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Update CRM. 2A update. Update SBM rentree 2016. Digital marketing. CORPORATE REBRANDING - AN EXPLORATORY REVIEW. Skip over navigation to the main content ProQuest Document Preview.


MuzellecMT09. 99 H10243. SBM segmentation. Luxe en Chine : 3 générations de clients et un enjeu digital. Update 5A community. 5A extensions. Update SBM : luxe. Update 5A extensions. A brand to call your own: Ad people who became great entrepreneurs. Advertising people make great entrepreneurs.

A brand to call your own: Ad people who became great entrepreneurs

Obviously, I’m not referring to those (like me) who start their own agencies. I’m talking about the people who choose to stop looking after other people’s brands and start doing it for themselves. People who take responsibility not just for communications but for suppliers, production, retail, finance, legal… the whole shooting match.

Advertising quickly exposes you to a huge range of consumer types, business models and marketing challenges. You get to sit in the jump seat behind brand owners as they pilot their brands through the stormy skies of competitive markets.

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Coca-Cola crashes out of world's top 10 brands. The 130-year-old soft drink brand has been a mainstay of the global top 10 by brand value since the BrandZ report was launched in 2006 and it was placed third after Microsoft and GE.

Coca-Cola crashes out of world's top 10 brands

But it was soon overtaken by the likes of Google and by last year had slid down to 8th place, albeit its brand value continued to grow year by year, as the chart below demonstrates. Millward Brown’s BrandZ valuation process takes the financial value created by a brand in US dollars and multiplies it by the proportion of that value generated by the brand contribution alone.

That brand contribution is derived from consumer research that quantifies how much of the volume people purchase and how much of the price premium people pay can be attributed to brand equity.

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ComeClean x Maya Rudolph: Q&A with Seventh Generation's Joey Bergstein. Seventh Generation, the producer and distributor of environmentally safe household products, is about to launch a $15 million advertising campaign starring comic actress and comedian Maya Rudolph.

ComeClean x Maya Rudolph: Q&A with Seventh Generation's Joey Bergstein

It’s unusual for green brands to use celebrities for endorsements and the Rudolph campaign is only Seventh Generation’s second foray into television since its founding in the mid-1980s. In three commercials, the Bridesmaids actress calls out bargain-brand detergents with dyes and toxic chemicals and promotes the efficacy of green cleaners. Soul Jam’: Kia Brings Back Music-Loving Hamsters for Memorial Day. Kids may tire of hamsters after a couple of years, but not the brand executives at Kia: They are bringing back their animatronic crew of hamsters to promote the Soul small car in the most ambitious effort yet.

Soul Jam’: Kia Brings Back Music-Loving Hamsters for Memorial Day

Launching on Friday with a 60-second “Soul Jam” spot on more than 34,000 movie screens for the busy Memorial Day cinema weekend, the “The World Needs More Soul” campaign gives Kia’s quirkily boxy, fun-loving Soul model an upbeat message of cultural and global unity using a catchy new tune that transforms the classic “Dueling Banjos” into an internationally inspired anthem. In a longer online form of “Soul Jam,” Nathaniel Rateliff, front man of roots sensation Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, trades guitar licks with a banjo-playing hamster who arrives on the scene—in a Soul, of course.

Then more hamsters join the fray, and so do hundreds of humans (and other colors of Soul), all racing to a Central Park-like setting with their instruments. Mailer InnovAward ENG 1501. Why brands are applying the principles of psychology to design. There is more to design than meets the eye.

Why brands are applying the principles of psychology to design

In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, brands including Heinz, Oxo and the RAF are applying the principles of psychology and using neuroscience techniques to create designs that resonate with consumers in both an immediate and lasting way. Psychological principles – concerning behaviour, attitudes, aspirations and motivations – can help brands understand how their logos or packaging make consumers react. All visuals create a pattern of attention, which is why it is so important for brands to give designs a clear focus, as humans have limited attention spans, explains psychologist Nathalie Nahaï.

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Update SBM rentree 2016. Update 2A sustainability. Ben & Jerry’s: Why standing for a cause can build stronger customer bonds. The ice cream brand breaks its social message down into ethical product sourcing and responsible manufacturing, alongside advocacy work on issues such as marriage equality and climate change.

Ben & Jerry’s: Why standing for a cause can build stronger customer bonds

Ben & Jerry’s picks an issue then finds a local story, such as teaming up with civil rights campaign group Hope Not Hate to encourage Londoners to vote in the recent mayoral election on 5 May, says global digital marketing manager Mike Hayes. The campaign was also tied to a product: Ben & Jerry’s limited edition election version of its chocolate fudge brownie flavour, called ‘Give a Fudge’. Hayes acknowledges that it is important not to lose sight of the economic mission and if possible it is best to intertwine the product into the social strategy. “We work out our own values and then go to the movement and see how we can be the most helpful,” says Hayes. Why brands should take a lesson from Unilever on sustainability.

It is a message that eco-ethical business people have been pushing up the levels to big brands for years.

Why brands should take a lesson from Unilever on sustainability

Many brands that have gained a valuable foothold in established markets, like Innocent, Pret, Lush, Ella's Kitchen, Method, have ethics at their core. These brands are also defined as ‘disruptive innovators’, so now everyone from CEOs to CSR executives are talking about disruption and how innovation can improve sustainability. Phrases like 'there’s no business as usual anymore," and "the old economic systems are no longer fit for purpose" may roll off the PR scriptwriters' pens but it’s essentially true. It’s not just technology that’s forcing change, but a massive change in values, especially among the valuable middle classes and Millennials.