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Nov 2014

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Rapport-Influencia-Branding. Storytelling With Impact: Brands Step Up For #GivingTuesday. After the year-end holiday shopping frenzy hyped by Black Friday-Cyber Monday marketing comes GivingTuesday, a social philanthropy initiative started by New York's 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation to encourage charitable donations by individuals, brands and corporations alike.

Storytelling With Impact: Brands Step Up For #GivingTuesday

The pitch is simple, and in the spirit of the holidays: “On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. Why Moment Segmentation Is More Important Than Need States. Over the last 20 years I have seen “need states studies” become a chief pillar of insights for marketing and product development teams to identify white space for innovation.

Why Moment Segmentation Is More Important Than Need States

These studies segment consumers on the basis of what motivates them to select or consume various products of interest. Need states studies typically segment consumers on the basis of a grab-bag of questions about why products have been selected or consumed. The resulting segments are then linked to occasions to understand motivation and emotional response. Actualités économiques, Bourse en ligne, finances perso, immobilier, carrière, management, retraite ... Depuis le 2 octobre, la marque centenaire déploie des corners beauté dans ses principaux magasins en France, en Belgique et en Pologne.

Actualités économiques, Bourse en ligne, finances perso, immobilier, carrière, management, retraite ...

Report: Amazon to launch travel service in January. Amazon will attempt to break into the travel category in January, starting with offering booking for independent hotels and resorts, according to a report on Thursday.

Report: Amazon to launch travel service in January

Skift cites unnamed representatives of three hotels who say Amazon Travel is coming on Jan. 1; the new entry will "feature a curated selection of hotels within a few hours’ drive from New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. " Reps from Amazon could not be reached for comment. Participating hotels and resorts would pay Amazon the industry standard 15% commission rate, according to the report. Amazon would potentially be a big player in online booking.

Dyson Plans To Launch 100 New Products In The Next Four Years. Dyson plans to invest $2.35 billion into new technologies—$1.56 billion of that into its research-and-development efforts—and launch at least 100 new products in the coming four years.

Dyson Plans To Launch 100 New Products In The Next Four Years

The U.K. company is primarily known for its high-end designer vacuums, but TechCrunch suggests that with the rapid rollout of these new products, "Dyson is signaling a shift that could mean we no longer see it primarily as a vacuum company in four years’ time. " It is also currently in the midst of a $391 million expansion of its campus, which will add 3,000 new jobs when completed. Coke Uses Milk-Clad Pinups In Its Milk Ads (And Yes, Coke Is Selling Milk Now) Apparently none of the executives at Coca-Cola were aware that this is what happens when you mix milk with Coke.

Coke Uses Milk-Clad Pinups In Its Milk Ads (And Yes, Coke Is Selling Milk Now)

The soft drink giant is currently in the midst of launching a line of premium milk, along with a curious set of ads for it. Coke is touting Fairlife as a "premium" milk product—it has 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and 50% less sugar than regular milk. GoPro is making its own line of drones, report says. GoPros are already often used with drones to capture unique videos and perspectives.

GoPro is making its own line of drones, report says

Naturally, GoPro is cutting the middle man and trying its hand at developing its own drones. The company, known for its high-durability action cameras, is putting together a line of multi-rotor helicopters that carry high-definition cameras, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The price tag will be between $500 and $1,000. Due to drones' current popularity, consumers have some pretty cheap options to play around with.

DJI's Phantom Drone, for example, retails at about $579, and the even cheaper Parrot MiniDrones sell for as cheap as $99. Digitizing the consumer decision journey. Many of the executives we speak with in banking, retail, and other sectors are still struggling to devise the perfect cross-channel experiences for their customers—experiences that take advantage of digitization to provide customers with targeted, just-in-time product or service information in an effective and seamless way.

Digitizing the consumer decision journey

Video How consumer behavior keeps changing. Why Airbnb Is Launching A Print Magazine. Arcadia eyes further global investment in Topshop and Topman. According to the full-year results,the Topshop and Topman brands were performing well, bolstered by an expansion into the US.

Arcadia eyes further global investment in Topshop and Topman

In the UK, Wallis and Dorothy Perkins were performing well with BHS underperforming for the group. Close Encounters of the Customer Kind - Cult Branding. By BJ Bueno and Scott Jeffrey image source: Fox News THE BIG IDEA: Customer obsession is a fundamental characteristic of long-term, outperforming leadership.

