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How to Get Better Battery Life and Performance on Your Android Phone with a New Kernel. Great Lock Screens for Go Locker. As you know, changing the launcher and lock screen of your phone can give you a completely revamped experience and make your phone feel brand new.

Great Lock Screens for Go Locker

Go Locker (developed and offered by the same great dev team behind Go Launcher and Go SMS, and which we reviewed here) is the most popular lock screen replacement app in the Play Store. Although it currently doesn’t offer the customizability present in WidgetLocker Lockscreen, Go Locker can be modded with a variety of free and paid themes available for download in the Play Store as well.

In this roundup, I’ll show you a few of my favourite such mods. There is only one caveat when it comes to using Go Locker: Go Launcher has to be installed on your phone to use it. While Go Launcher is a very good launcher replacement, the fact that you have to install it makes it feel a bit like installing bloatware. Default Default Theme This is the only theme that is available when Go Locker is first installed.

Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream Sandwich Dark Dark Halo. Steel ABS A6W Workout Trainer. Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D limited edition Android phone arrives June 29th (video) [New App] InFoto Generates Beautiful And Informative Infographics From Your Pictures. Odds are that as long as your phone is not brand new, you've taken a fair number of photos with it.

[New App] InFoto Generates Beautiful And Informative Infographics From Your Pictures

Those images are so much more than a moment frozen in time; they contain delicious data ready to be splayed out and consumed. InFoto slurps up the EXIF data attached to your snapshots and builds some very cool-looking infographics from it. The app lets you generate a new infographic with a single tap, but you can also pull up the last data set instantly if nothing has changed. It can take a moment for InFoto to pull the data out of your images if you have a lot of them. InFoto's interface is swipable and covers photo data like location, time of day, device orientation, ISO, and flash usage. The interface is very smooth, and I really like the consistent design carried through the entire app. 3 steps to get DNS tunneling on your smartphone. You need two things: root access rights and a TUN/TAP driver.

3 steps to get DNS tunneling on your smartphone

This driver creates a virtual network interface on your phone through which applications send the data. The interface encapsulates the data in DNS queries and sends them over the Wifi or mobile interface. MagicTunnel needs root access to create the virtual network interface and to reroute Internet traffic through it. Your phone may already have root access and a TUN/TAP driver, especially if you installed alternative firmwares such as CyanogenMod or a MoDaCo custom ROM. In this case, skip to the next section.

Rooting the phone There are as many different procedures to root the phone as there are phone models. Google Nexus One Installing the TUN/TAP driver For this, you need to download the Android NDK and the sources of the Linux kernel that ships with your phone. A.Configuring domain names Get a domain name for your computer and set it to point to the IP address of your computer. B.Installing the DNS server $ sudo . Tagy Redefines Minimalism, Replace Old Icons For Customizable Text Widgets. On{X} MARKET. SetOn{x}