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Device Maintenance: New App From Samsung For its Devices on Play Store. Apple Unveils its new Series ‘The Planet of Apps’, First Episode Released. Play Protect: New Addition To Android Mobile App Security By Google. Research Reveals Your Trusted App Share Your Data With Third Party Services. Hundreds Of Apps Banned By Google For Using Ultrasonic Sounds To Spy on Users. Twitter New Feature is To Filter DM From Unknown. 10 Cardinal Mobile App Testing Phases That You Should be Following. Have a Look On the App's Those Get new Features and You Missed In Month of May.

Around 41 Apps Got Attacked by Judy Virus, Google Detached The Infected Apps. Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are Coming WIth Cross App Notification Feature. Warning: Whatsapp With New Colors is Nothing More Than a Deceptive Adware. Microsoft Introduces a New App For Developers to Test iOS and Android Apps. Improve Rating or Be Ready to Kicked Out - Google to 1-star Apps. Latest Conversation: New Feature Added by The Facebook To The App.

Zomato Hacked: Hackers Stole 17 Million Users Information. Apple added Referral Feature in Its Analytic Platform For the Developers. McDonald's Announces to Partnered With Uber Technologies. Microsoft Wants Developers to take apps on Universal Windows Platform. Apple Buys Sleep-Tracking Device Manufacturer; Beddit. Facebook is All Set to Stream its Own Tv Shows Soon. Twitter is Coming up With 24/7 Live Video Streaming. Why Mobile App is Requisite for E-Commerce? Dropbox Paper: Now You Can Emend Documents Even in Offline Mode. App Annie Discloses 40% hike in Mobile App Economy. Rubric: Now You have The App For Perfect Image Caption. WhatsApp New Feature Will let You Pin Your Chat. Is Emerging Low-code platforms trend are Threatful for Developer? Apple Warned Uber About Using The Banned Code and Threatened to Abandon it From App Store. Google New Aspect ratio to 18:9 : Developers Need to Upgrade Their App.

A Deep Insight In China’s App Store Market. In-Traffic: Samsung's App To Drive Without Distraction. 5 Ways to Add Engaging Design to Your App. Apple Rejecting The App Submission If Name Includes Price. Instagram’s Releases Offline Mode: Now User Can Operate The App Offline. Improve Your App Rank Without Spending a Single Penny. Twitter and Other Companies Cost $5.3 for Unprotected Measures to User’s Privacy.

Whatsapp ‘Number Change’ is Not a Big Issue as it used To be -With this New Whatsapp Feature. Truecaller Announce Integration of Google Duo As Its Calling Feature. How to Make Customers Happier With Better Designed Mobile App? Post Views: 236 There was a time when mobile applications were considered as a medium to connect the internet or a gaming context to pass the time while waiting for the train.

How to Make Customers Happier With Better Designed Mobile App?

Now the whole aspects of mobile application development and its functionality have shifted to a whole new level. The mobile application is now spread its usability beyond our imagination especially in the business world mobile application strategy is strongly advised to implement in order to get maximum reach. A successful mobile application represents the reflects business growth along with hiked revenue, but in order to achieve this, it depends on many factors. A great user interface with simplicity and most efficient functionality catches the eye of use and keep them intact to the application to increase the engagement. Whenever a user opens an application the first impression is made by the design of the application. 1.Appealing user interface 2.Social Media Integration 3.Rewards and Loyalty Points feature Wrap Up. Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development. Post Views: 98 In this Tech-addicted world, innovations, and creation of a countless number of features pushing every business to compete and beat the opponents.

Advantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development

Same is with the App development sector, technology of hybrid apps with its significant advantages are making all the organizations either to develop a hybrid app or shift their native app to the cross-platform mobile application. Hybrid mobile app development is changing the many aspects of developing applications with it sublime benefits.Features like the multi-platform app, saving time and money and speed it’s rapidly becoming the preference of the developers and companies to develop an app. These are some advantages of hybrid app building technology changing the mobile app development Better User Interface or Experience You must have noticed when you have visited the same website from different browsers or systems their appearance changes significantly same happens with the applications. Trusted Athlete App: ICSS Announces its New App To Test Drugs For Athlete.

Post Views: 147 Mobile application development considerably fabricating every field by its continuous Innovative change in technology.

Trusted Athlete App: ICSS Announces its New App To Test Drugs For Athlete

Mobile applications contributed its contrivance in health, banking, education, business but now it’s now pioneering athlete drug testing department. On 16 March 2017 ICSS( International Center for Sports Security ) on the occasion of its 9th Annual Global ethic summit reveals the preview of its mobile application. Trusted Athlete app is built to ensure the safety of sports and cultural ethics in the sports world.This application is created with the aim of helping the athlete and participants to scan, record and be informed or alerted about the used drug and their usage compliances in the sports. By Combining hands with the new mobile app technology, ICSS evolving the safety measurement in the sports world.This app gives an opportunity to every athlete and concerned persons to take precautions. Google Hangouts: All Hangout Apps Will be Terminate After 25th April By Google.

