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Lesson Plan Resources. Lesson Plan Resources. Inkflow - An iPad App for Visual Thinkers. K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy. An elementary library media specialist reviews iPad apps as they map to an updated version of Bloom's Taxonomy in this six-part series. Diane Darrow is an artist, Reading Recovery teacher, and library media specialist at Bel Aire Elementary in Tiburon, CA. You can follow her on Twitter at @dianedarrow. In this six-part series, I will highlight apps useful for developing higher order thinking skills in grades K-5 classrooms.

Each list will highlight a few apps that connect to the various stages on Bloom's continuum of learning. Given the size and current exponential growth of the app market, I will also assist educators in setting criteria necessary to identify apps that maintain the integrity of teaching for thinking. Part One: K-5 iPad Apps for Remembering Part Two: K-5 iPad Apps for Understanding Part Three: K-5 iPad Apps for Applying Part Four: K-5 iPad Apps for Analyzing Part Five: K-5 iPad Apps for Evaluating Part Six: K-5 iPad Apps for Creating.

Fishing for Good Classroom Apps. Apps for Creativity in Primary Education. Already used on desktop computer in schools, I Can Animate now bring the stop-frame animations to the iPad. You can capture frames using the in built camera, display onion skinning, undo support, preview whole projects and can be added to an iMovie project for a really polished movie. Keynote is a presentation apps designed for mobile devices. You create presentation by simple touching and tapping. Highlight your data with 3D bar, line, area, and pie charts, animated with new 3D chart builds such as crane, Grow, Radical, and Rotate. If you own an iPhone you can buy the Keynote Remote app (£0.69), which you can use to control your presentation through your wireless network. See where you are or where you’re going in map view, satellite view, or a hybrid of both. Scan is a user friendly QR Code and barcode scanner.

Move the Turtle: Programming for Kids: £1.99 Sketch Nation Studio: FREE J2e: FREE j2e is an on-line creativity tool designed for education. Explain Everything: £1.99 Phoster: £1.49. How One App Uses Digital to Empower Education. The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Three Ring Quick Pitch: Create and share digital portfolios of students’ work quickly and easily. Genius Idea: Three Ring allows teachers and students to digitize student work by snapping pictures or videos with their mobile or tablet devices. Crumpled assignments drifting to the bottom of students’ backpacks may soon be an experience of the past. With a smartphone or a tablet, the app allows teachers to take a photo or video recording of student work and then seamlessly view and share the work online.

Three Ring is already in the hands of almost 2,000 teachers in New York, Delaware and Maryland. Three friends — Alec Turnbull, Michael Lindsay and Steve Silvius — who share a passion for education reform joined to create Three Ring. Image courtesy of Flickr, flickingerbrad. 1,800+ EDUapps. Top 60 best free iPad apps 2012. On comparing iPad apps with iPhone equivalents, one thing rapidly becomes clear: apps for Apple's tablet are pricier. Many of the best free iPhone apps cost money in their iPad incarnations, and the quality level of what's still free is often ropey. But among the dross lie rare gems – iPad apps that are so good you can't believe they're still free.

Of those we unearthed, here is our pick of the best free iPad apps. Note that apps marked 'universal' will run on your iPad and iPhone, optimising themselves accordingly. For a mix of free and paid apps, check out our amazing Best iPad apps chart. 1. Annoyingly, some free iPad weather apps refuse to believe that the UK has any weather (or that the country exists), so AccuWeather gets props for merely working. 2.

The social networking giant has gone back-and-forth with its mobile apps, finally settling on this smart, native implementation. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dropbox is a great service for syncing documents across multiple devices. 9. 10. 11. 13. Apps in the Elementary Classroom. One area that I have not written much about on this blog is educational apps. This is mostly due to the fact that my school has one first generation iPad and two iPod Touches for the entire school. We also ban cell phones and other electronic devices, so these are not available for use in the classroom unless the teachers specifically plan for the kids to use them for a lesson or activity, hand them out to the kids and collect them at the end of the lesson.

