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Whatz new oct 2016

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7 tendances de transformation numérique pour 2017, Transformation digitale. Blippar Drives AR Growth with Top Gaming, Education, CPG Brands. Thanks to the wild success of Pokémon GO, augmented reality has really started to take the world by storm.

Blippar Drives AR Growth with Top Gaming, Education, CPG Brands

In fact, Citi’s Global Perspectives and Solutions Group projects that by 2035, augmented reality alone could capture one-quarter of the online commerce market, a figure exceeding $1.3 trillion. And Blippar, one of the better-known augmented reality apps, brings together image recognition, AR and computer vision technology through smart and wearable devices. Malgré le fiasco du Galaxy Note 7, Samsung reste le leader mondial des smartphones. La part de marché du constructeur coréen a baissé à 20% mais il reste devant son plus grand rival, Apple, qui pointe à un peu plus de 12%.

Malgré le fiasco du Galaxy Note 7, Samsung reste le leader mondial des smartphones

Samsung a souffert du fiasco du Galaxy Note 7 au troisième trimestre mais pas au point de perdre sa première place mondiale sur le marché des smartphones, selon des études des cabinets IDC et Strategy Analytics. Les deux cabinets estiment que la part de marché du groupe sud-coréen a été ramenée à environ 20%, contre un peu plus de 23% un an plus tôt.

UK's Jaguar Land Rover Reinvents Itself for the Digital Future. Agile Project Management - Project Management Tools From Organizing Flexible Projects © iStockphotochinaface.

Agile Project Management - Project Management Tools From

Technology Trends & Emerging Technology - From Gartner Research. Technology Research. Le grand maillage digital : Les 10 prédictions stratégiques de Gartner pour 2017. Credits Shutterstock Sahacha Nilkumhang Pour 2017, Gartner nous annonce l’avénement du Digital Mesh, ce grand maillage digital effaçant les frontières des modes physiques et digitaux.

Le grand maillage digital : Les 10 prédictions stratégiques de Gartner pour 2017

Synthèse et perspectives en 10 predictions : Case study: How 'Love Island' influencers were used for a hyperlocal campaign. The Challenge With quick fixes flying off the shelves and new ranges flooding the marketplace, the teeth whitening and oral care market is a congested place.

Case study: How 'Love Island' influencers were used for a hyperlocal campaign

The challenge for communications agency O, was to introduce the new Nano range from oral care brand WhiteWash Laboratories to predominantly female consumers aged 18-35 years old using a mix of media and influencer outreach. O’s digital content director, Holly Peacock said: "We know that 92 percent of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands, even if they don’t know them, which is why bloggers and digital influencers' recommendations are so powerful. Quaker takes on Starbucks and Pret. Quaker Oats is looking to challenge McDonald’s, Starbucks and Pret A Manger in the ‘convenience’ breakfast market by focusing on new innovations and the healthiness of its products.

Quaker takes on Starbucks and Pret

Why marketers should take notice of Amazon and Google’s connected home launches. Whenever technology giants like Amazon and Google enter a market, other brands tend to sit up and pay attention.

Why marketers should take notice of Amazon and Google’s connected home launches

Avoiding the Trap of Spurious Loyalty: Lessons from Wells Fargo and Volkswagen. ​Oct. 11, 2016 Don't get distracted by the gleam of customer loyalty and forget the real goal: customer satisfaction Wells Fargo recently paid a $185 million fine and fired 5,300 employees for opening customer accounts, many of them fake.

Avoiding the Trap of Spurious Loyalty: Lessons from Wells Fargo and Volkswagen

The employees did this to achieve the goal of building customer loyalty through cross-selling. Luxury Daily. NEW YORK – According to a Fabergé executive at Luxury Interactive, it takes nine times as much effort to create a new consumer relationship than it does to maintain an existing one.

Luxury Daily

The Russian heritage jeweler is an interesting case study in retention, as it has had to rebuild visibility and awareness for its jewelry business after shutting its doors for nearly a century in the wake of the Russian Revolution. While much has changed since Fabergé was decorated at the 1903 World’s Fair in Paris, selling to the ultra-high-net-worth consumer remains practically the same, and may even be made easier by through digital touchpoints. "Customer retention today, as I’m sure you’re all aware, is your gold mining project,"said Jon Omer, vice president of United States wholesale at Fabergé. Uber has a new logo, and the Internet is not pleased - Feb. 2, 2016. Instead of the stylized white and black "U," the new design features an image that the company calls the "atom and bit.

Uber has a new logo, and the Internet is not pleased - Feb. 2, 2016

" While a few offered praise for the update, the news has some folks on Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) confused or downright angry. "This new logo/branding looks disgusting @Uber, your old one was classier," one user wrote. "Um, two words for the new #uber logos 1) underwhelming 2) why? Change for change's sake not wise or good- EVER @Uber," another tweet reads. Apple drops plans to build its own self-driving car. Asos: Amazing stats hold lessons for other retailers. Branding Evolution. The media business is percolating with over-the-top content — shows, series, events, and whole channels that bypass cable and reach consumers through social media, the Web, and other platforms. So it may not come as a surprise that coffee shops are getting into the game.

