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26 Interesting Random Facts About Life And Universe. What Is Metaphysics?


New Science, Holographic Universe, and Supranormal Phenomena. Neurology. Ancient Forgotten History. Andrew Collins Beneath the Pyramids - An Introduction. To buy BENEATH THE PYRAMIDS, Andrew's new book on the quest to find Giza's cave underworld, from Amazon click here.

Andrew Collins Beneath the Pyramids - An Introduction

To buy straight from the publisher, 4th Dimension Press, click here. Secure BENEATH THE PYRAMIDS signed, direct from the author by clicking here A Comprehensive Introduction to Andrew Collins'snew book released in September 2009 In 1817, Sir Henry Salt, British Counsel General to Egypt, along with the maverick Italian explorer Giovanni Caviglia, explored a spacious tomb west of the Great Pyramid. It was part of a systematic investigation of Giza's famous necropolis in their unerring bid to find, and convey back to their own countries, antiquities and treasures of every kind, whether of commercial or philological value. Ever since the age of the Pharaohs Egyptian myths and legends had alluded to a cave underworld at Giza. Egyptologist EAE Reymond wrote in 1969 that the mythical world described in the Edfu texts must really have existed during some primordial age. The Bucegi Mountains secrets. III.

The Bucegi Mountains secrets

The Pentagon Spies With Satellites A Pentagon satellite used for geodetic espionage, based on bionic technology and shape waves, discovered in 2002 a separate unit in a specific area of the Bucegi Mountains. The empty space inside the mountain had no correspondence with the outside, and looked like it was carved from the inside, by intelligent beings. It was definitely not a cave. The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. These barriers were made of artificial energy. V. At the end of the tunnel there was a massive stone gate, which was protected by an invisible energetic barrier.

Three members of the first special intervention team tried to touch the door, and immediately died of cardiac arrest.Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) threw at the barrier, immediately turned into fine dust. Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three people, there was also the solid rock gate. VII. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. Enigmantic Discovery in 2003 in the Bucegi mountains Romania...Linked to underground world,hidden kn, page 15. My bad, I didn't notice that a page was missing.

Enigmantic Discovery in 2003 in the Bucegi mountains Romania...Linked to underground world,hidden kn, page 15

I knew something was wrong when i saw that the beginning wasn't there. Here we go again: First page: An amazing discovery For the first time we could find out about the scandalous objecy discovered in the summer of 1973 in Aiud, in 1983, from Florin Gheorghita's book, "Enigmas in the galaxy", printed by "Junimea" Iasi.

Another surprise: An ancient aluminum object! Some things about aluminum *History of aluminum and some facts* 3rd paragraph: The existence of an object made from aluminum in a profound geological layer, and the layer of at least 1mm of oxide, baffled the metallurgic experts: there existed a manufactured aluminum object, apparently part of a landing gear, with centuries or millenia before the discovery of aluminum! Lost paths, refound path *TL note: "Lost paths, found" would be a more poetically accurate translation, but I guess you're not interested in such things right now* Second page: were lost forever . " Transylvanian Sunrise & The Romanian Sphinx. Events of 2003 : The Secrets of the Bucegi Mountains In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, Zero Team Department (a top secret section of the Romanian Intelligence Service – SRI), has made an epochal discovery that could completely change the destiny of mankind.

Colossal diplomatic pressures coming from the United States of America on the Romanian Government for not disclosing to the whole world this discovery led to a temporary agreement between the two countries and an unusual collaboration in scientific and military special team went to Sea shipment. "Full Bloom" Civilizations. According to the evolutionary theory, more advanced civilizations develop from primitive. However, archaeologists have been puzzled by civilizations that have appeared "full bloom" - very advanced, with no precursor civilizations. This includes even the first known civilization! The following are but a few examples. . Contrary to what most people believe, Egypt was not the first civilization.

Awakening. Waking Times. Where revolution and evolution collide, bringing ideas that make the world a better place. : Waking Times. Scientific Evidence That Everything is One Nassim HarameinVimeo Nassim Haramein grapples with the biggest questions in science, the relationship between, time, gravity, space and the human conscious.

Waking Times. Where revolution and evolution collide, bringing ideas that make the world a better place. : Waking Times

Helping to unravel the mysteries of life, this must see documentary works toward unifying the division between science and spirit. Wiki Image Tags: full-image. The Mind.