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Customer-Centricity, Analytics, Optimisation Key In 2016: Forrester CMO. 26 Disruptive Tech Trends for 2016 - 2018. Quand les marques passent (pour de vrai) au "phygital" Prynt, la coque de smartphone qui imprime vos photos. Alors que le numérique se développe toujours davantage, il est désormais rare d’imprimer ses photos alors qu’il est possible de les regarder ou de les montrer directement sur son smartphone ou sa tablette.

Prynt, la coque de smartphone qui imprime vos photos

Seulement, certains nostalgiques restent adeptes du petit bout de papier glacé, objet tangible d’un souvenir. Grâce à la startup française Prynt, née en 2014, imprimer ses photos soi-même comme avec un polaroid est désormais une réalité. Issu d’un concept simple et efficace, la coque de Prynt s’adapte au smartphone pour imprimer instantanément les photos. Avantage notable de cette ingénieuse invention, aucune cartouche d’encre n’est nécessaire. En effet, l’encre est contenue dans le papier, que l’utilisateur devra acheter au fur et à mesure de sa consommation, et la couleur se forme grâce à une source de chaleur qui se trouve dans la coque. Mondelez Plans to Sell Off Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Europe. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the most popular cream cheese on the planet, is looking for a new home in Europe as Mondelez—the Kraft spinoff that was created in 2012—is preparing to consider offers.

Mondelez Plans to Sell Off Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Europe

It’s all part of $3 billion asset selloff that the company has been working for a year, the London Times reports. Philadelphia’s American rights are still owned by Kraft Heinz, which has the option of buying back the European rights. Other potential buyers include French dairy group Lactalis and private equity firms Advent International and Carlyle. 10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brands. But Facebook's 2013 (rejected) offer to pay $3bn for fledgling digital business Snapchat sent a clear signal - Snapchat is no young pretender; it's a business with a compelling USP. 1.

10 reasons why Snapchat is the platform du jour for brands

What is Snapchat? E-marketing : Actualité marketing, marques, communication, agences, publicité. Le branding : un enjeu stratégique pour les grandes écoles et les universités. Le phénomène est impressionnant : d’après une étude réalisée fin 2015 par l’agence Noir sur blanc, pas moins de 80 % des écoles de commerce ont fait évoluer leur marque ces 15 dernières années.

Le branding : un enjeu stratégique pour les grandes écoles et les universités

Et, bien qu’on ne dispose pas de statistiques aussi précises à leur sujet, les écoles d’ingénieur et les universités ne sont pas en reste. Une grande partie d’entre elles ont également vu leur nom changer ces dernières années, ainsi que leur identité graphique. Pourtant, il y a 20 ans, assimiler une grande école ou une faculté à une marque aurait presque fait scandale. Pepsi's brand and marketing investment boosts profit, Sainsbury's terminates the Bogof deal in value and health drive, and Burger King extends into sausages with hot dog launch. Pepsi bolstered by brand investment and increased marketing spend PepsiCo announced a 31% hike to $1.73bn in net profit for its fourth quarter results, crediting increased marketing and advertising spend for driving strong sales.

Pepsi's brand and marketing investment boosts profit, Sainsbury's terminates the Bogof deal in value and health drive, and Burger King extends into sausages with hot dog launch

But the group's full-year profit fell from $6.56bn to $5.5bn for the 2015 financial year. During the three months ending 26 December, Pepsi was fuelled by a strong performance in North America, but it warned that the global economy was volatile and the outlook bleak. In Retail, It’s “The Year Of The Customer” Apple faces legal backlash over 'Error 53'... Star Wars boosts toy sales for Hasbro, Npower cuts gas prices from end of March. Apple faces legal backlash over ‘Error 53’ Apple is facing legal challenges over its ‘Error 53’ code, which permanently disables users' iPhones repaired using third-party components.

Apple faces legal backlash over 'Error 53'... Star Wars boosts toy sales for Hasbro, Npower cuts gas prices from end of March

According to a report in The Guardian, at least one firm of lawyers in the US is hoping to mount a class action against the tech giant on behalf of clients whose iPhones have been rendered useless by a software upgrade. Brand Quarterly - Issue 19 - Out Now. [Sommets du digital] Cinq profils de consommateurs basés sur des comportements d'achat. The Secret to Creating Customer Loyalty – THE BIG IDEA: It is possible to create loyal customers, but not through conventional practices.

The Secret to Creating Customer Loyalty –

It requires a different mindset and a special kind of organizational leadership. All brands want more loyal customers. The reasons are clear: more repeat business, more positive word of mouth, and greater customer lifetime value. Research, however, suggests that customer loyalty for national brands is in decline. Switching brands in the digital age is easier than ever before. The 2 Innovation Gifts of Brand Repositioning - The Strategy Distillery. The new, intriguing and revolutionary brand repositioning of Lynx/Axe as more sensitive, grown-up and sophisticated caught our attention as innovators.

