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Why Bluetooth advertisement is so popular! When it comes to marketing, there are a number of methods which a company can follow.

Why Bluetooth advertisement is so popular!

But one of the fastest and the most effective methods remains the Bluetooth advertising method. Bluetooth is a simple wireless medium which can send and receive data from any Bluetooth enabled device. Through this type of advertising one can target audience through their mobile networks. Text messaging, video clips or images are some of the ways in which the data can be sent to their devices. This type of advertisement is convenient and saves a lot of time. Target both domestic and international customers Through Bluetooth marketing you can target both international as well as domestic customers. Find proper Bluetooth Advertising If you have a company which you wish to take to new heights, Bluetooth advertising can help you out a lot. Different Types of Mobile Marketing and Its Uses. Mobile marketing covers a very vast genre.

Different Types of Mobile Marketing and Its Uses

It covers everything from gathering newer audience to helping you sell more products in short amounts of time. But there are a few necessary tools when it comes to mobile marketing which will help you out greatly. For example the effects of Mobile Banner Advertisements, SMS Marketing, Mobile Surveys and Pull Marketing have taken a huge effect on mobile marketing. Mobile banner ads help in targeting the customers using their email services in browsing online or even when they are playing games using different apps. Important Tips for Mobile Marketing. Mobile marketing is a good way to spread the news of your website to other audience.

Important Tips for Mobile Marketing

Firstly you need to know a few important tips regarding mobile marketing. Here are the basic factors which you will need to remember: Mobile Enable Your Website Go through a web search for mobile emulators. Through the emulators you will be able to see just how your site will be displayed on various mobiles. Mobile SEO Mobile marketing can never be successful if you do not have a proper mobile SEO development in place. Employ The Hcard Micro-format Hcard Micro-format is just a simplistic method of info display which will be appreciated when it is being queried for local business data. Ibeacon Technology - A Boon for Retailers and Businesses. IBeacon is the new buzz in the technology market.

Ibeacon Technology - A Boon for Retailers and Businesses

Since 2013 there have been discussions and hype about this new innovation but the real usage and understanding is still unexplored and unclear among the crowd. After indoor positioning of Wi-fi, the new technology that has created a boom in the market is the beacon technology which has given new power to the smart phones. Mobile Marketing – The Latest Trends. The online marketing and advertising platforms seems to be going under a huge twist with vast mobile marketing trends taking over the markets in recent years.

Mobile Marketing – The Latest Trends

As per the survey of Forbes magazine, mobile marketing platforms and techniques have higher percentage in comparison to other internet based advertisement networks for example web banners and etc. The main true fact about these mobile advertising trends is that, they are much affordable to use and are user friendly. Thus, one is satisfied that they will surely see the ads displayed. Derive Marketing Benefit from Mobile Usage. As is obvious, this is the era of smartphones.

Derive Marketing Benefit from Mobile Usage

It is bound to remain this way for quite a while to come, and will only evolve into something with a more gargantuan presence. The prominence of mobile phones may have raised the level of basic education of the people of this world in some way, but largely it remains a device that can be exploited efficiently for business. Mobile app marketing is what the companies consider as the "in thing" today. There is hardly a company that does not have its own app or its advertisement someone else’s app. How Ibeacon Technology Is Going To Change the Future of Shopping. The use of Apple's iBeacon technology for microlocation is expected to drive the innovation in retail as momentum continues to gather around it.

How Ibeacon Technology Is Going To Change the Future of Shopping

An iBeacon is actually an advanced location transmitter that is considered by experts to have the potential of almost completely revolutionizing retail experience by alerting customers about various available deals and also allowing them to pay using their smartphones. At the same time it also provides businesses a huge amount of customer data for analyzing and understanding customer behavior and their spending habits. If you are a business owner planning for iBeacon marketing there are a number of things that you should know about this low-cost, low-energy Internet of Things technology that brings in a number of important advantages for both the shoppers and retailers. The Truth You Need To Know About Location Based Advertising. Using Proximity Marketing As a Medium to Attract Customers. Due to the tremendous advancements that have taken place in the field of mobile devices and digital signage and also for the growing acceptance of mobile app marketing among the consumers a number of new marketing opportunities have opened up for the retailers and they are certainly making good use of those opportunities.

Using Proximity Marketing As a Medium to Attract Customers

According to some recent surveys more than 50% of total digital content online is accessed on mobile devices and they are surely going to replace computers as preferred platforms for retail marketing. More than three billion people worldwide already have subscription to mobile-cellular telecommunication services and for modern day marketing professionals it has become really important to understand the need of successfully and effectively communicating with mobile consumers and proximity marketing probably gives them the best chance of doing so. About The Author D.Savery is well known for his article on the technologies. Effect of Proximity Marketing On Mobile Advertising. The concept of considering "Four P's" – that is Product, Price, Promotion and Placement as the four primary pillars of any marketing strategy dates back to the time of 1960's and going through various changes and iterations these pillars have served companies and their investors really well.

