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First Part of "When Harry left Hogwarts" Documentation from the Special BluRay of Deathly Hallows. The Ten Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen. October means Halloween, and Halloween means horror, and horror? Well that means some damn good movies. I presume many of you are searching for a good horror flick to curl up with this month, and while I will advise you to first consult my 10 Best Horror Films of Decade list, I thought I’d compile a new one made up of films that aren’t quite as widely known. 10 Certified Fresh Psychological Thrillers. Year in Review: The 15 Best Foreign Films of 2009. Martyrs* (Pascal Laugier, France) This brutal, bloody, and occasionally terrifying movie also made Robert Fure’s Best Horror list, and it most definitely deserves the honor.

Year in Review: The 15 Best Foreign Films of 2009

A young girl is traumatized and grows up thirsty for revenge.