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Potager facile : comment cultiver un potager facilement ? Le potager facile est à la portée de tous Le potager facile à cultiver peut concerner un potager bio et être aménagé de différentes façons, c'est-à-dire en potager en carré, potager sur balcon, potager intérieur, potager serre ou en potager en hauteur. Qu'est-ce qu'un potager facile ? Le potager facile concerne plus généralement les débutants et les amateurs de jardinage. Il permet de cultiver un potager grâce à des démarches simples. Pour ce faire, le jardinier amateur fera appel à des plantes faciles à cultiver : des légumes de potager comme des tomates, des pommes de terre, des haricots, de la salade, etc., des plantes du potager comme de l'oseille, du thym, de la menthe, du persil, etc. Comment préparer son potager facile ? Tout d'abord et pour aménager son potager, on commence par un petit coin de terre en choisissant bien un emplacement ensoleillé et à l'abri du vent.

En savoir plus : terre potager Quand planter le potager ? Vous avez le choix entre planter ou semer. Dubai Is Building The World's First Temperature-Controlled City. If anywhere in the world could use a bit of A/C, it's definitely the desert-bound city of Dubai. Today it reached a high of 108°F—but Monday will top that by over ten degrees, according to The Weather Channel. We're sweating just thinking about it. According to an announcement from Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashad, the city's constitutional monarch, Dubai has a plan to let incoming tourists beat the heat for good: constructing the largest temperature-controlled city on the planet. Boldly entitled, The Mall of the World, the development plan will include over 20,000 hotel rooms, an indoor theme park, a hospital, theater district, and the largest shopping center in the world.

A giant retractable glass dome will cover the Mall's 48 million sqare foot chunk of Dubai, protecting visitors from the aforementioned 118° summer heat. The Mall's design takes inspiration from all over the world. These attractions are designed to host 180 million visitors per year—an ambitious plan. Images via Related: The Internet of Things and other gizmos at our Helsinki Design Week event - Notes - Frantic. On 13 September, Frantic took part in Helsinki Design Week 2013 by having an open house and showing the visitors several demos of different gizmos that our designers and propeller-heads had envisioned.

We also demonstrated a few new devices that we think we can build services on top of. MaKey MaKey vegetable drum kit and cathedral organ Let’s begin with the biggest crowd-pleaser. Our Strategist Michael bought some vegetables, connected them to a computer and made music. What it does: Turn a calabash into a base drum, play the cymbals on a bunch of radish, play the cathedral organ with a set of apples – or drive a virtual race car with a set of controls built out of aluminium foil. How it works: MaKey MaKey is a programmable I/O device that allows you to trigger keyboard and mouse inputs from physical objects. So, if you ever need a web service where people can vote by squeezing bananas, you know who to contact. Smart Citizen air quality sensors and cloud service I ran two different demos. Feline Facial Recognition May Be The Future Of Pet Tech.

Crazy cat people (myself included) rejoice: the future of high tech pet care is here. Bistro is an automatic feeder that incorporates facial recognition, live video streaming, and even some Internet Of Things-like characeristics to ensure that your cat doesn't become a tubby tabby. Now you can leave home for a weekend, and not worry about your cat being fed. Bistro claims to turn the "quantified self" concept into the "quantified cat. " The machine works when your cat steps onto the Bistro platform, where a camera analyzes the pet's face through facial recognition technology.

If the pet has already been fed that day, the machine will remember the greedy furball and not dispense more nibs. And here's where the app gets a little intense, even for the real deal cat fiends. Founder Mu-Chi Sung has already raised more than his $100,000 crowdfunding goal, and there are still several weeks left in the IndieGoGo campaign. H/t Gizmag Related: Google And Berg Team Up To Create An Internet Of Things. Google is ridiculously powerful. The service isn’t just search. It isn’t just maps. It isn’t just your email or spreadsheets. Google is artificial intelligence fueled by an endless buffet of every piece of information on the Internet and every human tendency behind it. Google isn’t a website or a collection of services; it’s the most powerful deity in the known universe.

And ultimately, it’s strange that so much thought can exist only behind a PC or smartphone screen. So in 2011, Google Creative Lab approached Berg with a question: “If Google wasn’t trapped behind glass, what would it do?” At the heart of Berg’s concept was a smart lamp inspired by Pixar’s Luxo Jr. So where were we? Imagine the switch as a QR code. It’s a fascinating question--one that flips the notion of digital products on its head--but it’s hard to imagine the practicality of buying a smart lamp to serve as a hub for our Netflix, Rdio, and Facebook remotes. See more here.