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ModelWorks Direct creates custom aircraft models, custom airplane models, ship models, & car models that exceed client's expectations. Get in touch.

USS Diachenko APD-123 Custom Ship Model. Takes 6 to 8 weeks to make.

USS Diachenko APD-123 Custom Ship Model

The USS Diachenko has a great history and story. The humble ship was active during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam war. Ships like the Diachenko undergo changes as it prepares for wars and ship commanders change hands. Custom models of the USS Diachecko can be fabricated in one-hundred different ways. This is because the life span of a ship can outlast humans and last for many generations. The Finest Military Graduation Gift. North America P-51 Mustang. Moonlight II Yacht Model. Private Airplane Replicas. Military Automotive Models. Military Automotive Models. Lake Buccaneer LA4-200 Plane Model. Airplane Replica Created For You. Falcon 900EX Aircraft Model. F18 Fighter Jet Custom Wooden Aircraft Model. F18 Fighter Jet Custom Wooden Aircraft Model.

Order Your Custom Airplane Model. Order Your Custom Airplane Model. Custom US Military Vehicle HUMVEE. Custom Aircraft Model. Order Your Custom Airplane Model From ModelWorks. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. Order Your Custom Aircraft Model. Beechcraft King Air C90. Are you seeking a Custom Airplane Model of your Airplane?

Beechcraft King Air C90

Perhaps you have a Pilot friend getting ready to celebrate another birthday. Please don’t buy a Toaster of Coffee Maker. Those are NOT memorable. Send models a photo of whatever object that you want to be transformed into a handmade custom model. This model happens to be a King Air 90, but we can build just about anything. from a photo, sketch, or drawing. King Air 90 was developed in the 1960s and has a tried and tested history. In Fact, you can order any of these aircraft models at ModelWorks by simply providing a few photos. Beechcraft Bonanza Custom Model. Beechcraft Baron Business Jet Custom Model. BALI Catamaran 4.3 Motor Yacht Model - Custom Aircraft Models. Citation Mustang Airplane Model. Global 5000 Custom Model. Custom Aircraft Model. Order Your Gulfstream 200 Custom Model Now. This Gulfstream G200 is a custom handcrafted model that can be ordered in a number of different sizes.

Order Your Gulfstream 200 Custom Model Now

The model can be fabricated in a variety of scales like 1 400 model planes, 1 200 model plane, or any scale. The definition of a scale model by Merriam-Webster is as follows: a small but exact copy. The nickname of the G200 is the “Astra Galaxy” because it represents the period when Gulfstream Aerospace purchased Galaxy Aerospace in 2001. The galaxy received a wider Fuselage and was powered by Pratt & Whitney PW306 turbofans. The galaxy was officially named the G200 and later upgraded into the G250 and the rest is history. No matter which aircraft you want us to build, ModelWork’s Artisan will not let you down.

Gulfstream G200 Custom Airplane Model. Gulfsteam G-450 Airplane Model. Order To Build Your Gulfstream G-650 Custom Model. Honda Jet 3 Custom Aircraft Model. Beechcraft King Air C90. Learjet 60 Custom Airplane Model. Piaggio Avanti Custom Aircraft Model. Pilatus Pc-12 Custom Aircraft Model. Spitfire Custom Airplane Model. North American Texan T6 Custom Airplane Model. VANS Aircraft RV-8 Custom Aircraft Model. Airbus A320 Manny Pacquiao Theme. Do you happen to be a Manny Pacquiao Fan?

Airbus A320 Manny Pacquiao Theme

Air Asia in Partnership with Manny Pacquiao to create a special Livery for the Legendary Fighting Senator and boxer of the Philippines. Imagine buying this awesome Airbus A320 and having the Legendary Manny Pacquiao sign your aircraft. The value would definitely skyrocket. Order your Airbus A320 Custom Model today! Modelworks can customize any existing design in the world. You can even select your desired colors. The Airbus A320 aircraft family was initially Launched in March 1984. The A320 Airplane model is one of the first passenger airplanes on the planet to integrate a fly-by-wire control system and side sticks resulting in a new era of Airbus Airplanes with this capability. Airbus 320 is flown by Indigo, China Eastern Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, China Southern Airlines, United Airlines, Easy Jet, Air Asia, and Shenzhen Airlines. Beechcraft Bonanza Custom Model. Global 5000 Custom Model. Citation Mustang Airplane Model.

Custom Aircraft Model. Challenger 300 Business Jet Model. Cessna Citation XLS+ On Demand Custom Model. Do you happened to be the proud owner of your very own Cessna Aircraft?

