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The Chronicle. Universities pilot Yellowdig, a social platform for higher ed. This is what a class looks like.

Universities pilot Yellowdig, a social platform for higher ed

More specifically, the image above is what a Northwestern University class looks like based on data collected by Yellowdig, a social platform developed by the Philadelphia-based start-up of the same name. Instructors and IT staffers at Northwestern earlier this year built a data visualization tool prototype on top of the platform to see how students use the platform to learn and communicate.

The platform, which plugs into learning management systems, gives students in the same class a private board where they can share articles and other content relevant to the course they are taking, participate in discussions and award one another points. After the Fact. 6 Steps to Expanding a Successful Online Initiative – Virtually Connecting. Photo by Ashley G.

6 Steps to Expanding a Successful Online Initiative – Virtually Connecting

Shaw at #altc conference during @vconnecting sessionL to R: Martin Hawksey, Martin Weller, Rebecca J. Hogue, Maha Bali This post is co-authored with Rebecca J. Hogue (@rjhogue), an itinerant scholar and prolific blogger. She is co-founder of Virtually Connecting, and Associate Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. We have recently been inspired by the growth of our Virtually Connecting at conferences initiative, which we previously wrote about in Beyond Twitter: Virtually Connecting at Conferences. Learning through Gaming. 4 Great Word Editors for Student Researchers and Teachers.

I do a great deal of writing every single day and I also have several writing projects going on in the same time ( my thesis. papers to submit to journals, blog posts here ).

4 Great Word Editors for Student Researchers and Teachers

Sometimes just answering emails takes me an hour or so. However, being part of my daily practice, writing has helped me a lot not only in honing my writing skill but also in discovering the best web tools to fit my writing purposes. No More Cookie-Cutter Schools. As you walk through the halls of Carl Wunsche Senior High School in Houston you can almost hear the voices of facility planners navigating you through a new high school experience.

No More Cookie-Cutter Schools

In this career academy, large open classrooms are filled with robotics equipment, engineering labs, and crime scene investigations. The nearby veterinary classroom is accepting patients and court is being held in the lifesize courtroom where legal students meet. Above the open classrooms, students fill math, English and history classes overlooking where their labs will take place later in the day. 5 Things to Do In 2015 to Make You A Better Web Designer : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog. It takes talent, time and innovation to turn someone’s vision into something tangible, to take an idea down from the clouds and translate it into an experience.

5 Things to Do In 2015 to Make You A Better Web Designer : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog

Book review: ‘The Patient Will See You Now,’ on future of medicine, by Eric Topol. By Perri Klass January 16 Perri Klass is a professor of journalism and pediatrics and the director of the Arthur L.

Book review: ‘The Patient Will See You Now,’ on future of medicine, by Eric Topol

Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. The Patient Will See You Now The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands.

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Design. Edtech Trends. Student-led Marketing. Sugata Mitra. Training and Development. Change Agents: One tech vet's education dream. SAN FRANCISCO -- As an undergraduate, Ben Nelson, 39, attended an Ivy League staple, the University of Pennsylvania.

Change Agents: One tech vet's education dream

Edtech Tools Get Creative With Formative Assessments. Home - Little Open Online Courses (LOOCs) About The Network - Competency-Based Education Network. Are We Taking Our Students’ Work Seriously Enough? Is It Plagiarism or Collaboration? Teaching Strategies Matt Cornock By Jennifer Carey It’s an open secret in the education community.

Is It Plagiarism or Collaboration?

As we go about integrating technology into our schools, we are increasing the risk and potential for plagiarism in our tradition-minded classrooms. In fact, a recent PEW research study found that while educators find technology beneficial in teaching writing skills, they feel it has also led to a direct increase in rates of plagiarism and infringement of intellectual property rights. These concerns lead us to an interesting discussion about collaboration and plagiarism in the classroom. 13 Barriers to Education Innovation. Tips to Parents About Online Learning. Tips to Parents About Online Learning first appeared on Sums & Solutions.

Tips to Parents About Online Learning

By: Jeremy Vidito Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, mentors and caregivers: thank you for all of the endless hours of support you provide the young people in your lives. Buyersupplier.pdf. Impact of Technology on Education. Technology is a gift of God.

Impact of Technology on Education

After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. Technology Is Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say. The researchers note that their findings represent the subjective views of teachers and should not be seen as definitive proof that widespread use of computers, phones and video games affects students’ capability to focus. Even so, the researchers who performed the studies, as well as scholars who study technology’s impact on behavior and the brain, say the studies are significant because of the vantage points of teachers, who spend hours a day observing students.

Stop Shouting, Start Engaging: The Power of Variable Viewbooks. It was almost as if they didn’t want me to apply. The experience was frustrating, confusing, and legitimately exhausting. As I clicked the red “x” button in the top left corner of my browser (yes, I’m an Apple guy), I left University X’s website more confused than when I had first arrived. Why developers hate being interrupted · Belfast · The Tomorrow Lab. MinecraftEDU and SimCityEDU: Blazing Trails for Interdisciplinary Learning. Is Education Technology Frivolous? - Weekly Genius.