Close Encounters of the Customer Kind - Cult Branding

Inspired leaders find practical ways to keep their top executives connected to the front lines of their business. Sitting in their corner offices with unfettered views of the city skyline, like the untouchable professors hiding away in their ivory towers, it’s all too easy for chief-level executives to become far removed from their customers. Outperforming leaders of Cult Brands and other businesses with loyal customers, however, demonstrate a desire to know their customers. How Inspired Leaders Stay Connected to Their Customers Sam Walton, the late founder and CEO of Wal-Mart, scripted one of his ten rules of success: Rohinni's Lightpaper Is Incredibly Thin, And Printable. How would you use light if it was paper-thin and could be applied to any surface anywhere? When Rohinni CMO Nick Smoot asked me that question, I was pretty stumped at first. But he's already figuring it out. That's because Rohinni has developed a form of what it calls Lightpaper. Dyson Plans To Launch 100 New Products In The Next Four Years.

Land Rover's Novel Idea: Literary Product Placement With James Bond Author. When Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, hit bookstore shelves in 1953, it featured a top spy who couldn’t be swayed by anything (except maybe a pretty face and a perfectly shaken martini). These days, however, it seems that cold hard cash has an undeniable allure for Bond's brand brokers. Heineken Named Creative Marketer of the Year by Cannes Lions. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has named Heineken the 2015 Creative Marketer of the Year. For those keeping score, this nod likely feels inevitable—after all, six Heineken-owned brands in seven countries have won 41 awards at the world's most prestigious advertising, marketing and branding festival during the past three years alone.

But this marks only the second time that the brewer's flagship brand has won the Creative Marketer of the Year award—its last win was in 1995. . @Heineken are the 2015 Creative Marketer of the Year at #CannesLions. Nike Opens First Store for Women as Lululemon Readies First Men's Store. Nike today opened its first women's-only store—in Newport Beach, Calif. —a week ahead of Lululemon opening its first men's-only store—in New York—on Black Friday. The move makes sense given that Nike expects its women's business to grow to $7 billion annually by 2017, from about $5 billion currently. Its second women’s-only store will follow quickly, opening on Nov. 29—but not in the U.S. but in Shanghai, China, the only two women's stores it has announced so far. Victoria's Secret PINK Partners with Frankly Chat for Guilt-Free Gossip.

Victoria's Secret PINK has taken its app to the next level by partnering with Frankly, a private messaging service. Now, VS PINK fans—also known as #PINKNATION members—can send private in-app chats to one another. The feature will also enable PINK app users to chat live with Victoria's Secret supermodels and have all-access to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when it airs on December 9th. Customer Experience Happens To You Not Because of You. InShare68 Earlier this year, I was asked to write the foreword for a new book focused on experience marketing and CX.

The opportunity appeared while I was in the throes of researching and writing my (not yet announced) book. As hard as it was to pull away from it, I must admit that it was a welcome distraction. So, I stopped what I was doing and read the manuscript for Connect: How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers by Lars Birkholm Petersen, Ron Person, Christopher Nash. As usual, the deal was that I would be allowed to publish the foreword upon the release of the book.

10 stratégies qui transforment l'expérience client. A l’occasion d’une conférence organisée par Les Gaulois, PSFK a présenté la 5ème édition de son rapport Future of Retail. En explorant les dynamiques sociales, technologiques, et les forces physiques qui influenceront à la fois les habitudes du consommateur et son expérience shopping, l’étude revient sur 10 stratégies qui permettront de redéfinir l’expérience en magasin. Il s’agit pour les marques de tirer profit au maximum du temps de leurs clients, mais aussi de leur attention, en créant des expériences multicanales et arriver à l’équilibre parfait entre efficacité, plaisir, pertinence et surprise.

