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Facebook Twitter - An Approach to human motivation & personality. Journal of Educational Technology & Society. The Rural Educator. The Rural Educator is a peer-reviewed journal published three times per year.

The Rural Educator

The primary mission of the journal is to provide research-based articles on timely issues that inform education practice or have implications for rural education policy. To begin submitting your manuscript, log in or, if you are a new user, create an author account. (Be sure to read the Author Guidelines before submitting.) Hosting proudly provided by Mississippi State University Libraries. Poster Basics - How to Create a Research Poster - Research Guides at New York University.

Pedagogy, Technology, and the Example of Open Educational Resources. Key Takeaways When no meaningful relationship exists between an educational technology and pedagogy, the tool itself loses value.

Pedagogy, Technology, and the Example of Open Educational Resources

We should start with a vision for our courses and curricula, and then identify the technologies or strategies that can help us achieve or further develop that vision. Open educational resources provide a relevant example of how pedagogy can point toward a richer way to integrate technology into our courses and our teaching philosophies, shifting to a student-centered approach to learning. A few months ago, we gave a presentation where we poked fun at the educational technology industry's obsession with shiny new tools by suggesting that in addition to the learning management system (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard), we'd soon be trying to find ways to use the cutting-edge technology of drones in our classrooms simply because they exist. Faculty and administrators need to remember the motivations driving the adoption of technology in the classroom.

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Welcome to The Curriculum & Pedagogy Group. Steps in the Research Process. Digital Culture & Education. Research in Learning Technology. Digital tech & Media research. SAMR & TPACK. Directory of Open Access Journals in Education from the Education Research Global Observatory. The Higher Education Teaching and Learning Portal – Advancing Higher.

EduTech Wiki. The Portable Professor - APA. McLuhan. Research in Learning Technology. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie. Learning & Leading with Technology. Online Learning: A User’s Guide to Forking Education. At exactly this moment, online education is poised (and threatening) to replicate the conditions, courses, structures, and hierarchical relations of brick-and-mortar industrial-era education.

Online Learning: A User’s Guide to Forking Education

Cathy N. Davidson argued exactly this at her presentation, “Access Demands a Paradigm Shift,” at the 2013 Modern Language Association conference. The mistake being made, I think, is a simple and even understandable one, but damning and destructive nonetheless. Those of us responsible for education (both its formation and care) are hugging too tightly to what we’ve helped build, its pillars, policies, economies, and institutions. None of these, though, map promisingly into digital space. The discussion forum, currently the holy grail of “engagement” inside most online courses, is particularly problematic.

This doesn’t mean we should necessarily eliminate tenure or guidelines for intellectual property altogether, but we should leave no stone unturned, no Lego piece uncontemplated. [Photo by wizgd] TEACH Magazine.

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The Canadian Journal of Action Research. The Canadian Journal of Action Research is a freely accessible, full-text, peer-reviewed electronic journal intended for elementary, secondary, and university teachers who are concerned with exploring the unity between educational research and practice.

The Canadian Journal of Action Research

While our primary aim is to serve the needs of educators in Canada, we welcome readership and submissions from the world. To some, action research signifies individual, reflective practice; to others, group empowerment. Action researchers use it as a means of professional development, curriculum reform, and even democratic institutional change. Regardless of the reason, the shared goal of all these approaches would appear to be the mending of the rift between the researcher and the practitioner. Within this context, this journal strives to: Vol 14, No 3 (2013) Table of Contents Editorials Articles Notes from the Field Book Reviews. Digital Education Research Network (DERN) NVivo 9 – features and benefits.