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Mobilunity is a web development company that provides a large range of web services.

Custom WordPress Website for Healthcare. NAJLEPSZE ŻYCZENIA Z OKAZJI ŚWIĘTA NIEPODLEGŁOŚCI SKŁADA MOBILUNITY - UKRAINSKA FIRMA IT! Task Manager Android App Development. Did You Know That Biotech Startups… – Medium. Comparison of osCommerce and Magento 2 Development. Affordable Prototype and MVP Development. When people start thinking of creating their own application and address a subcontractor to create it, there is a number of steps they should start with and this post is all about it.

Affordable Prototype and MVP Development

Usually, if it is a first try, you should think of creating a kind of MVP product that will have basic set of functionality that is intended to test the idea behind the app on the target market. Only when the app proves to be a success, you should go further and develop a more comprehensive and sophisticated product with the extended set of functionality, but that will be done later. So far, focus on the MVP version of your app. Discovery Phase – Where Products Start We at Mobilunity start MVP development with the discovery phase where we work closely with the clients get to know more about the products they want to create.

Product Prototyping: UX and UI Uncovered Having the UX mockups ready, we create interactive prototypes to demonstrate customers not just a set of screens, but flows of using the app. Malta Independence Day. Happy Mexican National Day! Get a special discounted rate $20$/hr on this day. Get in touch with us at. Pro App Development For Android. Learn more at. App Development for Android Operating System. Mobile Application Development is one of the most profitable niches due to the value cell phones have for each of us.

App Development for Android Operating System

The popularity in usage of cell phones in comparison with notebooks and computers is considerable. In 2015 75.1 percent of mobile phone population accessed the Internet from their mobile phones. This figure is expected to grow to 85.6 percent in 2018. Still, the popularity of mobile applications is even more stunning in comparison with the usage of mobile Internet. This is proven by the latest viral effect of Pokemon app. According to in 2013 80 percent of time of U.S. users of mobile devices was spent for mobile apps.

Popularity and Brand Awereness An Android application developer, a freelancer, a company, or an agency always ask their clients on the main goals and results they want to achieve with mobile application development. Android users prefer FREE applications and it is obvious that free apps become the most popular ones. Happy National Day, Brazil! Let your business prosper with Web and Mobile Application Development. Learn more at. Get a Luxury Car Rental Website Design at. PHP Application Development for Your Website. To create the website based on a real already tested and successful project is always attractive for people and these are not rare requests in our business.

PHP Application Development for Your Website

We have already mentioned that we get a lot of quotes on creating clones of the most popular and successful portals, social networks, and websites in previous blog posts. Cloning is popular as, first of all, you test all the functionality of a real website and get ideas concerning additional changes, alterations, improvements, secondly, you don’t have to create something unique or ponder on the way the software or website will be working and on the features to be included. Professional Marketplace Website Development. Nowadays Google, Yahoo, and Yandex are not the only places that provide answers to all possible questions.

Professional Marketplace Website Development

A lot of targeted and precious information can be found in the places that are used, visited, checked by anyone on a daily basis. Have you guessed what it is? Those are various social networks each of us uses everyday, such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. People even don’t suspect that all the actions they apply in social networks are tracked, analyzed and successfully used for different purposes. Setting up the proper search options, one can find what you dream about, what you are interested in, what your boyfriend/girlfriend liked recently, who of your friends enjoy listening to Muse, when they join various groups, what pages they like. Outsource Web Design to Ukraine! Time Tracking App UI/UX and Development. How to Build Unlock Phone Website Based on API? Blog / We Do / Overview of Unlock Cell Phone API Providers for Building Unlocking Websites Overview of Unlock Cell Phone API Providers for Building Unlocking Websites Cell phone has the same value nowadays as a new pair of socks or for some people even as air.

How to Build Unlock Phone Website Based on API?

Being dependent on a certain network makes your phone useless regardless of its condition or operation period. Cell phone is so important for people that it is the life-time tragedy to lose or lock it. The phone is not just a thing they need to use everyday, but a networking gadget, notebook, address book, photo storage, planner, and assistant. Tech Maintenance with Cron Job Scheduling. Blog / We Do / How Can You Do Cron Job Scheduling?

Tech Maintenance with Cron Job Scheduling

Main Issues and Cron Events Overview. How Can You Do Cron Job Scheduling? Main Issues and Cron Events Overview. How to Choose Hosting - Full Guide & Troubleshooting. How to Choose a Hosting Answering 2 Key Questions Clients who plan to start a business or personal blog finally come to the decision to have personal website to fit their needs.

How to Choose Hosting - Full Guide & Troubleshooting

Still, website creation is impossible without having the website hosted on server to have visitors find it. Unlock Phone Website Design & Development. Full Guide on OptimizePress for WordPress Features & Bugs Found. Check & Fix Website for Duplicate Content Issues. Marketing Case Study: Duplicate Content Analysis It goes without saying that original content is the key to good ranking in search engines, authentic texts go in line with content usefulness, proper media optimization and interlinking.

Check & Fix Website for Duplicate Content Issues

“Content is the King” is the truth known for decades already, nevertheless, there are still websites that have major plagiarism issues done not intentionally. Our marketing team decided to run internal experiment and check clients’ websites in different niches for content duplicates, broken links, slow page load speed and investigate the most common causes of such issues. Winter Friend Ski Tracking App for iOS. Reasons to Consult WordPress Blog Designers. As you may know, WordPress could be considered as one of the major blogging tools.

Reasons to Consult WordPress Blog Designers

It is recommended as an effective approach to start with, when you think of doing your blogging career. Moreover, you don’t need to pay a lot to run your very own first blog, thus it seems to be a perfect option to choose. Though it is essential to make the blog look pretty, as it is the place where your readers come for some positive emotions and, of course, interesting information. Advantages of Consulting WordPress Theme Design Company. The theme may be perceived as a “skin” to the WordPress website as it gives you an ultimate control over the way you can present your digital child to the the audience.

Advantages of Consulting WordPress Theme Design Company

Though it should not be considered as an only file, but a collection of files which may produce a unique interface of the website. The Best Custom WordPress Plugin Developer. Who Can Be Called a Custom WordPress Plugin Developer Today we are going to discuss the topic about the most famous WordPress plugin developers. As you probably know, WordPress is one of the most massive content management system in the world, covering over 50% of the whole websites. According to WordPress Plugins page, there are over 41,000 live plugins on November 2015. And approximately 1 BILLION total downloads. The Best Landing Page Design Services. Car Rental Website Design.

The Best BuddyPress Developers. Who Are They? What Is BuddyPress? BuddyPress is an open source WordPress plugin. Installing the BuddyPress plugin on your WordPress site transforms it into a fully functional social network platform. BuddyPress was first developed by Andy Pealting and bought by Automattic in 2008. It is possible to build a social community on your network and let members interact socially using the features that BuddyPress provides.

BUDDYPRESS DEVELOPERS. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT DO THEY DO? Essential Advice for Wordpress App Development. The number of smartphone users is constantly growing these days. People tend to spend around 85% of their time using their devices. Thus, if your web presence hasn’t been extended with creating a mobile application yet, then you are most likely not having your piece of the cake. Though making your own mobile version of the website might cost thousands, which the organizations are obviously not willing to spend. Mobile app is a huge asset, but how this job can be done with less money spent. There is an amazing thing called wordpress app development, which basically means developing your mobile app from your already existing WordPress website using API. Html5 website design and development. 5 Facts You Didn't Know about "Add to Cart" Button.