pro-Beijing politicians would be on the ballots. Student groups and pro-democracy supporters have taken to the streets in recent days to protest the limitations and to demand universal suffrage. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have occupied Hong Kong's Central District, bringing parts of the city to a standstill. Hong Kong 'Umbrella Revolution' Protest Pictures Show The Aftermath Of Night's Clashes. Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong have continued into Monday morning with thousands of sleeping protesters still occupying the streets.

Hong Kong 'Umbrella Revolution' Protest Pictures Show The Aftermath Of Night's Clashes

While images of exhausted police and demonstrators are now being broadcast and reports the riot police have withdrawn, the protestors look set on staying put. Carmody Middle School students walk-out as Jeffco protests continue. By Jesse PaulThe Denver Post Posted: 09/30/2014 08:11:57 AM MDT|Updated: about 11 hours ago Carmody Middle School students left their classes to protest changes in their history teachings. The students gathered at the intersection of Jewell Ave and South Kipling Street in Lakewood, September 30, 2014 Lakewood. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post) .facebook 1412033643957. Golden, Jefferson high schools closed due to teacher absences. By Jesse PaulThe Denver Post Posted: 09/29/2014 05:44:11 AM MDT|Updated: about 9 hours ago Students from Golden High School protest proposed AP history curriculum changes Monday morning, September 29, 2014.

(Joe Amon, The Denver Post) Golden and Jefferson high schools are closed Monday after an overwhelming number of teachers called in absent, continuing unrest in the Jefferson County School District for the third straight week. Lynn Setzer, a spokeswoman for Jeffco Public Schools, confirmed the closures, saying most teachers called in sick after 8 p.m. .facebook 1412004797475. .facebook 1412001367461. Who are Hong Kong's protesters? 29 September 2014Last updated at 08:11 ET Protesters and police have been facing off in Hong Kong's main business district Tens of thousands have taken to the streets of Hong Kong in defiance of tear gas and government warnings.

Campaigns by students and pro-democracy activists ballooned into mass protests. DCMatteo. How can you be mad, we've just got started - gossipseer: witchlingfumbles: ... Icelandic members of parliament on the run from angry crowd 1. october 2010. People's Climate March draws more than 400,000 : Compass. "Coursing through Midtown, from Columbus Circle to Times Square and the Far West Side, the People's Climate March was a spectacle even for a city known for doing things big.

" So said the New York Times in its front-page coverage of the People's Climate March in Manhattan. More than 400,000 citizen activists, including more than 25,000 Sierra Club members, joined in what is being called the largest climate march in history. It was also the largest-ever gathering of Sierra Club members and supporters in the history of the organization. More than 100 buses from 35 states were organized and funded by the Club, which also ran Climate Caravan trains from Washington, D.C., the Midwest, and as far away as California.

Among those marching were United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon, former vice president Al Gore, and New York mayor Bill de Blasio, who just announced that the city was committing to an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Log In. Student walkouts occur at Pomona, Arvada, Arvada West, Ralston Valley and Golden high schools. JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Hundreds of students poured out of at least five Jefferson County schools on Tuesday to protest what they say is the Jeffco School Board's attempt to whitewash history. About 200 students walked out of Pomona High School in Arvada at 8:30 a.m. gathering at Wadsworth Boulevard, 7NEWS Reporter Tyler Lopez tweeted. "My daughter and her friends at 80th and Wadsworth. Fighting for education. Pomona High School," Robin Reed Johnson posted on the Denver Channel's Facebook page.

Around 9:40 a.m. about 300 students at Arvada West walked out, holding signs and chanting as they marched along the sidewalk and stood along the street. In Photos: Record-Breaking Crowd of 400K Marches For Climate Justice in New York. .facebook 1411423990507. David Rovics. ~Revolutionary~, mashable: Ahead of the United Nations Climate... .facebook 1411409037262. Over 1,000 Protest in Ferguson, Call for Highway Shutdown Monday. This piece first appeared at Popular Resistance. Ragemovement: kropotkitten: Fastfood workers...