This Is Your Brain on Marketing Imagery (Infographic) The amygdala, an almond-shape set of neurons located in your brain, plays a key role in processing your emotions. "I Will" vs. "Just Do It": The Under Armour Success Story. One of my favorite brands is Under Armour. Can Your Business Benefit from Neuromarketing? - When a trip inside the brain is worth it. Red Paper - SaatchiKevin. Global advertising and ideas company Saatchi & Saatchi has released a Red Paper on the future of brand loyalty. The paper is issued on the 10th anniversary of the best-selling business book Lovemarks the future beyond brands, written in 2004 by Kevin Roberts, the company’s Worldwide CEO. The Red Paper views the trend of declining brand loyalty as a major opportunity for brands that have the emotional wherewithal to meet the heightened demands of consumers in the Internet and mobile era. Rather than seeing the end of brand loyalty, the Red Paper paints a landscape where on one side the hi-tech consumer era makes loyalty easier to lose, yet on the other side easier to win.

Digital Transformation is About Empathy First and Technology Second. MOBILE: Brands succeed by being authentic. Ginko Control : le patch qui vous protège des ondes électromagnétiques. Les 10 tendances digitales de l’année 2015. La fin de l’année approche. Il est donc temps de faire le bilan et de présenter les nouvelles tendances qui rythmeront l’année 2015. L'EBG livre, en avant première, les 10 tendances digitales qui vont impacter notamment le marketing, l’e-commerce et le management des entreprises, tout au long de l’année. Pour découvrir tous les enjeux et les opportunités business liés à ces innovations, rendez-vous le 19 novembre prochain pour le Digital Innovation Summit. Une journée, pour débattre et échanger avec plus de 800 experts digitaux issus de grands groupes, mais aussi d’entrepreneurs au fort potentiel disruptif. # 1 L’Open Innovation : un catalyseur de la transformation digitale des grands groupes De l’ouverture des brevets, à la mise en commun des données, en passant par des incubateurs corporates, les grands groupes multiplieront les initiatives d’Open Innovation.

Inspiring TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch. Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling. It is quiet and dark. How technology is transforming cosmetics. The Lewis Model. Style and Grammar Check. Coca-Cola crée 2 millions de bouteilles de Diet Coke au design unique. Google Pills might sniff out cancer. Twitter and IBM's Watson to team up so businesses can get inside our heads.

Retro-style campaign promotes wines of Bordeaux in region's biggest ever campaign. MOBILE: Brand equity vital to retailers. In the Company of Givers and Takers. How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition. Un packaging d'oeufs qui joue avec l'illusion d'une poule qui pond. P&G wields axe on Duracell in brand cull. God only knows: how the BBC pushed the boundaries of content marketing by @nickykc. Why brand purpose is everything. Optimizing Email Through The Customer Journey [Infographic] How Retargeting Works. Waterstones invites 10 guests to in-store sleepover. H&M's Sister Brand Launched Its Online Shop Today.

McDonald's Is Running Out of Loyal Customers, Brand Mojo—And Excuses. Cognitive Environments - IBM. Dos Equis Uses Oculus Rift for Most Interesting Halloween Masquerade. Athos, Ralph Lauren Up the Ante on Wearable Technology. TD and Absolut Show Why Art and Brands Go Hand in Hand. Louis Vuitton Elevates its Art with Gehry-Designed Museum Opening. MOBILE: Retargeting deters half of consumers. Five things you can learn from Airbnb's rebrand.

MOBILE: T-Mobile prioritises consumer choice. Les 31 leçons du design d’expérience ! MINI Turns Biggest U.S. Campaign Into Lasting Memento for Car-Buyers. Auchan et Metro signent une alliance franco-allemande pour mener la guerre des prix. Les ados abandonneraient Facebook au profit de réseaux plus confidentiels. Un packaging d'oeufs qui joue avec l'illusion d'une poule qui pond. Pentagram's Michael Bierut Rebrands The MIT Media Lab. Retargeting – Redefine, Reconnect, and Revolutionize. Terry Kawaja Puts isocket at the Intersection of Premium and Programmatic - isSocket — is\Socket. Should brands be held to their straplines? Nokia: a potted history of the soon-to-be obsolete mobile brand. 40 brand logos with hidden messages. The Sectors Where the Internet of Things Really Matters - Simona Jankowski. The Interactive Explorer: 5 Questions With Blippar VP/GM Lisa Hu.

Microsoft lays Nokia brand to rest. Print magazine features working Facebook ‘Like’ buttons. An Introduction to Programmatic Buying. The CMO's Guide to Programmatic Buying. Does dynamic pricing risk turning personalisation into discrimination?