I won't pretend to be an expert on apps in the classroom, which is why I haven't covered their use here. However, with more and more schools investing in iPad carts, iPods and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, it's an important topic. I don't want this to be one of those "top 10 apps" posts, so I will share a few thoughts about apps in the elementary classroom, some implementation ideas for certain apps, and an obligatory list of resources. What is the Role of Apps in the Classroom? Cost Some Resources for Educational Apps. Stick Pick app. Application: Stick Pick What it is: Stick Pick is a great app for the teacher iOS device. Teachers can randomly (or intentionally) choose a student’s name from a virtual can of Popsicle sticks. Student sticks are tied to a mode and level of difficulty for each learner. Each time a student’s stick is drawn, you will be shown over a dozen Bloom’s Taxonomy related questions that are tied to the learner’s individual ability level.

Questions can be linked to cognitive or linguistic needs to each student. Formative assessment is easy to track because teachers can tap a corresponding correct, incorrect, or opinion button based on the student’s answer. How Stick Pick can enrich learning: Stick Pick is a handy tool for any teacher device. Students can use Stick Pick too. Record and send student progress to parents easily directly from the app.

Devices: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Price: $2.99 (iTunes Link) Both comments and pings are currently closed. Story Wheel - Storytelling Prompts on an iPad. Classroom Set up for the iPad. Greg Kulowiec is in the process of documenting a project of a paperless research task with a Yr 10 English class. He is recording this on his blog Kulowiectech. One of the things that I like about greg's blog is his conversation about technology and how it best serves the learning outcomes. This is a conversation that all schools need to have especially around iPads.

I have seen a number of school purchase multiple devices and then struggle with the idea of how to use them to substantially improve learning outcomes. Greg suggests that this conversation needs to happen before any project is embarked upon. I would suggest that this conversation needs to happen well in advance of the devices being purchased He is currently in his 8th year with the Plymouth Public Schools. SMART Notebook app for iPad coming soon! Available this summer, you and your students will soon be able to use SMART Notebook collaborative learning software on your personal or school-owned iPads with our upcoming release of the SMART Notebook app for iPad.

This convenient new app enables a seamless transition between whole-class, small-group and personalized learning, allowing you to enjoy the engaging lesson materials of SMART Notebook software anywhere and at anytime. Using the SMART Notebook app, your students can access many of the software tools typically used on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

They can open any SMART Notebook file on their iPad, from an e-mail or file-sharing website, and they can write, erase, add text, move objects and insert images. Your students can even use the iPad camera roll to drop images onto a Notebook page. They’ll be able to use the iPad to review material and complete activities that can then be saved and e-mailed back to you. Image insert – Insert images from the iPad camera roll. 107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8. Great iPad apps for K-8 Tablet computing and mobile devices promise to have a dramatic impact on education. A growing number of schools across the world are jumping on the digital bus and embracing iPads (less often, other tablet products) as the latest tool to teach literature in multimedia, history through games and simulations, and math with step-by-step animation of problems.

Not surprisingly, student scores improve when they use iPads and their interest in school soars. I say not surprisingly because students love digital toys and in my experience work harder and longer if given the opportunity to do so with any of the digital offerings (ipods, laptops included). In my school, we have been rotating one set of Pads this year through K-8. I’ve collected quite a few apps on a variety of subjects. I’d like to share the favorites of teachers and students with you, see what you think: Drawing AirSketch Free–Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard!

Geography Health History Maps Math Music News. Teaching With iPads / I love this app for early learners. It's a lot of fun to play and it adapts to the skill level of the user. The activities encourage interaction using pinching, swiping, dragging, and even using the gyroscope. This is a fantastic way. 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Review - very nice app. Adobe recently released a host of Adobe TouchApps - Photoshop Touch, Ideas, Collage, Debut, Kuler, Proto, and Carousel. Design, edit, and elegantly present your work using six new Adobe® Touch Apps designed for your tablet. Whether you use a stylus or just your fingertip, intuitive touchscreen features provide easy, precise control for a variety of creative tasks. Transfer files through Adobe Creative Cloud for refinement in Adobe Creative Suite® software — or to view, access, and share from almost anywhere.

I have been using Adobe Photoshop Touch for the last couple of weeks on a loaned iPad and a friend has it on his Android tablet. The Photoshop Touch app lets you quickly combine images, apply professional effects, share the results with friends and family through social networking sites like Facebook, and more. Adobe's new Creative Cloud/Suite 6 for Students and Educators integrates the Photoshop Touch app so that you can work on your projects seamlessly from mobile to desktop. Helping Students Make Better Movies on iPad (or any device) | iPads and Tablets in Education. Apps for Creativity in Primary Education. Three Ring | An App for Teachers to Create Educational Portfolios of Student Work with an iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone. How to create 'flip books' on your iPad with new app. A new app for iPad lets kids — and kids at heart — create ‘flip book’ animations on their touchscreen tablet.

