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OWHtv OWHtv is a great way to gain more information about Operation Write Home and learn more about cardmaking! read more Deadlines & Themes Deadlines are important to follow – as we need to get the cards out in time to be written on and mailed home in time for holidays. Operation Write Home: Helping Heroes Keep in Touch with Home Operation Write Home: Helping Heroes Keep in Touch with Home
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Expo Low Odor Ultra Fine Point Dry Erase Markers (Pack of 12 Expo Low Odor Ultra Fine Point Dry Erase Markers (Pack of 12 I searched the Internet for the ultra fine tipped dry erase markers - they seem to be a vanishing item that may even have been discontinued. These were an admittedly odd gift for a friend who teaches math, and needs the ultra fine points so his students can read his ultra awful handwriting on an overhead projector when he does homework problem review. It's a niche market to be sure. Still, these pens have durable points, long lasting ink, are quite opaque, are easily erased, and are easily read - PERFECT all around. The price was great, too. I bought several dozen, and paid the same for a dozen o as I had paid for 2 pens elsewhere.
HP 23 Color Ink Cartridge (Remanufactured
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Expo Grip Low Odor Ink Dry Erase Marker Set
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HP 15 Black Ink Cartridge (Remanufactured
Memory Foam Standard Keyboard Wrist Rest
HP 94 Black HP 95 Color Ink Cartridge (Remanufactured
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Untitled Document Untitled Document In this excerpt, Carolyn McGown talks about managing classroom behavior. About this Chapter Classroom management refers to all the systems, routines, philosophies, and procedures that make a teacher effective. It refers to all the elements that make a classroom run well. Good classroom management improves attitudes, builds community, generates enthusiasm and loyalty, and it significantly increases learning.

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Body Poetry Yoga Cards - Indoor/Outdoor Activity from SmileMakers