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List of Greek words with English derivatives. This is an incomplete list of Greek words with derivatives in English.

List of Greek words with English derivatives

There are many English words of Greek origin, with a variety of histories: vernacular borrowing, typically passing through Latin and French; learned borrowing directly from Greek; coinage in post-classical Latin or modern European languages; and direct borrowings from Modern Greek. The words (or suffixes) are in Greek alphabetic order, with tables for the 24 Greek letters, listing thousands of related English words. Transliteration[edit] There are considerable differences between the various transliterations used to represent the Greek alphabet in English. Bits & Mortar. Movie Talk: '300,' 'Watchmen' Director Zack Snyder Chosen To Helm Next 'Superman' Film. New Mexico State Vegetables - Chile and frijoles. New Mexico designated chile and frijoles (pinto beans) as the official state vegetables in 1965.

New Mexico State Vegetables - Chile and frijoles

Pinto beans are the most widely produced bean in the United States (and one of the most popular). The pinto bean (in Spanish: "frijol pinto," or painted bean) is an important symbol of regional identity in the southwest, especially among Mexican Americans. The legislative debate over adopting a state vegetable in 1965 centered on the argument that these two vegetables were inseparable, so both the chile and frijole were adopted as New Mexico's official vegetables.