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HOW TO: Get Started with Google Wave. Google Wave has arrived. The real-time communication platform has been one of the hottest and most anticipated products in the tech and social media space for months. Soon around 100,000 people will be messaging each other in one of Google's most ambitious projects to date. So what if you're one of the lucky ones to get an invite, or just want to understand exactly how this new tool works? While we cover the basics in our Google Wave Guide and have explored its game-changing features, we haven't really written about exactly how to use Google Wave and how to navigate it.

So that's exactly what we did. General Interface The Google Wave interface is divided essentially into four boxes: Navigation, Contacts, Inbox, and your current Wave. Navigation: This is not your standard left-hand navigation bar. Contacts: Your contacts are more prominent in Wave. This is the pure overview of the interface. Starting a Conversation 1. Remember, Wave is different than email. Wave Search Commands Text Editing. Google Wave: 5 Ways It Could Change the Web. Google Wave arrives on September 30th. On that day, Google will start sending out 100,000 invites to non-developers to its much-anticipated real-time communication platform. It's not even released and it's generating more hype than almost any other web product in recent memory.

The reason stems from its game-changing features and their potential applications on business, education, customer service, email, social networking, and more. So with Wave on the way, we wanted to explore some of the potential of Google's upcoming product. We have a few of our own ideas and included some from Google Wave developers, but more than anything, we want your ideas, so be sure to leave your great Google Wave invention in the comments! 1. This idea's actually been in my head before, but it's articulated with some depth by Andrew Camel in the Google Wave API Google Group: "So I thought that it would be an awesome feature of google wave to have it power a forum.

Real-time threads? 2. 3. Can't you see it? 4. Google Wave: A Complete Guide. Last updated: January 29th, 2010 Today has been dominated by news and excitement surrounding Google Wave, Google's new real-time communication platform that will launch to the public on September 30th.

Google Wave: A Complete Guide

In fact, there's been so much buzz that you might just not have enough time to read the thousands of articles being released on Google's biggest product launch in recent memory. To make sense of it all, we have compiled key information, definitions, and links related to the launch of Google Wave. This in-depth guide provides an overview of Google Wave, discusses the terminology associated with it, details information on Google Wave applications, (i.e. the Twitter Wave app Twave), and goes over ways to keep yourself informed.

We know you're excited about Google Wave, so here's what we think you should know: What is Google Wave? Google Wave has a lot of innovative features, but here are just a few: Google Wave was the brainchild of a team based out of Sydney, Australia. Terminology.