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ERP software company provide effective and efficient software solutions, using latest technological practices and manpower upgradation.

MMInfosystems Blog. Significance of ERP for Business Processes. What Is The ROI With Respect To The Expenses Incurred On ERP? More often than not, when a company-wide implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning is talked about the first question that pops up is – ‘Is ERP worth the expense incurred?’

What Is The ROI With Respect To The Expenses Incurred On ERP?

And more than anyone else, it is the senior management that cannot seem to shrug off this question. During the implementation of ERP, it is more than important for the management to understand that the return on investment shouldn’t just be seen in the respect of financial gains, but also in terms of operational benefits derived. Today, we are going to take a look at both of these facets. ERP is a solution, which helps in making each business process more efficient while ensuring that the overall time and effort spent on these processes are reduced by manifolds, which is why it offers immense functional benefits. #1 ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry, Delhi NCR. Imagine one solution that lets you get to the business of doing business. , the ERP software for manufacturing helps any discrete or process manufacturing organization to integrate all its processes right from sales to purchase, production to PPC, accounts to exercise. , the ERP software contains over 26 modules for different departments as given below and exhaustive MIS reports: Our ERP Software for Manufacturing has been designed and developed, keeping the needs that are typical of process driven Manufacturing Setups and it has been instrumental in increasing operational efficiencies wherever it has been implemented.

#1 ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry, Delhi NCR

ERP integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single centralized server that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs. ERP, thus, can be more appropriately termed as a Management Tool. ERP Software Company Portfolio- MM Infosystems. Challenges in Implementing ERP in Traditionally Run Businesses? Are you struggling to organize the business processes as your business is traditionally run by the team created by your earlier generation?

Challenges in Implementing ERP in Traditionally Run Businesses?

Time to change the way business should be run in the era of information having cut throat competition and instant decision making. Time to implement an ERP for faster information and quick decision making but wait there may be challenges in implementing the same: 1) Fear of Using Technology Most of the traditionally run business have used the processes laid out by the decades old management when the modern technology didn’t exist, so most of the users are scared of working with new technology, the simple solution to this is to provide them technical training and repeated workshops to upgrade the users. ERP Software Company India. At What Stage of Business Should a Manufacture Implement ERP? - Enterprise Resource Planning: Why You Should Go For It. An organization in the present day is a modular network composed of a number of departments that interact with each other to work towards a single goal.

Enterprise Resource Planning: Why You Should Go For It

Given the fast-paced framework of development that computers and the internet have drawn us to, it is important that said communication be as effective and immediate as possible. An ERP, short for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software package that allows departments to achieve this, and for the past decade, they have been one invaluable to large scale firms as medium and small scale companies catch pace with it. An ERP software can be looked at as a collective data bank. If a single department or unit in a large corporation is viewed as a module in the net information flow of the system, then ERP companies in Gurgaon develop software that store the data that the unit takes as input as well as the output data provided by the unit.

What To Expect In A First Meeting With an ERP... - ERP Software Company India. ERP Software for Manufacturing. ERP Software Company Aims & Objectives. At MM Info we provide simple and easy to use IT solutions to solve the most complicated business problems.

ERP Software Company Aims & Objectives

We, as an organization, firmly believe that size should never be an obstacle to success provided one has the perfect mix of manpower, equipment and resources to capitalize on opportunities. This is exactly what we can help you to achieve. Boosting your productivity and profits. Cutting down costs, time and wastage by streamlining your operations and better utilizing your assets.

Our primary business focus and core competency is to provide customers with End-to-End Solutions in the area of emerging technologies, designed on world class platforms, thereby empowering enterprises technologically for the new millennium. MM Info also aims to dispel the myth that such solutions are meant for large corporations only, which can invest millions for such a solution. HOW TO SELECT RIGHT ERP SOFTWARE FOR SME. ERP Company History. MM Infosystems Private Limited was incorporated in 1997 as Handa Engineering Pvt.