The 2 Innovation Gifts of Brand Repositioning - The Strategy Distillery

On one hand it’s a gift to be given something so inspiring to work with, on the other there’s now tremendous pressure on the innovation team to maximise it’s potential and get the innovations that fall in it’s wake just right, to continue to build the brand story through innovation. A well researched and executed brand repositioning brings fresh opportunities, and indeed is helpful to innovators in reigning in what we are not about; providing useful focus, but we mustn’t fall into the trap of thinking we now know enough to go straight to breakthrough ideas. So let’s look at the gifts brand re-positioning offers and how to unlock their potential – without falling into common traps. Tata Motors to Rename Zica Hatchback Following Zika Virus Outbreak.

Indian auto company Tata Motors has spent a good deal of money getting its Zica hatchback ready for its coming launch.

Tata Motors to Rename Zica Hatchback Following Zika Virus Outbreak

Things took an unexpected turn, though, when the Zika virus, mostly carried by mosquitoes from victim to victim, began causing babies to be born with microcephaly across the globe. According to the BBC, cases have cropped up in at least 20 countries and territories. As many as 1.5 million Brazilians have been potentially affected, and the World Health Organization has called it a global health emergency.

Amazon Reportedly Plans to Open 400 Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores. It’s a punchline to a joke 20 years in the making.

Amazon Reportedly Plans to Open 400 Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores

Amazon plans to open up to 400 brick-and-mortar bookstores in malls across the nation. But this joke has layers. First, it’s important to note that Amazon’s announcement comes not from Amazon. The news of hundreds of Amazon stores came on an earnings call for mall developer giant General Growth Properties and was part of a comment about how GGP sees future mall traffic. Malls, once US meccas, have recently suffered a decline. It’s Mine’: Diet Coke Retains Distinct Spot in Lineup with New Campaign. Following the success of “Share a Coke” promotions over the past couple of years, Diet Coke has launched a new marketing slogan and advertising program built around dressing its cans and bottles with millions of unique, colorful designs. #ItsMine launched with a TV ad shot in black and white featuring a woman in business dress lunging through the air and procuring a bottle of Diet Coke in one of the new designs, which is in color. A cover of Queen’s “I Want It All” by Andra Day adds the soundtrack for the ad.

“Millions of unique designs,” the ad copy reads. Innocent founder Richard Reed: 'It is crazy how significant packaging is' Speaking at the Business Funding Show, Reed highlighted that brands should focus on getting the packaging right before investing in advertising. Google Parent Alphabet Passes Apple as World's Most Valuable Company. From A-Z, Alphabet Inc. Multitasking is Killing Your Brain — Life Tips. Multitasking is Killing Your Brain Many people believe themselves to be multitasking masters, but could it all be in their heads?

Our brains weren’t built to multitask. Twitter reveals insights from best social campaigns of 2015. 2015 was a big year for creativity on Twitter. How Marketers Are Measuring Customer Engagement. Marketers are constantly looking to better understand consumers and ultimately deliver an engaging experience. According to Q4 2015 research, many executives are using revenue metrics to quantify the success of customer efforts. CMO Council looked at how marketing executives in North America quantify customer engagement success. More than a third of respondents said that revenue metrics, like customer lifetime value, revenues per customer and overall revenue increases, were the primary type of metric they used to measure consumer engagement. Additionally, 30% of respondents said that campaign metrics, such as clicks, conversions, shares, traffic and web analytics, were the primary type of metrics they used.

Fewer marketing executives said they relied on sales enablement metrics, service metrics and finance metrics to measure overall customer engagement success. La différence entre UX et CX (expérience client) In 2016, Resolve to ‘Disrupt Yourself’ ‘Ingenuity for life’: Siemens Launches Brand and Business Impact Program. Barbie is now available in tall, curvy, and petite sizes.

How to Create an Infographic in Under an Hour [15 Free Infographic Templates] Wouldn't it be great if creating infographics was just as simple as writing regular ole text-based blog posts? Mappa Lens Academy ITA Jan 2016 1. The 7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC] InShare1,278. The Right Way to Reward Your Customers. Can Coca-Cola’s ‘One Brand’ marketing strategy help sales pop? What Content Types Should You Create? In 2016, Resolve to ‘Disrupt Yourself’ From 'Open Happiness' to 'Taste the Feeling': Coke's struggle with emotion vs function. Ca-Cola unites all brands with 'Taste the Feeling' campaign. Roxy X Biotherm s'unissent pour une ligne de cosmétotextile anti-froid - Fashion Spider - Fashion Spider – Mode, Haute Couture, Fashion Week & Night Show. Remaker : réparation de smartphone. Planning Guide: 2016 Social Media Marketing.

Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) : Measure Customer Experience. Brand Relevance Index. New UV Wearable Sticker Claims to Help Measure Sun Exposure. Ikea’s marketing boss on how it plans to expand its ‘quirky’ image beyond furniture and meatballs. Mintel Charts Course For 2016 Consumer Packaging 12/28/2015. In the UK, Real-Time Marketing Moves to Moment Marketing. 7 SEO Tips For 2016 on Curagami.