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Models In Tech is a premier event modeling and talent-staffing agency. All of our brand ambassadors are college educated professionals.

Bilingual Models: Hire Multilingual Trade Show Models & Interpreters. Trade shows frequently serve as center points for individuals of differing encounters and societies to meet up and discuss subjects identified with a specific industry.

Bilingual Models: Hire Multilingual Trade Show Models & Interpreters

So as to breech this various culture and achieve a larger group of audience, we suggest you to hire bilingual models. Our Bilingual models are particularly helpful for occasions occurring in a city that has predominately two languages also bilingual models are additionally perfect for organizations that are managing global customers whose first language is not English. Models In Tech let you to hire multilingual models, and interpreters ranging from basic conversational levels, to 100% fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and many other languages. Increase your international sales by hiring a bilingual model, multilingual model, or language interpreter through Models In Tech. Crowd Gatherers: Hire Enthusiastic & Skilled Crowd Gatherers. Are you searching for another approach to get supporters for your brand?

Crowd Gatherers: Hire Enthusiastic & Skilled Crowd Gatherers

Have you thought procuring Crowd Gatherers? It’s the competitive time of the season and that implies it’s a great opportunity to get more business. You have to achieve as many potential customers as you can. With our experts, your showcasing missions will be successful. Hosts and Greeters for Trade Show, Hire Experienced Event Hostesses. Models In Tech℠ offers highly experienced, elegant and reliable hosts and greeters who work a wide range of hostess / host roles on a daily basis.

Hosts and Greeters for Trade Show, Hire Experienced Event Hostesses

Our hosts and greeters will guarantee your VIP visitors and participants are given a warm welcome while providing an entertaining atmosphere in order to please everybody. Why to avail the services of hosts & greeters? Hosts and greeters welcome event guests to prominent occasions, distribute event gift bags or information, answer occasion or item related inquiries, and verify individuals have an extraordinary involvement with the occasion. Hosts assume indispensable parts in the operations of bigger scale occasions in verifying visitor encounters are constantly positive. Spokes Models: Hire Beautiful Spokes Models for Trade Shows. Models In Tech provides our clients with not just beautiful but also intelligent, reliable, and enthusiastic spokes models that are experienced to handle conventions, trade shows, presentations, and any other special event.

Spokes Models: Hire Beautiful Spokes Models for Trade Shows

Models In Tech are there for you from start to finish, making sure that this process of hiring the Best Spokes Models for your next event goes as smoothly and simple as possible. Hire Promo Models, Promoting Your Brands with Promo Models. Promo Models have been utilized as a key marketing strategy for many years over the world.

Hire Promo Models, Promoting Your Brands with Promo Models

This is an incredible approach to promote your brand and service and to increase your sale drastically. Brand Ambassador Staffing Agency, Hire Professional Ambassador Models. Much like a special model, a brand ambassador is cordial, active and frequently conveys literature and giveaways at occasions.

Brand Ambassador Staffing Agency, Hire Professional Ambassador Models

In any case, they likewise are obliged to know about your organization, comprehend your items or administrations, regularly wear your organization marked apparel, and can answer inquiries and concerns when vital. Brand ambassadors leave an enduring impression with the purchasers and make a picture that mirrors your image and sticks with your intended interest group. They carry the messages and the look you want to leave with your market at trade shows, conventions, festivals, expos and other nationwide marketing events. Brand ambassadors serve as the total embodiment of a company’s values and brand identity at face-to-face marketing events. Our experienced, best and attractive brand ambassadors are the cherry on top.

CONFESSION OF A FORMER "BOOTH BABE" Little is more off-putting than being hit on by a married man, yet as I helped adjust for a potential customer the newly designed earphones—guaranteed not to fall out while providing a superior sound experience—he leaned in and whispered, “You smell nice.”


