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How to Dry Annual Flowers. + enlarge image Enjoy spring and summer blooms in the winter with dried flowers.

How to Dry Annual Flowers

It's not necessary to say farewell to all your garden flowers at season's end. There are at least five ways to preserve their beauty to brighten up the dull days of winter. DIY Crafts & DIY Projects – Do It Yourself. Desert Terrariums With Terrain Jul 16, 2014 Posted by fp jana Tags: cactus's, décor, desert terrarium, desert terrariums with terrain, DIY, home decor, how to make a terrarium, plants, summer diy, summer idea, terrain, terrain workshop, terrarium diy, terrariums.

DIY Crafts & DIY Projects – Do It Yourself

DIY Projects – Fruit Rind Air Fresheners. This little trick that I’m about to introduce you to might just be the simplest and most natural way to get rid of bad odors.

DIY Projects – Fruit Rind Air Fresheners

Not having a space smell fresh and clean is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. In my room, I constantly have incense or candles burning whenever I’m home to give off a warm and inviting scent. In addition to incense or candles, you can easily make an all natural air freshener with just a few simple ingredients – here’s how! Sea salt is going to do most of the work here since it has the ability to soak up bad odors. You’ll also need: Fresh citrus fruit (orange, lemon or lime will work) Fresh herbs or spices Knife Spoon First, choose whatever fruit you are going to use and slice it in half. You can place various herbs and spices in with the sea salt too. To use, place the salt filled rinds in various places where bad smells tend to linger. Summer Meets Fall With Pressed Flower Candles. The soft murmur of a new season is on the horizon.

Summer Meets Fall With Pressed Flower Candles

Suddenly, we’re all sick of wearing sandals and cut offs, and sure, we still love the beach, but does it have to be so hot every day? The collective yearning for apples and cider, cold air, and layers. DIY Branch Weaving. There’s a certain feeling that comes from creating something with your own two hands.

DIY Branch Weaving

No matter what it may be, the time and effort put forth always leaves a reward, and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. The art of weaving is one of those things that takes time and patience. I’ve always been drawn to large wall hanging weavings, but it wasn’t until after I saw them placed around Humboldt House that the desire to create one of my own really sunk in. DIY Hemp Beaded Macramé Light Fixture.

There’s nothing like a hanging light bulb to up the ante on how awesome a space is – and this hemp beaded macramé hanging takes it to the very next level.

DIY Hemp Beaded Macramé Light Fixture

It’s not hard to make, and it looks incredible. Its raw materials and neutral color palette are especially perfect for the summertime. How To Distress Your Boots The Free People Way. I’m the type of girl who will wear boots all year round.

How To Distress Your Boots The Free People Way

DIY Branch Weaving. DIY : : Simple macrame plant hangers - My Little Sunshine House. DIY Modern Macrame Hanging Planter. Hello Friends!

DIY Modern Macrame Hanging Planter

I don’t know if you remember me sharing, but I wanted my new kitchen to have lots and lots of plants in it. I was envisioning shelves in front of the pantry window filled with lush greenery. That was a great idea and all, until I installed my first window shelf, and realized I hadn’t thought this through all the way. Canada. Bonelust: Whitening Bone Using Hydrogen Peroxide NOT Chlorine Bleach. I recently edited my Bad Words: BOIL & BLEACH post here adding much more extensive info about using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Bonelust: Whitening Bone Using Hydrogen Peroxide NOT Chlorine Bleach

Posting it as a new blog with even more info and photos so you guys don't miss this important info. In the H2O2 bath. Drying after the H2O2 bath. NEVER use chlorine bleach on bones. Chlorine based bleach permanently damages the bone itself. "The Lonely Tree and the Donga" by Maree Clarkson. W & N watercolour on Bockingford 300gsmA scene in Tarlton, Gauteng, South Africa Once upon a time there stood a young Blue gum tree on the banks of a small river and, for many years as he grew, he delighted in the gurgling of the stream, feeling her cool fingers lapping at his feet, bringing comfort on very hot days..For many years he stood there, nodding at the stream as she swirled past, sometimes joining in her chatter by rustling his leaves in the breeze, who also seemed to be enchanted by the stream’s friendly demeanour..But as time passed, the Blue gum noticed that the stream was not so sprightly any more.

"The Lonely Tree and the Donga" by Maree Clarkson

In fact, she seemed to be having trouble pushing her waters across the river bed and he realised that she also was not lapping at his feet any more. Donga : A washed out ravine or gully – an eroded ravine; a dry watercourse. Watercolor Bleed. Watercolor Techniques for Beginners REMAKE part 1 of 4. Watercolor Bleed. Image of 'beautiful blue with hints of abstract watercolor background' Any stock photo, any size: €9.50 For online and offline use Dansk Deutsch English Loading Login Signup FAQ Contact About Home Recent searches Clear recent searches Search Advanced 0 Items Total €0 Format Resolution New material is listed first in the search results. Adult filter People Nature Animals Business Holidays & celebrations Technology Food & drink Energy More categories Architecture & buildings Health & diseases Arts & entertainment Education Travel & transportation Sports & fitness Crime Be inspired Best of Colourbox Browse our suppliers Popular images Children Teenagers Children playing Children dancing Children running View all Baby Smiling baby Birth Crying baby Sleeping baby Couples Couples kissing Couple hugging Couple in love Couple dancing View all.

Paper Mache Bowl, Part 1. My current afterschool paper mache project is turning out to be one of my most reliable, ye olde balloon and mache combination. I posted this project a while back, but without illustrations. Tomorrow is paint day so I'll be showing off the results. SESSION ONE: I started each student off with a 12" balloon and a cut-off grocery box to hold the balloon in place. Paper mache and fabric bowls. I saw these bowl on Pinterest (big surprise, huh?) Trendy is as Trendy Does: Suitcase Conversions. Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY. Make Something Cool Every Day 2009 on Behance. 3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt.