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There seems to be a gulf between the proposal which I had put forward, and the emphasis which I have in mind. This is probably due to the unfinished reading that I made towards the book. It seems like both conceptions of man and society are important and relevant. Man is not an island, and society is very much an expression of man, as well as a supportive element of man. It's unavoidable that we need to explore not only the private but the public, because both are expressions of man, but in different contexts. What I have to be very careful about is when the discussion is about the private domain of man, meaning the processes and elements are those interior to man alone, and when does the discussion gravitate to the public, the societal aspect of man, and his interactions with it. ADVangel ADVangel
‘What is this thing called Discipline?’ is a presentation about the Melbourne, Australia-based contemporary art journal, Discipline. It will discuss the journal’s editorial project, its physical structure, as well as its art historical background and ambitions—focusing particularly on the theorisation of contemporary art as a specific entity, rather than reverting to the term ‘pluralism’ as a descriptor and interpretative framework for talking about the multeity of contemporary art practices around the world today. KUNCI Cultural Studies Center KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Faith and Reality