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Marie-Laure FRIESS - Portfolio. Search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization Every website we design and develop respects a minimum decent set of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization ) rules.

Search engine optimization

Things like good URL rewriting, XHTML 1.1 compliant code, use of CSS classes to style the code, tableless design, meta tags and descriptions, page titles, good internal linking between site pages and so on, come by default in each of our projects. However this is not enough for today's web. To appear on the first positions on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search, Ask and so on, you need to several things: new and fresh content every day, linkbuilding campaigns, link exchange with related websites, keyword optimization etc.

Maybe you have specific goals in mind for your websites. Full Service Digital Marketing Agency. SimpleBits. Portfolio. Jesse is a superb web designer full of fresh ideas and insights.


He got to know our relatively complicated product well and gave us beautiful designs with a marketing flair. He understands the potential engineering difficulties for developers – making their lives easier. He is incredibly efficient.