Effect of Proximity Marketing On Mobile Advertising

We have now probably reached a time when we need to include a fifth P for Proximity with the four previous ones. Location based advertising using proximity beacon is not only the most relevant for modern day investors but at the same time it also represents the final connection between a brand or shopping outlet and its customers. By keeping data network and GPS of their smartphones activated consumers are now certainly more willing to receive ads even on the go or the time when they are shopping and this is certainly turning out a great benefit for the marketers. Effect of Location Based Advertising on Mobile Marketing Trends. As more and more internet users are turning mobile and using their smartphones and mobile devices for finding directions, discovering new businesses, accessing information and reading consumer reviews - location based marketing is helping advertisers connect with people nearby or entering their outlets who could also be their potential customers.

Effect of Location Based Advertising on Mobile Marketing Trends

This type of communication is not limited to welcoming people when they enter the outlet but it actually focuses upon reaching the customers in a way that can potentially fulfill their requirements and also ensure much better in-store experience. Dominating Mobile Marketing Trends This Year. As projected by the analysts the worth of mobile advertising network will be around $42 billion by the end of the year 2017 which was not more than $20 billion at the end of 2014. That means the value of the industry is going to be more than doubled within a period of three years and the new opportunities that will continue to offer are glaringly apparent.

There has been exponential growth for the mobile marketing platforms and also has a huge impact on mobile advertising. As an increasing number of businesses are realizing the necessities and scopes of mobile advertising and shifting their advertising budget from the web to mobile – there is an expected continual increase in the volume of growth. If you are looking for trends those have dominated this world until now this year – here are a few of them.

Another dominating trend this year in the field of mobile app marketing is the growing use of videos in the advertisements as many marketers now prefer them for promoting their apps. Understanding iBeacon Technology and Its Uses. It is the proliferation and almost universal availability of smart Bluetooth technology that is considered as the pushing force for developments of iBeacons and iBeacon marketing. These beacons are actually small objects those are capable of transmitting accurate geographical location information of smartphones which is then used for providing various location based services. Retailers are brands those focus on push marketing have found a great solution in iBeacon technology that is being used by various iOS software and other third party applications those transmit information of your accurate geographical location.

As a matter of fact Apple’s iBeacon technology is based upon or better to say an improvement of an existing technology called Near Field Communication or NFC. Understanding the Nuances of Location Based Advertising for Small Businesses. As a growing number of people can now access internet on the go using their smartphones or tablets and prefer to rely upon these devices for discovering businesses, finding directions, reading customer reviews and various other purposes – location based advertising has come up as an excellent opportunity for mobile marketers for promoting their products and services.

But unfortunately there are still many of them who are yet to seize on the opportunities. Trends to Dominate In the Mobile Advertising Industry in the Coming Days. According to a recently conducted analysis mobile advertising industry is projected to be worth more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2017 and with this present growth rate, new opportunities in the industry are also becoming glaringly apparent. The exponential growths experienced by the mobile platforms have had a huge impact on mobile advertising trends and as a growing number of businesses are now realizing the importance of mobile advertising, the volume of growth is expected to continue at this rate at least for a few more years.

As per the industry experts, the trend that is going to dominate mobile advertising is the increase in demand for richer measure of return on investment. The industry is expected to witness a greater number of CPA or Cost per Acquisition campaigns as advertisers will be focusing upon organizing events those are more meaningful and performance oriented. Beacon Marketing and Its Effect on Mobile Advertisement. Trends in Mobile Advertising in the Days to Come. It is projected in a recently conducted analysis that mobile advertising worth around $18 billion in the year 2014 will be worth more than $40 billion by the end of the year 2017. Types of Mobile Ad Networks and Finding the Best among Them. While taking a deeper look at mobile ad networks it has been found that more than 50% of all mobile devices now used are smartphones and 9 out of 10 smartphone users use their devices for finding local information and connecting with local businesses.

What You Should Know About Mobile Marketing In 2015. Top mobile advertising trends for 2015 predict a need for multiple app interaction points. From rich notifications, widgets, to iOS extensions, API integrations, iWatch apps and desktop continuity features, options are immense. Ensure Undivided User Attention with Ad Mobile Network. Upcoming Marketing Trends To Dominate Mobile Ad Networks. Ubiquitous computing combined with ambient intelligence and pervasive networking has almost completely changed the way human beings now interact with everything around them.

With mobile ad networks, marketers can reach anybody and everybody – anywhere and everywhere – delivering the advertisements directly in their pockets. In the rapid speed that mobile marketing trends are changing it is now really difficult to imagine the amount of creativity that can be thrown into it. Enjoy The Benefits Of Location-Based Strategies With Bluetooth. Improve Customer Relations With Ibeacon.

Hot and happening innovations are forever coming to the market, opening up the playing field for businesses and aiding them in attracting customers. One such interesting standard in the hands of the marketers is iBeacon technology. This effective retail-tracking tool may do away with queuing, offer real-time engineered discounts to the customers or offer shopping list help. Introduced by Apple, this technology promises big things to the business owners and customers as well. The main significance lies in fortifying future apps with completely new location awareness levels.

Businesses can now set up the transmitters, which will tell the Smartphone that their shop is nearby. Location-Based Mobile Marketing Is Here To Stay. Contact Mobiquity Networks. Inc LLC For Mobile Marketing. Mobiquity Networks. Inc LLC Uses Ibeacon Technology. Mobiquity Networks. What is a Beacon and How Does it Work? March 19th, 2015 By Mobiquity Networks | Mobiquity Networks. Inc LLC Provides Beacon Marketing.

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