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IoT has a lot of potentials and its not only in healthcare. Many IoT healthcare companies are working on new ways to use this technology to help our medical world. According to the IoT statistics, the IoT industry is expected to grow to $8.9 trillion in the year 2020.

App Development

PaaS: What Is The Right PaaS For Startups And Why? If you are a business owner who couldn’t get technology that is essential for spreading your wings just because of a limited budget, it’s time to use the Cloud computing model for your startups.

PaaS: What Is The Right PaaS For Startups And Why?

Cloud technology might sound daunting if you are new to it. However, it is a perfect choice for startups that can’t afford to purchase physical equipment. There are many top cloud computing trends you can follow in 2021. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are the three most popular services that give you comprehensive infrastructure through the cloud. Market took time to get comfortable with the concept of Saas. What is PaaS? PaaS is a cloud-based computing service facility that allows users to build, manage and run apps without having to manage any infrastructure. What is PaaS Used for? Flexibility and scalability are two of the most common advantages of PaaS. MVC vs MVP vs MVVM vs VIPER: Best iOS Architecture Patterns to Choose From. When the discourse of iOS app development pushes on in the habitat, the crux of the debate always winds up to selecting the best programming language between Objective C and Swift, until now.

MVC vs MVP vs MVVM vs VIPER: Best iOS Architecture Patterns to Choose From

The new-gen developers keep on rooting out particulars that can ease their procedure of building a state-of-the-art app. With that said, they have stumbled upon a term called – App Architecture. Best Augmented Reality Games for 2021. Computer game developers have for quite some time been anxious to carry players into the universe of games.

Best Augmented Reality Games for 2021

Consistently, new developments have added 360-degree perspectives on more practical conditions and haptic criticism through controls. Since augmented and virtual reality (AR-VR development) makes this a stride further and can make the player amped up for the world he/she is in – regardless of whether it’s the augmented reality or virtual reality – these advances have gotten inseparable from gaming. Augmented reality games may seem like a modern idea or progressive innovation, yet the truth of the matter is that it has been around for over 50 years now. AR is an innovation that carries your advanced climate to reality by putting virtual articles in reality.

How to Improve Web Page Speed and Increase Website Performance? The website speed makes the first impression about your business.

How to Improve Web Page Speed and Increase Website Performance?

It’s essential to understand that you won’t get a second chance when it comes to user experience. Low website speed is one of the most frustrating things that will turn people off about your resource. High-performance websites result in high return visits, low bounce rates, higher conversions, engagement, higher ranks in organic search, and better user experience. Slow websites will cost you money and damage your reputation.

By reducing the page load time you will positively impact marketing and sales processes. Importance of website speed optimization Page load time is a web performance metric that shows the time needed for a page to show on the user screen. Let’s take a look at how the website speed optimization influences the key factors of website success: — Conversion. Mobile App Architecture Best Practices and How to Build One for Your Business. While businesses are quick on the uptake and becoming a roaring success in their respective fields, the importance of developing a mobile app and knowing how flourishing it would be for the business is something coming of age enterprises are taking notice of.

Mobile App Architecture Best Practices and How to Build One for Your Business

In order to build an app that reaches a massive target audience and simplifies their problems, the team of developers needs to all ears for mobile app architecture best practices that are being followed in the industry currently. Although the competition is fierce nowadays, there are various mobile app development strategies that companies confide in when it comes to choosing a suitable mobile app architecture for building an app that grows beyond customer expectations.

Many businesses today have embraced mobility to enhance the efficiency of their workforce, however, not many of them are able to make strides in the marketplace. Top 10 E-Commerce Trends to Follow in 2021 + Insights to Shopping Stats. The eCommerce industry has seen a sudden shift in business and marketability over the years and if we give credence to the confidence of business leaders, it is not going to grow dim anytime soon.

Top 10 E-Commerce Trends to Follow in 2021 + Insights to Shopping Stats

Going by the global retail eCommerce market reports of Statista, the online shopping revenues are anticipated to grow to 6.54 trillion by 2022. While this particular stat gives us a fair idea of how the e-commerce industry will thrive in 2021 and beyond, in order to understand the trend that will follow in the forthcoming years, we need to comprehend what is causing shifts in buying habits and many other relevant factors.