Creating “flip books” is a fun pastime for kids – drawing on every sheet of a pad of paper and making your doodles come to life by flipping quickly from the first page to the last – and now this animation technique has gone digital with FlipBook HD for iPad. That’s right, your fingers can remain ink-free, and you might just save a few trees in the process. While it’s a tad confusing to get started – even with its built-in Help menu – once you get the hang of it, FlipBook HD is an enjoyable and powerful animation app, even for those whose talent is limited to stick figure drawings. The idea behind the FlipBook HD app ($4.99) is straightforward: By using your fingertip or stylus pen on the 9.7-inch touchscreen, you can create digital flipbooks and share them with friends and family.

8 Educational iPad Apps for Grade Schoolers. 10 Incredible iPad Apps for Education. Learning is rarely fun; it’s even less fun when being taught within the confines of a lecture hall or classroom. While this may be true, there’s no reason why you can’t make the process more entertaining and challenging. The tablet market has paved the way for educational resources in the form of slick, new apps, with text-books now being replaced by online downloadable versions of themselves. An array of stunning apps are at your disposal waiting to be exercised, so with this in mind, we decided to whittle down our top 10 iPad educational apps for students. Evernote It seems wherever you look nowadays, there’s Evernote.

. ➤ Evernote Price: Free Paper Winner at the 2012 Apple Design Awards for Best iPad app, Paper has taken creativity of app development to new heights. . ➤ Paper Goodreader You could be forgiven for thinking Goodreader as just as a PDF reader for the iPad. Price: $4.99 Bamboo Paper – Notebook ➤ Bamboo Paper – Notebook iA Writer ➤ iA Writer Price: $0.99. A Great Guide on How to Effectively Integrate Technology in The Classroom. Weekend Website #110: 89 Resources for Teachers. I know summer just started. You’re relaxing, reading the stack of books that collected on your nightstand, planting the flowers you were supposed to take care of in April, but, well, teaching came first. Bookmark this page and when you’re ready to look at some teacherly resources, come back. I’ve collected 89 great resources to make your job easier–everything from grading rubrics, online quizzes, audio books, utilities, to puzzle creators and more.

What did I miss? To sign up for Weekend Websites delivered to your email, click Weekend Websites here. Jacqui Murray is the editor of a technology curriculum for K-sixth grade, creator of two technology training books for middle school and three ebooks on technology in education. Follow me Like this: Like Loading... 17 Free Tools for Creating Screen Capture Images and Videos. When you're trying to teach people how to do something new on their computers having screencast videos or annotated screen capture images can be invaluable to you and the people you're trying to help.

Here are some free tools that you can use to create screen capture videos and images. Vessenger, producers of a group messaging system, offers a free program for capturing and annotating images on your computer screen. The free program, called Snaplr, is available for Windows and Mac. With Snaplr installed you can capture all or part of your screen. Snaplr's annotation tools include text boxes, highlighting, and free-hand drawing tools.

Using the print screen key on your PC or "command+shift+4" on your Mac are easy ways to create a screen capture. Monosnap is a new, free screen capture tool for Mac and Windows. Szoter is a free online tool for annotating images that are stored on your computer. Explain and Send is a free Chrome extension that I have just installed in my browser. — Any file, in your website. Technology Links. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. Trading Card Creator. The Trading Card tool gives students an alternative way to demonstrate their literacy knowledge and skill when writing about popular culture texts or real world examples.

This interactive allows students to create their own trading card about a real or fictional person, place, object, event, or abstract concept. These cards are can be used with any type of book students are reading or subjects that they are studying, and make for an excellent prewriting exercise for students who are writing narrative stories and need to consider characters, setting, and plot.

Specific prompts guide student through the various types of cards, expanding students' thinking from the basic information and description of the topic to making personal connections to the subject. The save capability gives students a way to work on a draft of their card and come back to it to rework and revise as necessary, and to save their finished product to share with friends and family.

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