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Webinar: Monetising Wi Fi Winning Strategies For MVNOs 17 November 2016. MVNO & Software Development Solutions With Mobilise Consulting. OSS/BSS Consulting For Your Business. Avail An Exclusive Mobilise Hotspots Service. Hire Professional Telecommunications Consulting Experts. Hamish White Founder and CEO An international Mobile telecommunications expert with 18 years’ experience covering 4 continents.

Hire Professional Telecommunications Consulting Experts

With a speciality in managing greenfield or transformation projects, Hamish’s core competency is in a deep and diverse understanding of Mobile technologies and implementation planning couple with a diverse understanding of the Mobile value chain. Hamish’s value lies in bringing strategy to life through technology innovation, strategic planning, commercial negotiation, robust governance, organisational design and people management.

Exclusive MVNO Consulting Services For Your Business. MVNO Technology. Telecoms Expertise In Telecommunications Industry. Excellent MVNO Consultancy Services. Whether a company is already engaged in the telecommunication sector, or is looking to establish itself, a mobile virtual network operator(MVNO) is a popular model for companies to offer mobile services to consumers without needing to launch or run a full mobile network.

Excellent MVNO Consultancy Services

An MVNO should provide all the same mobile services as a full mobile network operator, which its customers will expect, but often without the same level of knowledge, expertise, budget or infrastructure available. Mobilise’s Go To Market (GTM) framework for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) is an end-to-end modular suite of support services to help MVNOs quickly launch their services and also to manage their day to day operations.

This means companies outside the telecommunication world can launch their own MVNO in a fast and simple way with relatively low risk and without large investments. Mobilise can provide end to end consultancy services for MVNO covering the following functional areas: Telecommunications Consulting Solutions At Mobilise Consulting. Innovative Enterprise Solutions for all Your Business Needs Mobilise Consulting is your round the clock partner for diversified Telecoms & IT Consultancy and software solutions.

Telecommunications Consulting Solutions At Mobilise Consulting

Functionality. Convenience. Innovation. Top-Notch OSS and BSS Consulting Services. Mobilise provides OSS and BSS consulting services to telecommunication providers across the globe.

Top-Notch OSS and BSS Consulting Services

Mobilise specialises in an array of technology areas in OSS and BSS and has expertise in configuration, development, migration, testing or upgrading across all major OSS and BSS platform vendors. With the emergence of disruptive technologies, changing government regulations and tariff wars, the Telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. All About Mobilise Consulting.