Ecommerce sectors have, undoubtedly, tightened their grip on the retail market which eventually led consumers to make online shopping essentially a mainstay casting gloom over offline stores. Do you know there are around 24 million eCommerce sites across the globe with more being created every single day? The answer is simple yet complicated. Swift vs Python: Which Will Be The Best iOS Leader In 2021? If you want to boost your business’s growth through an iOS app launched in the techie market, iOS app development is the best choice, especially in the developed world.

Swift vs Python: Which Will Be The Best iOS Leader In 2021?

Undoubtedly, iOS has become one of the best mobile app development platforms over the past five years. The reason is pretty obvious, everyone prefers to use iPhones and iPods, so many developers choose this platform for app development. As Apple sold an impressive 40.8 million iPhones in 201, iOS’s popularity is pretty strong in the market. As technology is changing day by day according to the needs of the future and competition, the origin of technology is also changing. How to Build an Audio-Chat Social Media App Like Clubhouse? The mobile app is a booming industry that is growing at a rapid pace and unarguably there is no end in sight to that anytime soon.

How to Build an Audio-Chat Social Media App Like Clubhouse?

The revenue generated by the mobile app industry globally has surged over the years. However, as we know that change is the only true and constant irrespective of the field, the mobile app industry is outwardly making this precept an inimitable statement. Throughout the years, the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have sprung up as extensively popular apps in the social media community, however, messaging apps are no inferior.

Top Google Play Store Statistics 2020-21. The popularity of the apps available on the Google Play Store is inevitable to users as well as developers.

Top Google Play Store Statistics 2020-21

A store that was once introduced as an Android market in 2008 seemingly compelled people to take notice in 2012 when it officially got launched as a Google Play Store. Google Play is called out as the biggest digital distribution platform for Android apps across the globe with approx 5 million apps in their kitty. Believing the recent app usage report published by esteemed research & advisory company, Android is driving strong growth in app consumptions worldwide the major reason for which is the rise in the number of android smartphone users. While the performance of Google’s Android apps has been invincible so far, there are many interesting Google Play Store Statistics in 2021 yet to unveil. For this article, we have analyzed the marketplace and concluded the emerging Google Play Store statistics based upon –

React Native App Development Cost And Untold Benefits In 2021. The mobile app is the fastest-growing segment in the mobile industry and even this market is showing no signs of slowing down in the future.

React Native App Development Cost And Untold Benefits In 2021

But why? This is because of the flood of smartphones’ large adoption by people which drives the mobile market to grow substantially. Kotlin vs Groovy: A Consequent and in-Depth Comparison in 2021. The humankind of the 21st century is actively enclosed with the modern technologies out of which the internet is a little overwhelming. However, when we attentively consider the dramatic ways technology has improved over the past decade, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mobile apps. Not only for individual users but for businesses as well, these two elements – the internet and apps, have been substantially revolutionizing things in the industry ever since it has been unfolded to the people. The ever-evolving technologies have presented unique opportunities for app developers and everyone who belongs to the allied businesses.

What’s more, it would be unwise of enterprises to overlook the growing demand for websites and applications and not grabbing the chance to take possession of the modern marketplace to stand head and shoulders above their competitors. However, if you are clear with your requirements, it is not that difficult as it seems. Top Database Management Trends of 2021. Present-day innovation and procedures have become a dedicated practice. On one side, there are arising trends and methods that can give organizations an edge in the advanced digitalized market.

On the other hand, there are the basic technologies and practices that don’t create as much buzz however are as yet basic for digital change. Elaboration on data management trends is a perfect representation of the central side. Digital data transformation has clearly been available for quite a long time, however, legitimate management has gotten basic during a time of Artificial Intelligence (AI-ML development), prescient analysis, and user personalization. Fixed price vs hourly price project: Which one to choose for your project? Outsourcing your app and web development projects demand a lot of brainstorming, research, and decision making. The process of web and application development is infused with risk potential and cost-related considerations. If you are a businessman planning to develop any mobile or web application, you need to consider different factors. Getting an app or web idea with clearly defined features is the first feature to arrive at the scene.

However, many clients are curious to know how much it would cost to develop a website or application. PHP vs WordPress: Discover Which One Suits Your Business Needs. Businesses nowadays are in the rat race of unearthing the right set of opportunities to be noticeable among their target group. If you have been in businesses for a long haul and still falling short of accomplishing your business goals, there could be different reasons for that. Maybe your marketing reach is poor or you are not interacting with the customer the way you should or you are bereft of an ONLINE PRESENCE. In times where more than half of things are digitally advanced, having an online presence becomes the need of an hour. It sets your business in motion and makes your customers, who might be trying to reach out to you all this while but had tough luck, acknowledge your presence.

