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I am a founder team member of MobileAppz India, a boutique apps and mobile web development company, in February 2010. We are based in India and currently have an in-house team of 35+ including designers and developers. We have released over 100+ apps and currently work with a wide variety of companies including Educational Institutes, ISV's, Gaming Companies, Consulting Companies & Startups.

Log in. Mobile App Marketing: Twitter App Marketing | Mobile App Marketing Tips. Twitter App Marketing Strategy & Techniques Twitter is a universe and everything there happens at the speed of light. And if you can learn how to control things at this speed then Twitter app marketing is your game. Remember one thing twitter is like a global chat room, people react to whatever you post almost instantly. If you have created great content ( hook text, images etc) then you are bound to benefit a lot from twitter app marketing.Brevity is the name of the game. So pull out your writer’s hat and get going. The top 5 tips that you must follow for marketing your mobile app are:- 1: Page Setup: Make sure that your logo quality and your cover image quality should be very high. 2: Content: As you know Twitter has a character limit. 3: App Installs: Just like Facebook, Twitter also runs an app install service. 4: Influencers Engagement: Find out who are the influencers in your app category.

Mobile App Marketing: Facebook App Marketing Tips Tricks And Strategy. Marketing events every app marketer should know about – MobileFirms. In the world of digital marketing, it is absolutely essential for app marketers to stay on top of the latest trends, tactics and strategies. In an industry that moves at a blinding pace, remaining current as to the latest ‘industry standard’ is almost a full-time job. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of conventions, networking gatherings and expos happening around the world where the best and brightest minds in digital and app marketing come together to exchange ideas that will fuel innovation in this industry for years to come. As the app marketplace continues to expand at a staggering pace, the need for a comprehensive understanding of mobile app marketing has never been greater. For those who have invested the time and energy into mastering the unique concepts and skills fueling app promotions, lucrative opportunities await. For those who are lagging behind in their app marketing competencies, trade and industry events can act as a catalyst to sharpen knowledge and abilities.

Top Sites: The 500 Most Important Websites on the Internet. James Wason | SaasGenius. Blog on Mobile App Development. Facebook App Marketing There are various ways to market your app on Facebook. But let’s start with the bare essentials of the Facebook App Marketing. For the ease of understanding we are dividing it into two sections:- On App: The steps that you need to take on the mobile app… Mobile App Marketing: Content Strategy People have gone to the lengths for calling content as king. It is indeed true and therefore having a content strategy for your mobile app marketing efforts is very important. Creating content without a plan and without having the end goals in sight will create… Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation App store optimisation (ASO) should be the cornerstone of your mobile app marketing strategy.

Mobile App Landing Pages for your mobile app Having mobile app landing pages for your mobile app is a must. Mobile App Marketing Tips and Techniques Series Mobile app marketing is one of the hottest topics these days. Article in the app development cost 2017 series. Portfolio – Mobile App Development Company India | MobileAppz India. Mobile App Development Company India | iPhone Android App Developer. How to get your mobile app in the right hands? Tips & Techniques. Mobile App Marketing Tips and Techniques Series Mobile app marketing is one of the hottest topics these days. With millions of apps on the app store and billion of downloads happening every year. It’s difficult to get your app the sunshine that it definitely needs to survive. Post mobile app development it becomes extremely important to focus on the mobile app marketing. It is important that you create a step by step guide to making sure that you are on the right path to glory.

To begin with, we will highly recommend that you go through a detailed article put together by the Google team. 1: How people discover apps? 2: How do they use apps? These insights will help you plan further for app marketing.