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Australian Diprotodon Fossil: Scientists unearth fossil of largest marsupial in Queensland. Hello ladies. Here's another stupid video. Mental_floss Blog » OkCupid Analyzes Online Dating Data; Surprising Conclusions Revealed. The Settlers of Catan's Photos - Wall Photos. Facebook’s “Like” Button Used To Be The “Awesome” Button. “The concept of “liking” things is very old, likely older than the words we use to describe it…”– Facebook Engineer Andrew Bosworth We can’t get enough of Quora these days, basically because it connects people who have information to people who need it, and especially to those that didn’t think they needed it.

One of the things you thought you didn’t need to know? That the Facebook “Like” button started out its life as the “Awesome” button. In an epic Quora thread, Facebook Engineer Andrew Bosworth delineates the history of the “Awesome”/”Like” button, what eventually turned out to be a way to connect Facebook users with the entire Internet — with the added bonus of rerouting all activity through the Facebook platform. Welcome to - Search Results for ""