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About me

12 november 2020

About me

   I have one intense hobby that started as a child. From a young age he had been a really active boy. He played basketball, took long walks, bicycles, and on weekends, together with his dad, went far into the desert - to find the corners loose from culture. But got familiar with quad bikes considerably afterwards, in 2012, later moving to New Mexico.

My wife worked in an intense equipment store. I needed a ride and suddenly decided to purchase one for me personally. I picked up all of the vital details utilizing the site  I imagined how I would ride it in nature, at the corners which are impossible to reach by bike or on foot, and realized: a fantasy has to be fulfilled. From this moment on, a new four-wheeled friend started carrying the weekend.

Hello, my name is Mark Walker, I am 36 years old,and am the senior editor at BestReviews.Tips and overseeing the smart home, cameras/photography, drones, and fitness/wearables categories. I'm married, I've got two kids, my wife and I have been married for 10 years already, and also our kids are mature enough to go to school. I am fond of extreme sports, I also shoot video clips about food and place them on youtube.

Today, in fact, people around the world have realized that the most valuable information is information. Information about us, about our users, about our habits, what we love, what we buy. This knowledge goes to the very first level. As a result, more and more companies in America are adopting data-driven and data-informed approaches when making decisions based on data.

First, unfortunately, not all people know how to make decisions based on data, they just don't understand how to do it. And secondly, this data needs to be further extracted, processed, aggregated and visualized to make it easier to make decisions. The analyst is the key link in this chain when there is a problem and you need to make the right decision. This is quite a big responsibility. It is necessary to find this data as quickly as possible and even give recommendations for business.