Post Views: 123 Google Announces the termination of all Hangout supports.Consumer-facing hangouts will stop functioning from 25th April.Google divides the Hangouts into two sections viz.

Google Hangouts: All Hangout Apps Will be Terminate After 25th April By Google

Meet and Chat.Enterprise apps like slack will continue to work without any worry. Deep insight According to recent mobile app technology news tech, giant Google made it clear earlier it will go to disable all the support Hangout application. But the words are spreading that support for the API has been already been ended and the Hangout app will stop working from 25th April. There is not much notification or any alert for the developers and user of hangout apps just an onscreen message. Reason For This Decision.

How can Mobile apps Help us to Solve Emergencies at Sea? Post Views: 341 In today’s digital world there is no limitation on technology implementation all you need is an innovative idea to initiate.

How can Mobile apps Help us to Solve Emergencies at Sea?

Mobile applications are ruling the digital world in terms of the most influential channel to transfer the information. Mobile app development with its creative and substantial inventions already made a significant impact on the business world. From education to news mobile applications are everywhere, every sector is utilizing this technology and smartest creation efficiently to optimize the services.Recently defense department of LANGKAWI has launched an app ,Rakim 2.0 for emergencies at sea to help marine soldiers.

Intent-Based Mobile App Security: A Promising Way to Ensure Safety. Post Views: 127 Mobile application development world is enlarging day by day due to increasing number of smartphone users around the globe.

Intent-Based Mobile App Security: A Promising Way to Ensure Safety

Along with the consistent innovative addition in the mobile app technology large-scale usability of mobiles apps in a business world drastically changed the aspects of the mobile application. Thousands of mobile application released over the platforms in a week and many becomes the victims of attack due to a security issue. Starbuck Made Pushing E-Gifts As Simple As Sending Emoji.

Post Views: 201 The giant coffee service company, Starbucks with its largest coffeehouse chain has just rolled out an another luring digital feature and raising the competition bar for other coffee chains.

Starbuck Made Pushing E-Gifts As Simple As Sending Emoji

Mobile Application Helping Waste Companies to Fetch Leads. Post Views: 116 There is nothing impossible in today’s digital-driven world.

Mobile Application Helping Waste Companies to Fetch Leads

We are just bounded by our imagination and this has been proven right by mobile application development sector. Mobile application technology every day is converting the peculiar idea into swift reality which is helping the relevant field. As we already witnessed the benefits and astonished advantages of involving mobile application strategy in business to accelerate revenue. But in Canada, a firm introduced a new way of using the mobile application to increase the revenue by directly targeting the leads. Hamilton District of Waste connection, a Canada-based waste firm located in Vaughan, Ontario, equipping its drivers with a mobile application. Google's New Tappable Shortcuts Updates For App And Website to Ease Searching.

Post Views: 117 Tech giant Google announces the update for its website and android/iOS app to enhance searching feature.

Google's New Tappable Shortcuts Updates For App And Website to Ease Searching

This update from Google will put some tappable shortcuts on your Google which enables specific and smarter searching.The idea behind this feature is to provide more specific way to search the internet with ease. These shortcuts will include categories like weather, sport, food, entertainment and more. As Google search box is a great place if you wanna search or ask for something specific.However, there some moments when you just wanna go through latest updates or trends . A Quick ride to Features and benefits of the update Here are some key notes you must know about the update-: Clips: Apples New Video App to Capture More Enthralling Videos. Post Views: 99 On 21 march Apple introduces a fun addition app for the apple users by announcing the release of Clips.

Clips: Apples New Video App to Capture More Enthralling Videos

Clips are new member in mobile apps store of apple, it allows users to record video with fascinating features. In a way it is similar to the social networking giant snapchat, however, it is a tool instead of platform. Clips allow user to create ‘expressive video’ with innovative combinations of photos and music using amazing features. You can share your creative and amazing video over social networking portals like facebook, Instagram, and others also. Key Features. Real Cost of Developing an Mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

Post Views: 102 Now there is no need to prove that Mobile apps are an integral part of our life and play a crucial role in the business world. In recent years mobile apps have gone much higher, in terms of generating revenue than a traditional website, it is been seen 65% of the revenue of an organization comes from the app market. Mobile apps are everywhere and you can download them in free from the store, but don’t make a mistake of thinking a great app can be developed in afternoon for the price of lunch. How Culture will Impact Mobile App Marketers in the Future. How Culture will Impact Mobile App Marketers in the Future ? Post Views: 94 By now in the mobile app industry, it is almost necessary to launch your product globally for better outreach and greater revenue collection.

