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Marybeth Norcross

Instructional Technology Specialist, Teacher, and Life-long Learner

PrepFactory - Free SAT & ACT Prep Activities. As autumn approaches many high school students in the United States will turn their attention to college applications and the SAT or ACT exams.

PrepFactory - Free SAT & ACT Prep Activities

Some students' parents will spend lots of money on test prep materials and or tutors. But students don't have to spend money to access excellent SAT and ACT preparation materials. Scrapnote - for Web, PDF, YouTube and Images on the App Store. Do Ink.

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ITEC Projects. Adobe. Apps. Articles and Information. Big-Data in Education. Blogging. Blogs. Coding. Creative Commons. E-Learning. Flipped Classroom. Google Life. Graphic Design. Instructional Design. Instructional Technology.

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Jobs boards. Learning Management Sites. Marketing. Microsoft Office helps. Portfolio Tools. Presentation Tips and Tools. Presenting. Professional Development. Professional Organizations. Productivity. Project Based Learning (PBL) Questioning. Research and Information Skills. Social Media Tools. Taxonomies and Theories.

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Teaching and Learning. Teaching with Technology. Today's Learners. Tutorials. Tutoring 2.0. UAMS. Visual Thinking Skills. Web 2.0 Tools. Web Development. WordPress. Create Online Tools. Recipes. 3D Printers in Elementary School. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers.

3D Printers in Elementary School

This is a guest post from Terri Eichholz. We were recently gifted with a Makerbot Replicator (5th Gen) to pilot in our elementary school library. Our librarian, Angelique Lackey, and I knew that time was short before the end of the year, but we wanted students to experience the power of creating with this device. If you search the web for 3D printing curriculum to use in elementary schools, you will find a sparse number of appropriate resources. Most of the “curriculum” turns out to be instructions on using a 3D printer like this, or lists of manipulatives teachers can make on a 3D printer.

As we researched, though, we came across the CityX curriculum. If you feel like the City X curriculum doesn’t suit your needs, I encourage you to check out the #makered Twitter chat that occurs every week on Tuesdays at 8 CST. One of my 2nd grade students used Makerbot Printshop to design the medal below for our GT class. Create a Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts. If you're like me, you might have utilize more than one cloud storage service.

Create a Single Dashboard for All of Your Cloud Storage Accounts

I use Google Drive most often, but I also use Dropbox and Box too. MultCloud is a service that allows me to tie them all together in one place. MultCloud does more than just provide a single log-in for all of the cloud services that I use. A Quick Tip for Better Webcam/ Skype Call Recordings. Protecting Your Passwords and Creating Strong Passwords. Try Doodle for Choosing Mutually Convenient Meeting Times. Videos and Poster Explaining Logical Fallacies. When teaching current events courses, I always begin with lessons about about recognizing bias, propaganda, and logical fallacies.

Videos and Poster Explaining Logical Fallacies

There are two good resources that I like that can help students understand logical fallacies. The Guide to Common Fallacies is a series of short videos from the PBS Idea Channel. Each video covers a different common fallacy. The fallacies are Strawman, Ad Hominem, Black and White, Authority, and No True Scotsman. I have embedded the playlist below. 4 Videos That Help Students & Parents Understand Financial Aid.

The FAFSA and financial aid packages offered by universities can be difficult for the first-time college student to navigate.

4 Videos That Help Students & Parents Understand Financial Aid

An Interactive Cartogram of News. Unfiltered News is a new site that uses an interactive cartogram to help you find trending news stories from around the world.

An Interactive Cartogram of News

To find stories through Unfiltered News simply open the website and click on a topic listed within one of the circles on the map. Once you've made a selection a list of stories will appear on the right side of your screen. Library Engagement with First Year Writing: 4 strategies. An interview with Julia Feerrar - The Ubiquitous Librarian. Julia Feerrar Here is an interview with Julia Feerrar, Learning Services Librarian at Virginia Tech.

Library Engagement with First Year Writing: 4 strategies. An interview with Julia Feerrar - The Ubiquitous Librarian

She joined our team last summer and spent the past year experimenting with first-year writing courses. The team tested some new approaches and focused on relationship building in order to become better partners with the writing program. More useful websites to forget. Mobile Location Privacy in a Nutshell - A Lesson for Students. New Framework Helps Educational Leaders Build Culture of Innovation - Press Releases. Self-Assessment Tool Enables Teams to Track and Manage Progress Cupertino, CA - October 14, 2014 – The Learning Accelerator (TLA), a nonprofit organization supporting the implementation of high-quality blended learning in school districts and states across America, in partnership with 2Revolutions (2Rev), a national education design lab that designs, launches and supports Future of Learning models and helps catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive, today released a new tool for building and sustaining a culture of innovation within education organizations.

New Framework Helps Educational Leaders Build Culture of Innovation - Press Releases

"Innovation culture is critical to the future of education," says lead author and partner at The Learning Accelerator, Lisa Duty. “We need to learn to thrive on building and testing new solutions to education's most challenging problems.” ISTE Standards For Students. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. 81Dash Offers a Revamped Tool for Backchannels and More. Last summer at ISTE 2014 I learned about 81Dash.

81Dash Offers a Revamped Tool for Backchannels and More

OPEN SOURCES. 15 Productivity Tips for Working from Home. Working from home can be a great opportunity that finally allows you to work just how you want to … or it can be a disaster.

15 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

Having worked from home for over a decade and running a 100% remote-team, I have learned a few lessons. Here are my 15 productivity tips for working from home without losing your sanity. Whether you’re just starting telecommuting or you’re switching to a work-from-home career, these fifteen tips will help you boost your productivity and enjoy a great work/life balance. 1. Marketing Your Teaching Materials - Webinar Recording Registration. 75 Practical Ed Tech Tips Videos.