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Useful Online Marketing News on Debunking Internet Promotion Myths. Although there is a general consensus on what marketing on the Internet is all about, that does not stop certain myths from propagating.

Useful Online Marketing News on Debunking Internet Promotion Myths

An article on Forbes magazine titled , and another article on Lifehack titled , have sought to enumerate these myths and explain them so that businesses can better understand how to promote themselves on the Web. What can be understood from both sources is that there is no exact science to web marketing, and what might work for one website might not necessarily work for another. Both articles stress that online marketing is not a numbers game; instead of focusing on attracting a lot of traffic and using big keywords, businesses should try to cater specifically to their target market using quality content.

Ecommerce Marketing News on Customer Experience & Engagement. Some may think that internet marketing is all about using targeted keywords and attracting as many visitors as possible to a website, hoping to make more sales as a result.

Ecommerce Marketing News on Customer Experience & Engagement

While true, these things only scratch the surface of real web marketing, which gives emphasis on providing both prospects and loyal customers with value. Businesses need to rethink their approach if they rely too much on optimization and web traffic instead of providing their customers with what they truly need. Two articles on the Entrepreneur website titled and discuss how ecommerce hinges on providing customers with relevant experiences through engagement. Keep Up with Important Mobile Marketing News for Tips and Strategies. Social Marketing Tips to Muse On for the Hyper-Connected Entrepreneur. 2015 Predictions on Content Marketing to Watch Out For. Online Marketing News Says That Content Marketing is Ever Evolving.

Latest Web Design News: A Quick Look into Google’s “Mobile-friendly Update” Reputation Marketing Insights: Why Some Negative PR Become Positive PR. Sacha Baron Cohen’s infamous fictional character, Borat, from the 2012 film of the same title, travels to the U.S. to learn about American culture “for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan,” while at the same time inadvertently making fun of his home country.

Reputation Marketing Insights: Why Some Negative PR Become Positive PR

As with most of the actor’s movies, Borat was criticized for its anti-Semitic and homophobic themes, yet on the other hand, gave the former Soviet state a threefold increase in tourism. On a different spectrum, Kenneth Cole wasn’t as lucky. When it tweeted about the ongoing uproar in Cairo, supposedly because they have heard about the availability of the brand’s 2011 spring collection, the collective reaction in media was, needless to say, swift and punishing. A day after the contentious tweet, the brand issued an apology tweet, but the damage had been done. PPC Insights: The Why and How of Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Ecommerce Marketing News and Tips that Help Improve Customer Service. Helpful Online Marketing Tips when Investing in Marketing Automation. Several Effective Local Marketing Tips to Remember to Win on Local SEO.

Web Design News: How You Can Achieve a Mobile Responsive Web Design. SEO News: It’s Time to Conduct a Thorough Content Audit for Your Site. Reputation Marketing News: Maintaining a Good Image is Key to Success. Marketing Digest: Social Marketing Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Social Media. PPC Tips to Enhance Your Campaigns: 7 Google AdWords Tools to Try. Mobile Marketing News Update: Why Marketers Must Focus More on Mobile. Keeping Up with Latest Digital Trends through Online Marketing News. SMBs Are Spending More on Marketing—Helpful Local Marketing Insights.

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