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Broadcast LIVE streaming video. ActionScript for Non-Coders. Pages: 1 , A Virtual Camera One of the systems that Flash doesn't have that many other animation environments have is a virtual camera.

ActionScript for Non-Coders

Many professional animation systems allow you to set up a virtual camera that can itself be animated. This allows you to create the sort of camera work seen in traditional films, including pans, zooms, and fades. Flash uses a more old-fashioned system based around a stage. Learn ActionScript. Tutorials. Create a Camera Application in Flash Using ActionScript 3. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a camera application that captures the user webcam image and saves it as a JPG file.

Create a Camera Application in Flash Using ActionScript 3

Let’s see how! Final Result, does not work previewed in Dreamweaver, please open in browser Step 1: Set Up Your Flash File Launch Flash and create a new document. Tutorial Actionscript 3 - How to use a webcam on Flash.