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Marcelo Negrini

Web marketing, social media and content professional


Help. Friends. Tools. Silverlight. Interactive. Zoom. Customer. Inspiration. T-shirts. Beneficios. Responsibility. Textures. Apple. Companies. Pocket. Downloads. Usbility. Training. Fantasy. Library. Architecture. Contacts. Association. Panorama. Toy. Saas. Game. Egovernment. Labone. GenX. Evil! Leticia. Download. Innovation. Agencies.

Printing. No_tag. Agencia. Panels. Layout. Toolkit. Estate. Various stuff.

  1. wallen Nov 19 2009
    Hi Marcelo, welcome on Pearltrees and congratulations for your first pearls and your first pearltree! I look forward to read your next ones! If you want more information about Pearltrees, dont hesitate to leave a note on my account or click on the « help » tab. Enjoy your discovery! Julien