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History Mystery. How would you like to become a great investigator — of history!

History Mystery

I’m Professor Carlotta Facts, and I challenge you to solve the History Mystery! If you figure out the mystery in fewer clues, you earn a higher title as an investigator. So choose a game…and away we play! Special Note:To play History Mystery, you must have your browsers set to accept cookies. For more information about cookies, see our Privacy Policy Statement. Unit Study Project Ideas by Cindy Downes - Oklahoma Homeschool. Suggestions of things you can do to integrate learning into other subjects while doing unit studies: Read/Write Learners: Read library books related to the topic.

Unit Study Project Ideas by Cindy Downes - Oklahoma Homeschool

Complete a writing project related to the subject. See Writing Ideas. Write a biography of a person studied. Visual Learners: Do an art project related to the topic. Auditory Learners: Real aloud Listen to a lecture/speaker/radio show Make a tape recording about the topic Make up riddles or songs about the topic Perform a song or recite a poem about the topic Listen to and/or play music created by musicians living during a time period Read a biography of musicians who lived during a time period being studied Conduct a survey Tell about the topic Participate in a debate on the topic Disuss the topic Watch a video related to the topic. Kinesthetic Learners: Do a science experiments related to the topic Take a field trip related to the topic. (Back to top) Fourth Grade Internet Activities. Fourth Grade Internet Based Activities Fourth Grade Internet Activities are listed below.

Fourth Grade Internet Activities

If you find an activity that you would like to use with your students, send the Internet address to your school's webmaster. She/he can then put it on your grade level links page in the computer lab. Then all you have to do is bring your students to the lab and do the activity! Choose a subject area below: Reading William Allen White Reading List Writing Math emanipulativesClick to see online math manipulatives for 4th graders Math Two Social Studies.

Guide for Teachers - Stars and Triangles - Classroom Games. A game called ''Stars and Triangles'' that introduces the concepts of absolute and comparative advantage in international trade.

Guide for Teachers - Stars and Triangles - Classroom Games

Purpose: A game that introduces the concepts of absolute and comparative advantage in international trade. Learning Objectives: At the end of the game, students should be able to: Explain the principle of absolute advantageExplain the principle of opportunity cost and be able to do some basic calculations to work out opportunity cost ratiosExplain the principle of comparative advantageExplain the meaning of 'terms of trade'Comment on the role of power relations in trade Timing: 2 x 1 hour lessons Method: The concepts of absolute and particularly comparative advantage are often ones that present problems to students.

Round One The class is given ten minutes to produce the commodities - five minutes for stars and five for triangles. Round Two Each country is given a further ten minutes of production time. Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms - For Teachers. Atlas - Xpeditions @ You may download this map, modify it, and use it in any way, provided that you charge no fee for anyone to view or use any item that includes or is based on this map.

Atlas - Xpeditions @

If you use this map, you must include the following credit in association with it: "Map courtesy National Geographic. National Geographic does not review or endorse content added to this map by others. " Any use in a product or service for which a fee is charged, by you or someone else, requires a license; contact for more information and to obtain a license. Fourth Grade Web Activities. E-mail Web Manager - Technology Training Specialist and Teacher Revised March 16, 2012 12:48 PM Nebraska Standards Not responsible for pages found by linking beyond this site. Every attempt has been made to use graphics that are free use or public domain. If you notice copyright violations on this web site, please contact the web manager and any questionable graphic shall be removed. Learning Tools - Timeline tool.