My paid response was to smile sweetly and squeak “Thank you!” In an overly excited voice. It’s simply part of the job as a brand representative (aka booth babe). With the excitement of the new products from the annual CES in Las Vegas comes the perennial debate over booth babes. Is the role truly degrading to the women working the booths? Throughout college, I held many part-time jobs, but few were as lucrative and easy as a brand representative at conferences and trade shows. What defines a particular trade show experience is not necessarily the politeness or vulgarity of the trade show attendees, but rather the company’s expectations of the brand representative.

BEYOND THE CATWALK: MEET THE NEW GENERATION OF MODELPRENEURS. Remember when supermodel Linda Evangelista said she didn’t “wake up for less than $10,000 a day?”


The provocative comment — made in Vogue magazine in 1990 — haunted the Canadian beauty for the rest of her career. But fast forward two decades and $10,000 now seems like a paltry figure in comparison with today’s “modelpreneurs.” How about rousing yourself from bed to the tune of $42 million a year? That’s how much Brazilian Gisele Bündchen earned in 12 months, according to Forbes magazine’s latest list of the world’s richest models. If it seems impossible to earn that much money from sashaying down a catwalk alone, then that’s because it is.

How supermodels are killing it in business. Gorgeous supermodels get attention like nobody else in the world.

How supermodels are killing it in business

Supermodels these days prove that not only do they have angelic faces but that they can excel in the business world too. They empower women to be intelligent and successful, not just attractive. Untitled. Trade Show Marketing Strategy: How to Maximize your Exposure. Some people feel awkward in trade shows.

Trade Show Marketing Strategy: How to Maximize your Exposure

However, trade shows provide a unique opportunity to any brand owner. An opportunity to meet with competitors, know what is on the market, forge partnerships, connections and, of course, meet new prospects. Unlike traditional advertising which is faceless, trade shows present the opportunity to meet face to face and cut a lot of the red tape involved in setting up meetings. Top Promotional Giveaway Ideas to Help Pre-qualify Your Prospects.

There are many ways to maximize your exposure with an optimized trade show marketing strategy. Promotional giveaways are the oldest form of advertising. Unlike traditional marketing materials, promotional giveaways are designed with the idea that customers will retain and use the giveaway and be exposed to the company logo, creating familiarity and brand recognition. Event giveaways have to be cost effective, intriguing, and able to hold your logo and tag line in a way that will display them well. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find what is the best event giveaway for a specific business. But they say that American businesses spend $20 billion a year giving away stuff with logos. What Makes a Great Trade Show Press Release? It is important to have a great Trade Show marketing strategy.

Trade shows are the place where people congregate to see and hear newsworthy stories about their business. Media and consumers alike pay attention to event news and if your company is participating in a trade show, your brand should be part of the conversation taking place on and off the floor. Whether your objective is to create brand awareness, announce a new product, drive traffic to your booth, or get buyers to your site, you have to let the media know of your existence and your location in the form of a trade show press release. How do you craft a press release that will help you capitalize on the event and the attention? It all starts with the story you have to tell. Promoting Your Business at A Trade Show on a Budget - Models in Tech. Trade shows are beneficial to any size business from a small one person business to a fortune 500 company.

The going wisdom says that trade shows level the playing fields between small businesses and established ones. Well, not so much. Promoting at a trade show can be quite expensive. But the beauty of this event is that exposure depends more on the trade show overall marketing strategy employed by the brand, and not always the ones who have the most money to spend, spend it wisely. Staffing Tradeshow Booth: What You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Tradeshow Booth. So your company is registered for your trade show booth! You’ve got your marketing, signage, booth décor, giveaways and demonstrations ready – Now what?

There is one crucial aspect that can be disastrous if overlooked. A company’s success of their tradeshow booth depends on this important factor: the staff. Companies looking to make the most out of their tradeshow should be sure to staff representatives with the top communication skills, who are knowledgeable, lively and engaging. Let’s take a look at why smart booth staffing is crucial. The Benefits of Hiring Product Demonstrators for Trade Shows. Consider how much is happening at a trade show. At any given moment, there are copious amounts of booths, giveaways and demonstrations. The floor is buzzing with energy. How do you set your company’s trade show booth apart? How are you going to staff your Trade Show Booth? One of the most efficient and simple techniques is to hire demonstrators. Why Hire Spokes Models for Trade Shows. Many beauty, fashion and technology companies know the power of choosing to hire spokesmodels, and businesses with booths at trade shows have caught on.