In order to make your app known on the world stage, you need to consider crucial factors including the culture of users at different regions. Customizing your app and adding features in accordance with the relative culture of the users will help your app to sustain longer in mobile app world. App Annie states in reports, that 72% users are not English native speakers and when an app is launched in country’s native language revenue increased by 26%, whereas downloads gets a hike of 120%. Before developing your app you must be aware of some stats regarding culture, which should be considered while designing the app and adding features that suit the users in respect of language, geography, usability and other important factors. Let’s get a Deep Insight Today smartphone user are commonly divided into two groups iOS and Android users.

5 Ways Mobile App Technology is Changing People’s Daily Lives. 5 Mobile Apps That will Make Your Smartphone Even More Smarter. Post Views: 80 Whether it is office meeting, chilling at home or leaving for adventurous trip, smartphones or mobile apps are all time companions and most reliable option in any case. Today smartphones have indulged in our life in a way that we can’t even picturised our day to day task without its assistance.

From health to finance, smartphones are everywhere to help us and assist with better and smarter features. There are countless numbers of mobile apps available on the store and selecting suitable as well as smart apps from this ocean of application is not an easy task. How Cloud Technology Helping Mobile App Development World? Post Views: 73 As we all know mobile application is dominating in marketing world in sense of technology. Mobile application are leading medium, to reach the customer in a very efficient and interactive way. Artificial technology and cloud computing innovations are enhancing the features of mobile applications and turning them into a key element in order to grow your business. Cloud computing technology is now latest mobile app technology trend in order to make your app more preferable to the users.

What is Cloud Computing ? Mobile App Development Trends that will Define the Future. Post Views: 116 2017 is going to be changing year in terms of technology and innovations, awe-inspiring and stupendous inventions will take away all the attention. Mobile App Development sector is booming due to increasing users of smartphones day by day, with affordable smartphones at cheaper rate, demand of mobile apps is greater than ever.

Everyone should be aware of latest mobile app technology to cope up with the existing market. Whether you own a small business or a giant IT company, a mobile app strategy is necessary to implement which will results in the maximum outreach to the users. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Technology. How cloud driven mobile application is Good for Users ? Today’s Smartphones are More Powerful as Computers. Why Push Notifications is Imperative in Mobile Application? A Quick Dive into Google's Android O Developer Preview. Most Trending and well Known Mobile Application Development tools.

Mobile Applications Role in Banking and Finance Sector. Have a Look at Important Steps to Turn Mobile App Idea Into Reality. Remarkable Features of Mobile Health Apps to Consider. Best Selfie Apps for Clicking and Editing Photos. These days, you will come across a barrage of selfies on Facebook, Instagram or twitter as a large number of people love posting their selfies. Sensing this need, mobile phones are now coming with a good quality camera so that amazing pictures can be clicked even in low light, but the bitter truth is that these phones come with a hefty price tag. In-Depth Study on Building Mobile Development Toolkit for 2017. Top Mobile App Development Frameworks. Understanding the Notable Website and App Design Differences.

Useful Law Apps for Students. Best Mobile Banking App Features for Better Ways to Bank. Top Android Apps to Increase the Performance of Your Phone. Organize your Files with File Manager Apps for Android. Spectacular Scanning Apps for Android Device. Essential Factors to Check Before Developing a Campus App. Best Photo Management Apps for Android to Handle Your Photos. Outstanding Business Mobile Apps for Better Job.

Useful Apps for Busy Executives to Work with Ease. Popular Weather Apps for Android and iOS. Listen to Your Favorite Music with Radio Apps for iOS. Best Outdoor Adventure Apps for Android and iOS Device. Best Cloud Storage Apps for iOS and Android Users to Keep the Data Safe. Useful Android Apps to Breathe in Fresh Air. Top Android Journaling Apps for a Safe Journal. Unbeatable Ringtone Android Apps. Paid iPhone Apps at Free of Cost for a Limited Time. Monitor your Daily Life with Mobile Apps. Essential Elements of an Unbeatable Mobile App. Amazing Healthcare Apps Satisfying the Needs of Users.

Food for All: A Great App to Buy Cheap Food & Save the Environment. Building An App For Your Hotel-Pros and Cons. Know More on the Sprayscape Camera App on Android from Google. Why Standardized Approach was a Better Option for Changing the LinkedIn Mobile App. Travel Experience from SilkAir with the New Feature Mobile App.