ERP Company History

Ltd. It was renamed as Exa Infotech Pvt. Ltd. in 2003 and emerged as MM Infosystems Pvt Ltd. in 2014. MM Info is now a part of the well known MM Auto Group. Various companies in the MM Auto Group are OEM in the automotive sector, MM Auto Industries Limited and MM Springs Limited, to name a few. MD's Message – MM Infosystems. India is a dynamic market which has immense potential with a young, growing population, increasing disposable incomes and changing social landscape and we are encouraged by our progressive performance.

MD's Message – MM Infosystems

To me, our performance is as much about looking to the future and setting up the fundamental building blocks for the Company’s long term growth as it is celebrating our present achievements. At MM Infosystems, our clients remain our top priority who we believe are at the heart of our existence. Corporate Governance. We at MM Infosystems practice Corporate Governance to the core by implementing the system of structures, rights, duties, and obligations by which MM Infosystems is directed and controlled.

Corporate Governance

There has been renewed interest in the Corporate Governance practices of modern corporations, particularly in relation to accountability, since the high-profile collapses of a number of large corporations during 2001–2002, most of which involved accounting fraud; and then again after the recent financial crisis in 2008. Corporate Governance provides the structure through which corporations set and pursue their objectives, while reflecting the context of the social, regulatory and market environment.

Governance is implemented as a mechanism for monitoring the actions, policies and decisions of Company and involves the alignment of interests among the stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility. MM Info follows the CSR philosophy of our Principals – MM Auto Industries Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel that CSR efforts should be towards creating sustainable livelihood rather than cheque book philan thropy. Our CSR philosophy is inspired by spiritualistic culture and the thought provoking message of former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who said : “CSR, if implemented with sustainability, provides new opportunities, develops customer loyalty and improves stake holder relationship and it shall become an integral part of corporate strategy, management practices, business operations, product development and conservation of environment.” We plan to continually involve Government bodies, district authorities and unilateral agencies to work for the rural India.

We are a strong proponent of our Prime Minister Sh. CSR. ERP IMPLEMENTATION IN SME’s. WHY NOT SAP OR NAVISION FOR SME’s. Implement SAP or not is a big if for most of the SME’s.


The reasons are many! Internal financial Controls in ERP. ERP software is a product used for Automating the financial transactions of an organisation by implementing Auto generation of Various type of vouchers and accounting procedures. To implement the financial module successfully the implementor should keep the following internal financial controls in place while implementing and running an ERP: Chart of accounts definition: Make sure that Balance sheet schedule and its hierarchy is properly defined in ERP keeping in mind internal reporting & MIS and also the statutory requirementsAccount masters are properly defined in ERP under correct schedule keeping in mind the nature of account.

Accounting transactions: Purchase Accounting Control Points: Sales Accounting Control Points: ERP clientele. ERP Software News & Updates. We take pleasure in informing you that during the current year we have had some very happy tidings from our Client. After satisfactory performance of ERPRO in their existing units, Dephique India Pvt. Ltd. has given repeat order to us for their new uint Delphique Fabrics. We thank the Management and Staff of all Delphique for reposing faith in ERPRO, once again, for their IT needs. MM INFOSYSTEMS, HAS ALSO ERPRO is a complete ERP software solution for SMEâEUR(tm)s and large Corporate and is an Enterprise Solution committed to maximize potential of an Enterprise by creating a perfect mix of Manpower, Equipment and Resources, to capitalize on opportunities. erPro which runs on Oracle technologies has an impressive client list and has easy to use and customizable products and solutions suitable to various industries.

Gurgaon, Haryana, India _ – erPro is receiving good response from the market and we are consistently adding new customers to our clientele. SANTASHA REAL ESTATE PVT. 1. ERP Software for Manufacturing. ERP for Educational Institutions. It has been a long held mantra that competition spurs innovation and the same is true in the realm of ERP for Educational Institutes. But in the field of Education, a healthy debate is forming when it comes to weighing the costs and advantages of ERP with that of more affordable workers. It's a valid point amplified by the huge difference when it comes to labor standards specially in developing nations.

No doubt, it's also one that hangs on the mind of every decision maker whose weighing the merits of such an implementation. Comparing Educational Institutions with Corporations Educational institutions are by their very essences much akin to corporate entities. ERP company – Mminfosystems. ERP Software Company. ERP Companies in India. ERP For Real Estate.