Cessna Citation XLS+ On Demand Custom Model

Cessna has come a long way. If you own a Cessna XLS, you have also come a long way. Celebrate this achievement or someone’s aircraft with a Replica Model of the Cessna Citation XLS+. The Citation comes in many features and Livery designs. Modelworks will replicate your artwork flawlessly. The Cessna Citation Excel is an American Midsize business jet introduced in 1994 by Cessna. Iconic Aircraft Models for Flying Long, Non-Stop Flights. These Aircraft Models Are Iconic for Flying Long, Non-Stop Flights There’s no other perfect aircraft model to break the record of long, non-stop flights than the A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range), don’t you think?

Iconic Aircraft Models for Flying Long, Non-Stop Flights

Prepare to be amazed, world. Singapore Airlines (SIA) is now reclaiming the world’s longest non-stop flight! It was reported that from October, passengers can fly from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey for a total of nearly 19 hours flying time! The A350-900 is deemed the cornerstone member of Airbus’ A350 XWB Family – the fleet that’s currently shaping the future of the medium, long and ultra-long-haul travel for this generation! Ordering Custom Airplane Models: Is Expensive Always Better? Ordering Custom Airplane Models: Is Expensive Always Better?

Ordering Custom Airplane Models: Is Expensive Always Better?

Airplane models are small or large unmanned aircraft models, that serves as a complete replica of an existing or even an imaginary concept of an aircraft. Model aircrafts can either be flying or non-flying. Flying models range from simple gliders (foam polystyrene) to powered scale models (balsa wood, fiberglass, etc.). More often than not, the non-flying models are made with plastic and injection-molded polystyrene and are displayed or shelved in houses, collection rooms, or museums, because these are not intended to fly. A New Twist: Adding Secret Service Agent James Bond-inspired Custom Aircraft Models to Your Collection - Custom Aircraft Models. A New Twist: Adding Secret Service Agent James Bond-inspired Custom Aircraft Models to Your Collection Model collectors are very meticulous with regards to the detailed look, and quality of the items they are collecting.

A New Twist: Adding Secret Service Agent James Bond-inspired Custom Aircraft Models to Your Collection - Custom Aircraft Models

They consider these “investments,” and “prized possessions,” to be appreciated for a very long time. Being a collector is not a cheap hobby, but it’s definitely very rewarding. The first rule of collecting is to collect the things you love. The value given is simply pleasure and satisfaction. The act of collecting is an intellectual pleasure because it’s not merely about stocking on items, but also learning about it, appreciating it and the craftsmanship put into it, as well as keeping it as “timeless pieces” that will transcend time. There are many aircraft model collectors and aviation enthusiasts around the world. The airplanes of the popular British Secret Service Agent. Custom Maritime Models. ModelWorks Direct can build any maritime models ship, boat, yacht, aircraft carrier, battleship, submarine, luxury ship, speed boat or anything you can think of the floats on water, in any sizes.

Custom Maritime Models

Accurate Custom Scale Model Ship, Yacht, Boat, Battleship, Submarines or anything that floats on waterRealistic Museum Quality at Wholesale PricesOwned and Operated by Artisans. Handcrafted by skilled artisansHand Painted to Perfection to look realistic21 years of experience in the Scale Modeling BusinessPrice Matching and Quality Guarantee Modelworks fabricates Custom-made boat models made from scratch. The ship model fabricators at Modelworks all have 10 to 20 years of experience.

The custom ship models purchased by Museums, Collectors and even Sailors. Automotive Models. Custom Aircraft Models. Modeworks fabricates a variety of custom aircraft models.

Custom Aircraft Models

These custom models are made directly at our factory and scrutinized to the smallest details by our artisans and architects. Since our models are 100% handmade at our factory, we are able to customize each airplane model to the smallest details. Customers are able to specify the model, size, paint scheme, markings, features and even the smallest details which are unique to their order.

ModelWorks Direct. Custom Design Models. Our 25 person company consist of Artist from various branches of the creative world. The senior business partners consist of a Master Model Builder with more than 20 years of experience. Another partner is a Design Architect with a portfolio of accomplishments. Our family of Artisans has more than 40 years of combined experience.

Despite our humble beginnings, our team of artisans has only come together in the past 3 years. However, our Artisan has previously worked for other companies. Our factory is geographically located in Pampanga, Philippines near the former US Subic Naval Base and the former Clark Air Force Base. Custom Aircraft Models.