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Mnemonic Education

Mnemonic Education is a leading GRE/SAT/IELTS/GMAT/TOEFL Coaching institute in Delhi. Its key features are top quality of instructors, best course materials, personalised small classes, unique teaching techniques and professional guidance/education counseling session. It has seven years of experience in guiding students for successfully getting admission to top notch universities & colleges as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cambridge, and many more.

SAT Coaching In Delhi NCR. SAT Registration. Taught 1,000+ students Score Improvement Guarantee Our Avg SAT score: 1440 Average Score Improvement Conquer the SAT Our unique approach to SAT coaching has produced incredible outcomes.

SAT Registration

Our expert tutors will share tips, tricks, and strategies to tackle SAT questions by enhancing students' existing knowledge and skills so that they are confident and calm on the day of the test. We provide our students with unparalleled personalized coaching. The essence of our SAT Preparation classes is that our students’ scores improve tremendously, and they are 100% ready for the actual SAT Exam. The Mnemonic Advantage. GRE Classes NCR Delhi. The format of the test is distinctive and stimulating.

GRE Classes NCR Delhi

The test gives you easier questions to start with and increases the level as you answer correctly. If you don’t get many of the easier questions correct, it will keep sending you easier questions. In short, one must answer a lot more harder questions accurately to get a high score. And the learning in GRE goes well beyond the classroom of the test. All the passages you read, math you solve and the vocab is with you forever. GRE demands thorough training and it can be particularly tough if one has been away from academics for years. We evaluate and find the areas of strength and the places that are work-in-progress. Again, more emphasis can’t be placed on creating a balanced schedule and devote couple of hours each day with time out every three days or on the weekends. Once you sit for the exam, nothing else must exist between you and the test. SAT Coaching In Delhi NCR. IELTS Preparation Classes Delhi.

SAT Exam. Counseling Education. Study Abroad Scholarships. College Scholarships. MS In USA. Statement Of Purpose. Education Consultants. GRE Coaching In Gurgaon. USA Colleges. Apply To US Universities. How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed – Mnemonic's Study Abroad Blog. Parents and students are like doubles partners when it comes to college admissions — both have to work in tandem to ensure a successful career.

How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed – Mnemonic's Study Abroad Blog

The best way to describe parents’ role in this partnership will be — Interactive & Evolving Collaboration. In three major areas, parents can take the lead, as the students, given the young age, may not be the best — Planning in advance: Help your child plan in advance, make a schedule.Adhering to deadlines: Help your child to mark the deadlines and make sure they adhereFinancial matters: Understand the fee structure, scholarship opportunities, loan and other expenses Universities continually encourage students and parents to begin the groundwork for college as early as 9th grade.

Top Tip: start by 11th grade, if not earlier. Kicking off early results in ample time to collect essential college application information over multiple years from the teachers, fellow students, online groups, guidance counselors, etc. What Do Colleges Look For In An Applicant’s Profile? – Mnemonic's Study Abroad Blog. Are you applying for college soon?

What Do Colleges Look For In An Applicant’s Profile? – Mnemonic's Study Abroad Blog

Do you want to find out what to expect when you decide to apply? Or you probably want to find out just to get ready. Let’s look what admission officers look for in applicants. If you are a high school junior/ sophomore (9th/ 10th) as you begin planning for colleges, or even a senior (11th/ 12th) when preparing for college applications, this information is very useful for you. Not just that, if you are a parent, please read on to understand what aspects are most important for a successful college admission. After meeting with a lot of college admission officers such as California Institute of Technology, UCLA, Harvard etc., our founder and director Shirish Gupta identified the following key pointers: Strong SAT Scores Most colleges and universities require the SAT or ACT as part of your application, although a few schools don’t.

Top 5 reasons why choose Mnemonic Education - LetsTryUs Articles. Summary: Mnemonic Education is one of the main GRE instructing foundations in Delhi NCRs.

Top 5 reasons why choose Mnemonic Education - LetsTryUs Articles

It has over seven years of involvement in the field of abroad training. A huge number of driven understudies have been effectively guided to take admission to the world’s top most colleges in USA, UK and other outside colleges. Description: Hunting down the best GRE Exam Coaching in Delhi. Join Mnemonic Education and get ready to crack GRE exam. Get admission to your fantasy school and study in the Top Universities in USA, UK and Canada. Talented GRE instructing staff We offer top nature of guides, who executes imaginative style of educating.

Highly intuitive groups We put stock in offering customized little groups of understudies, with the goal that they can have intelligent sessions and in addition boundless classroom learning opportunity. College Application. Common Mistakes to be Avoided During TOEFL Preparation. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Common Mistakes to be Avoided During TOEFL Preparation

This exam can be very tricky & challenging to pass for most of the students. Certain important factors & mistakes to be avoided while TOEFL Preparation. 1. Ivy League Universities. • Start Early - Colleges look at your four years of high school grades (i.e., 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th), courses and extracurricular activities involvement.

Ivy League Universities

They want to see that students are challenging themselves year after year and going in depth of their participation in activities that are of interest to them. College admissions teams want to know that you are a master of one thing and, not a jack of all extracurriculars. • Strong Academic Curriculum – Just as college courses are designed to get more rigorous and intense with each passing year, so should your high school courses too! Colleges want to see students taking difficult courses each year on a rising grade trend so they can understand if you are prepared to take up a heavy college course load.

So, it is advisable to take the most challenging courses you can find at your school. • Essays - The Ivy League institutions ask supplementary essay questions in extension to the main Common Application essay. Counseling Education. Feedback and review shared by students who were enrolled with Mnemonic education. Mnemonic education on Pinterest. General guide to study abroad useful for beginners.