Out of a whole lot of strategies, having a website is the first step of building a strong online presence. Your website not just gives an overview of your company and business but also lets the customers acquaint them with your product and service information effortlessly. Programming Language. A Complete Guide To Determine Fitness App Development Cost. Today, fitness applications have a place with the most famous sort of medical care mobile management. It implies they can turn into an incredible wellspring of consistent pay. In any case, there is as yet an issue of the value, that is: fitness app development cost? How to Make a Banking App: A Comprehensive and Step by Step Guide.

Since the art of mobile app development has drastically changed over the years, the approach of developing banking apps has not either been the same as it was a few years ago. The surge of the internet revolution and technological advancements have made our life easier not only in terms of establishing communication but also to take notice of day-to-day tasks. How To Choose The Right Transport Management Software. XPOLogistics, UPS supply chain management, DHL supply chain, C.H. Robinson Worldwide to name a few are on the list of top logistics and transportation service providers worldwide. Top 5 Mobile App Wireframe Tools for 2021. 7 Must-Have Android Libraries List For Sustainable App Development (Most Used)

They say that the most important things in life are friends and family. Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends to Set Sights on in 2021. It has now been more than a year since we have been taking care of all our business meetings, and prospects remotely while discussing the impact of Coronavirus across different corners of the world and in various industries. Though the COVID-19 strain has affected all of us in a different manner, the only good thing that we all can think of took place last year is the rising dependency on digital trends which, to a certain degree, help us streamlining our tasks and knowing our customers in a better way. Throughout 2020, Coronavirus pushed companies to harness the digital transformation trends by leaps and bounds. According to the recently conducted survey as reported by McKinsey & Company, COVID-19 has accelerated the digital technologies adoption by several years in just.

With that said, it is important for businesses to understand the true meaning of digital transformation, its importance, and what are the top digital transformation trends companies should zero in on in the year 2021. An ultimate guide to Flask vs Django 2021 Flask vs Django- which Python framework to choose? Flask vs Django- both are in trend making the choice among them a challenging part of app development processing.

How to develop a Restaurant Reservation App? In case you’re an restaurant proprietor, you realize precisely how tedious and testing it tends to be to oversee reservations. Google Maps vs Mapbox: Guide to Choose Best Map API + Quick Comparison. This Google Maps vs Mapbox comparison is going to be profound and steady so gird your loins and be patient, there’s something exceptional coming your way. Providing information to the customers way before they ask has become an integral part of any business. A Complete Guide on Doctor Appointment Booking App Development. Large numbers of us have various recollections related to the hospitals and emergency clinics.

For medical experts, attendants, and other staff, it’s simply their work environment. Back-end Development Tutorial 2021: A Layman’s Guide to Begin with Server-Side Development. In this rapidly evolving marketplace where everything has gone digital, website, and mobile, beyond the shadow of a doubt, are turning out to be the future. What Are the Best Languages for Web Application Development in 2021?

7 Biggest Security Challenges of IoT & Their Solutions. AI in Quality Assurance: The Revolutionary Transformation in QA & Testing Ecosystem. Single Page Application vs Multi Page Application - How They Are Different? Top 7 Farm Management Software Solutions 2021. How NLP Tools from Microsoft, Google & Apple Are Making World Hands-free? The Guide To Top 6 UX Mistakes To Avoid. Trello vs Jira: An in-Depth Comparison Between Agile Project Management Tools. Full Guide To How To Create Mobile App UI Animations.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist: Steps to Take to Become HIPAA-Compliant. An exclusive guide to Hybrid Apps vs Native Apps. How will 5g change our lives, Industries & The Whole World? Product Design Sprint Guide: Processes, Methods, Tools, and Templates. How Python Integrates with Other Technologies and Third-Party Providers? Digitization vs Digitalization vs Digital Transformation: Know The Relation & Differences. Top DevOps Trends for the year 2021 & beyond. Top Software Testing Trends to Follow in 2021. How Does Xamarin Help In Reducing Cost Of Mobile App Development. Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Salesforce Consulting Partner. Digital Transformation Lifecycle Explained. Top 5 Billionaires & The stories With Their Failure.

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