This fall saw the introduction of “Upstanders,” a Web-based series that uses video, podcasts, and text to tell the stories of 10 ordinary people creating positive change. Brought to you, literally, by Starbucks. When Customer Loyalty Programs Backfire. Bottom Line: Customers who don’t hit the target to qualify for a reward are apt to hold it against the company and make fewer subsequent purchases. Marketing 196. How Colors Influence People: The Psychology Of Color In Business Marketing. "Color has long been understood to be something which appeals greatly to our visual senses, and it is frequently a tool utilized in marketing. Countless studies have found that particular colors have their own effects on consumers, with some colors stimulating areas of the brain in ways which will either promote excitement or tranquility.

In this manner, corporations and popular businesses and brands can easily target their market simply by picking the right combination of colors to visualize their marketing campaign, logo, content and website. How are you incorporating color into your website design? " Take a look at the below infographic and learn how colors influence people.Click image to enlarge.

Ultimately, the use of color in marketing and business can be fine tuned dependent on one's need. Com’ de crise : et si les marques fautives commençaient par (savoir) s’excuser ? – The brandnewsblog l Le blog des marques et du branding. Décidément, cette rentrée de septembre-octobre 2016 restera gravée dans les mémoires des experts en communication de crise comme l’une des plus prolifiques qu’il leur ait été donné de connaître… Ne serait-ce que depuis la fin août, 3 marques réputées ont en effet connu des crises majeures et ont été amenées à en tirer les conséquences. Tandis que Yahoo! Zappos' Customers Are the "Sole" of Its Loyalty Program - DMN. October 13, 2016 The online shoe and clothing retailer's loyalty program offers different customer segments different relevant rewards. For many brands, loyalty programs are a one-size-fits all concept: The more you buy, the more rewards you receive.

Not for Zappos. The shoe and clothing retailer designed its four-tiered program, Zappos Rewards, based on customers' shopping and engagement behaviors to incentivize different segments to interact with the brand on a regular basis. Zappos announced the launch of its first loyalty program on September 28th, but the brand's director of marketing, Kedar Deshpande, says that the brand had been working on the program for the past few months. “We always have a great customer experience with customers contacting the call center,” he says, “but we could not scale that regular customer experience to our website customers, particularly when they interact with us.”

Why emotional reactions are a better indicator of behaviour. As traditional methods of market research go into decline, what are the strengths and weaknesses of newer techniques that track real-time emotional responses and get behind the psychology of the consumer decision-making process? The value of the data analytics market has grown by more than 350% over the past four years and has been a major contributor to the size and effectiveness of the UK research sector, according to a recent study commissioned by the Market Research Society and carried out by PwC.

The importance of qualitative research has also risen dramatically, as the report states that brands are increasingly looking to clarify the ‘why’ behind raw data and numbers. Le marketing numérique, c’est quoi ? Le marketing numérique est une discipline sur Internet en plein essor qui exige de posséder plusieurs casquettes. Les métiers du numérique demandent actuellement de plus en plus de compétences, notamment dans le secteur du marketing en ligne. En effet, sur Internet il n’est pas question uniquement que de chiffres et de ventes, il y a avant tous les moyens. Afin de mettre en place une stratégie efficace voici les compétences de bases à maîtriser illustré par Melissa Ralph consultante en marketing. RessourcesLe content marketing, c’est pas sorcier ! [Infographie] La Signification Des Couleurs Des logos de marques. Color Psychology In Marketing: The Complete Guide [Free Download]

S. Pellegrino, US Take Home Special Edition. Terms and conditions. Log In. Why Samsung Abandoned Its Galaxy Note 7 Flagship Phone. Samsung Abandons Flagship Product 10/12/2016. 95% des entreprises convaincues par l'A/B Testing - Ecommerce. Deux pratiques sont en passe de devenir monnaie courante chez les marketeurs et les e-commerçants: l'A/B testing et la personnalisation. C'est la tendance décelée par une étude de Kameleoon et Converteo. L'A/B Testing et la personnalisation sont deux pratiques qui font l'unanimité chez les marketeurs et les e-commerçants, persuadés de leur efficacité.

Tous ne sont pas encore passés à l'acte, mais la progression est bien réelle, comme le démontre l'étude* de Kameleoon et de Converteo. Samsung to Halt Galaxy Note 7 Production Temporarily. ‘Uber Giving is less about being nice, more about being honest about who we are’ Fitbit aims for the mass market with The X Factor sponsorship. Experiences are the key to brand loyalty. 100 Disruptive Brands. Louis Vuitton Taps Into Youth Spirit for Next Growth Chapter. Facebook Marketplace Looks to Take on eBay and Craigslist. Coty Completes Merger with P&G Specialty Beauty Business. Visa Continues Growth with Digital Technology, Strategic Partnerships.