BRAND AMBASSADORS VS. PROMOTIONAL MODELS. For companies looking to amplify their presence, boost sales and increase brand awareness at events, hiring the right tradeshow booth and event staff is key. The League Launched in 10 Cities. Models in Tech Co-Hosted. Summer is here and the League’s launch parties have been heating up select cities across the US. Five Reasons to Hire Promotional Models in LA. What Are the Hot Gigs in LA for Event Models? Models_In_Tech. LA is home of some of the best and brightest players in the entertainment industry. Hiring the Right Promo Models in Vegas. Hiring LA Models: What You Need to Know. Trade Shows in LA where You Need Promo Models. Trade shows in LA host an array of niche industries including tech, gaming, beauty, manufacturing, comic, fitness, cannabis, design, travel, banking, anime and everything in between. Why You Need to Hire Promotional Models in Vegas for Your Next Event.

For the last three years Las Vegas has broken its visitation records, with nearly 43 million visitors in 2016 and the industry and resort leaders don’t show signs of slowing down. List of Top Trade Shows in Las Vegas. Internationally recognized as a top destination for entertainment, fine dining, shopping, gaming and nightlife, Las Vegas is also home of some of the world’s biggest and best conventions. For over two decades, the success of Las Vegas trade shows have earned it the No. 1 ranking for trade shows in North America, named annually by the Trade Show News Network.

In 2016, there were over 11,820 Las Vegas trade fairs hosting well over 3.5 million attendees, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. How Trade Show Models in Vegas Can Help Promote Your Business. What makes tech savvy brand ambassadors in San Francisco so valuable? How Technology Influences Staffing Brand Ambassadors in San Francisco. Why do you need the help of brand ambassadors in San Francisco.

Do You Need To Have Something Extra To Book Promo Jobs In San Francisco. Why You Need A Team of Tradeshow Models in Austin. Hire Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors in Austin. Perks of Hiring Brand Ambassadors in Austin. How Much Should You Pay For Convention Model Services. GRANT B. GOLSALO R. GISELLE J. GINGER C. GINA M. GABRIELLE B. GABRIELLA B. FREDDI C. FREDDI C. FLAVIA M. FERNANDO O. FEDERICO P. EVGENIA S. EVAN K. ESTEFANIA A. ERRIK M. ERIKA S. ERIKA F. EMMA R. EMILY R. EMILY P. EMILY M. EMILY M. EMILY K. EMILIYA M. ELVI A. ELIZABETH M. ELISA R. ELINA C. ELENA T. ELENA R. ELENA O. ELENA L. EKATERINA S. Modelsintech.

DREW B. DONOVAN L. DONN S. DOMONIQUE S. DIONNA C. DIONNA B. DIANA P. DIA S. DEZVIN S. DENISE P. DEJAN B. DAVID S. DAVID K. DANIELLA A. DANIEL S. DANIEL M. CYNTHIA S. COURTNEY W. COTTER G. Hire Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors in Austin. Perks of Hiring Brand Ambassadors in Austin. How Much Should You Pay For Convention Model Services. Models In Tech on Instagram: “NADA show in San Francisco with @gubagoo . . . . #modelsintech #promomodels #tradeshowmodels #beautyandbrains #nada2019 #nada” Hire Promo Models, Promoting Your Brands with Promo Models. Models In Tech on Instagram: “Sun is out ☀️☀️☀️ @tiktok activating with #modelsintech #eventmodels #sfmodels #brandbassadors #beautyandbrains #tradeshowmodels” BEYOND THE CATWALK: MEET THE NEW GENERATION OF MODELPRENEURS. CONSTANCE N. CINNAMON F. CHRISTOPHER P. CHRISTINA T.