Impact Accelerators

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Arabella Advisors. Bolder Giving: What we do. Bolder Giving's mission isto inspire and support people to give at their full lifetime potential We promote three ways to give boldly.

Bolder Giving: What we do

Give more: The average giving in the U.S. is 2-3% of annual income. We help those who can afford it to take quantum leaps further. Risk more: Many people are in an uninspired giving rut. We invite people to be more adventurous, strategic, and involved.Inspire more: Most people rarely talk about their giving. We help individuals and influence the field of giving. In partnership with many others, we aim to build a culture of greater generosity. We serve: People from across the economic spectrum who want to give more boldly in any of the three ways above,Professionals who work with donors (fundraisers, philanthropic and financial advisors),And members of the media and others interested in the field of philanthropy. We engage the power of stories, community, and peer support. Stories: Most of us are hugely influenced by what’s “normal” around us.

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