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Five questions with Mayo Clinic social media chief Lee Aase Attendance at this year’s Health Care Social Media Summit, which kicked off Monday and continues through Wednesday at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has more than doubled from last year. And many of the summit’s 375 attendees have been keeping the Twitter stream #mayoregan flowing with something like 100 tweets an hour today. That’s because more healthcare organizations are taking notice of what others are doing with social media and seeing the need to collaborate on new ways to implement social media throughout the healthcare system, according to the director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, Lee Aase. Aase is part of the team that has helped Mayo Clinic establish itself as the poster child for healthcare social media. Five questions with Mayo Clinic social media chief Lee Aase
Remember “Who shot JR?” I certainly do. In 1980 I was only 10 years old when the iconic episode of Dallas captivated the nation and the world – too young to stay up to watch it. How Social Networking Is Reviving Communal TV Viewing How Social Networking Is Reviving Communal TV Viewing
Chelsea Shepherd: Sports #journalism is chan Chelsea Shepherd: Sports #journalism is chan Language: English Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Melayu
Though it certainly seems like most if not all of the 2011 NBA Season will be put on hold, the Phoenix Suns are gearing up for a new social media marketing initiative, one incorporating every major social network as well as the introduction of a very new reporting position. The first of it’s kind, with so far loosely defined roles, the Suns have declared their efforts to find and hire a social media sideline reporter. While just about every professional sports team and sports network have sideline reporters, no team has designated one specifically as a social media sideline reporter. The Phoenix Suns are looking for a social media sideline reporter, the first such position in professional sports With New Initiative, Phoenix Suns Seek First Ever Social Media Sideline Reporter With New Initiative, Phoenix Suns Seek First Ever Social Media Sideline Reporter
Coca Cola Is Accelerating Its Social Maturity | InnovationManagement Coca Cola is taking its Social Media efforts one step further. The brand is going to hire an agency that will mine Social Media data to understand what customers are saying about the brand and looking for. It’s an attempt to consistently understand the Social Web and benefit from it for the different brands, supply chains and so on. The winning agency will be responsible for formulating a consistent way of keeping track of what consumers are saying across Twitter, Facebook and other channels about all of Coca-Cola’s brands in North America. It will then report back to the company to yield insights into how to improve or tweak marketing, and determine consumer sentiment about specific products. Coca Cola Is Accelerating Its Social Maturity | InnovationManagement
The Amazing Race Checks In With Foursquare CBS has rolled out a new Foursquare brand page for its hit reality show, The Amazing Race. The Foursquare brand page coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Emmy-winning reality competition series. Users can follow AmazingRace_CBS on Foursquare and get updated when teams on the show check in at new locations. CBS is also using The Amazing Race brand page to promote various video travel tips from show host Phil Keoghan. The Amazing Race Checks In With Foursquare
The United Nations (UN) and its philanthropic arm, the United Nations Foundation, have been on a headlong sprint to change the world by 2015. That year marks the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals, a set of far reaching and ambitious humanitarian challenges that include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and providing universal primary education. They are lofty goals for sure, but ones that the two organizations are committed to achieving. How the UN Foundation Plans to Meet Its Goals With the Help of Social Media How the UN Foundation Plans to Meet Its Goals With the Help of Social Media
Social Media Handbook 2011 Social Media Handbook 2011 47,019 views Featured in : Education, Technology This document provides extensive social media guidance. It contains information for Army leaders, guidance for Army Families, operations security tips, branding information, checklists, regulations ...
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The SXSW music festival brought an exciting opportunity to mesh the world of sports with music. Their panel, Who’s the Rockstar? Sports as Entertainment and How Music Fits In, featured sports greats discussing how they use music in the industry. Mark Cuban was a panelist, sharing his musical philosophy for the Dallas Mavericks, thoughts on social media, NBA scandals and plans for his cable network. Mark Cuban on Music and Sports Mark Cuban on Music and Sports
Journalists Are Aggregators Too (And That's A Good Thing) A few weeks ago, when the NYTimes' Bill Keller bizarrely compared Arianna Huffington to a Somali pirate, we noted that journalism is a form of aggregation as well. After all, you're taking content from the people who actually make news, and aggregating it into a publication. It appears that others are catching on to this as well. A bunch of folks have passed along this blog post from the Zunguzungu blog, which notes that journalists are aggregating too. Journalists Are Aggregators Too (And That's A Good Thing)
<br/><a href="">ABC US News</a> | <a href="">ABC Business News</a> Copy Social media jobs are everywhere: just ask Charlie Sheen. Jobs For Social Media Strategists
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It’s not as confusing as it seems. I’m most grateful to be invited by Sacramento City College for a guest presentation this Thursday, March 24. This post and the next will be my presentation notes and handout. THE SESSION HANDOUT (Download PDF) Disclaimer: This handout expresses personal opinions and do not represent the position or endorsements of the United States government. WTF Workshop: Social Media for the Academic Professional (1/2) « Ben Young Landis
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